The Peerless Master Chapter 52 - Poisoned

Mr. Chen, next Wednesday is my 70th birthday. I hope you can come and attend my birthday party.Mr. Xiao looked at Chen Feng with anticipation.

Oh? Since it's an invitation from Mr. Xiao, I would naturally come to celebrate. Chen Feng responded with a smile.

Haha, that's great. Mr. Xiao laughed cheerfully, full of excitement: I will be there to welcome Mr. Chen then.

-Tap! Tap! Tap!-

The sound of high heels came from the stairs and Xiao Lin slowly walked down.

Xiao Lin had changed her clothes at this time. She was wearing a slightly loose lace short sleeve and the light transparent cloth beautifully reflected her smooth jade skin. However, the cloth on her chest was a bit thick and the cover set off a tempting beauty, which made people want to take a view of the scenery inside.

On her lower body, she was still wearing a pair of denim shorts, coupled with her two white thighs and pink high heels, she looked very sexy. As she walked forward, Chen Feng's heart skipped a beat.

Chen Feng gulp as his eyes were stared at Xiao Lin's graceful posture.(TN: Makes him really sound like a bad guy here...HMMM)

Pervert! Xiao Lin saw Chen Feng's eyes, raised her head proudly and stretched her waist provocatively, showing her curve completely.

Xiao Lin, come down and sit. Mr Xiao said.

Xiao Lin walked to the sofa in accordance with his words, sat down opposite to Chen Feng and placed her legs together.

Self-control, self-control! Chen Feng sighed but continued to stare at Xiao Lin's long legs.

Does it look good? Xiao Lin asked with a bright smile on her face.

Well, it looks good. Chen Feng answered without thinking. However, all of a sudden, he reacted, ‘F*ck, I fell for it.'

Sure enough, Xiao Lin looked at Mr. Xiao with grievances, Grandpa, you see, he stared at my thigh so rudely, really a pervert.

This... Mr Xiao looked at Chen Feng stunned, speechless.

Uh, everyone loves beauty. Chen Feng smiled, Ms. Xiao is very beautiful, she has a good figure and I'm naturally attracted. Chen Feng said very truthfully, without any falsehood or repudiation.

When she heard Chen Feng say this, Xiao Lin's heart suddenly burst into happiness but she didn't understand why she was so happy to be praised by this bad guy.

Oh alright, I won't interfere with you young people's affairs. Mr. Xiao, scratching his beard, said, Anyway, it seems you want to buy a restuarant of a larger size. Xiaolin, since you're more familiar with the area, you can take Mr. Chen for a look.

Huh? You want to buy a restuarant? Xiao Lin looked at Chen Feng with doubt, Can you afford it?

Money is not a problem, Chen Feng said confidently. He didn't know the worth of his gold, but it must be a lot.

I know a place if you have money.


Squeak-- A red BMW coupe stopped in front of a restaurant.

A man and a woman got out of the car. The man was tall and handsome, but his clothes were simple. The woman on the other hand was wearing a stylish dress who exuded a unique temperament. They were Chen Feng and Xiao Lin.

The owner of this restaurant was originally a customer of our company. But due to stock failure, it needs to be transfered. Xiao Lin explained.

Chen Feng looked up and nodded in satisfaction. The restuarant has two floors, and the scale can be regarded as middle-upper level. Moreover, the location of this restuarant is also very good, just right at the intersection of two troubled streets. It was evening, and there was already a steady stream of customers entering and leaving the restaurant. It seems that this place has a lot of traffic.

It's really good, but I don't know the price of the restuarant. Chen Feng looked at Xiao Lin curiously. In these aspects, she knew better than him.

According to that boss, it's roughly about 4 million. Xiao Lin said lightly as if it wasn't much. However, in fact, for the granddaughter of the chairman of the Xiao Group, 4 million really was nothing.

The gold jewellery in my bag should be more than 4 million. If appropriate, it can be bought. Chen Feng groaned slightly, setting his attention elsewhere, they walked in.

After explaining their intentions, Chen Feng and Xiao Lin quickly met the boss.

The boss happened to be worried about the transfer of the restuarant. The money on the stock had brought him to the point where he was running out of money. If he didn't invest in it, he would lose a lot. After he learned the reason for their visit, he treated the two like his parents. He was very enthusiastic about it, and the matter was quickly settled.

Xiao Lin also showed her strong business ability during the negotiation. Under her sharp mouth, she forced the price of 4 million to 3.8 million. Finally, in the boss's begging, Chen Feng signed the transfer agreement with a smile and agreed to pay the money within three days.

Haha, I didn't expect you to have such skills. Chen Feng looked at the restaurant owner who had a sore face and secretly raised his thumb at Xiao Lin.

Huh, but of course Xiao Lin raised her head with complacency. I'm the commercial genius of the Xiao Group. Sooner or later I will build the Xiao Group into a world business giant.

Giant? Chen Feng's gaze inadvertently went to Xiao Lin's chest, and said with a smile, It really is giant.

You hooligan! Xiao Lin shrunk and rolled her eyes.

This restuarant is killing people! Suddenly, there was a scream of sorrow in a corner of the restuarant. Surprised, everyone's eyes moved to the scream.

Chen Feng and Xiao Lin also walked over to see what happened.

He had just signed the transfer agreement so it would be awful if something like this really happened.

Ah, it's poisonous, this restaurant is poisonous! Cried a middle-aged woman, she was sitting on the floor with a lean middle-aged man lying in her arms.

The middle-aged man in her arms was shaking violently at this time, his face was blue, eyes were white and his mouth was foaming. He looked like he had trouble breathing.

We were eating at this restaurant and my husband suddenly fell to the ground The middle-aged woman wailed.

Someone had made an emergency call and contacted the ambulance. However, it will take a while for the ambulance to come, could this man even survive?

The restuarant owner was sweating profusely. He was about to transfer the restuarant, but he did not expect such a thing to happen.

Excuse me, I'm a doctor. Let me take a look. A lean man moved through the crowd and walked towards the man.