The Peerless Master Chapter 51 - Spanking

Uncle? Who do you think you are? Xiao Lin couldn't help but laugh, looking at Chen Feng and said with her eyes narrowing, My uncle is very powerful. If he hears you, be careful or he might spank you!

Hmm? Chen Feng frowned. You little brat, you dare to doubt Uncle? Then, Chen Feng's body flashed and he came to Xiao Lin's side.

You deserve a spanking Chen Feng grabbed Xiao Lin's waist and when he moved his hands, Xiao Lin's body was involuntarily held up by Chen Feng.

Ah! What are you doing? Xiao Lin screamed. You hooligan, I thought you were a good guy.

Chen Feng smiled and did not speak, and moved his hands a little, causing Xiao Lin's body to fall on his legs.

What are you doing? Xiao Lin shouted in panic.

Dare to doubt Uncle's words, it's time for punishment! Chen Feng glared, his right hand suddenly raised high and it was about to fall on Xiao Lin's ass.

You can't hit me, I'm a girl... Xiao Lin suddenly hurried and shouted loudly.

However, before she finished this sentence, Chen Feng's big hand fell heavily on her ass.


A loud clapping sounded in the room and Xiao Lin's eyes were filled with grievances, You actually hit me? You are a bad guy!

Xiao Lin is wearing a simple pair of denim shorts. Since it is summer, the texture of these denim shorts is very thin. The moment Chen Feng's big hand fell, an inexplicable feeling that accompanied the burning pain swept Xiao Lin's mind.

You... you let go of me or you will regret it when my grandpa comes! Xiao Lin struggled hard but she couldn't get rid of Chen Feng's clutches.


Another slap fell.

Dare to threaten Uncle?

Let me go. Xiao Lin was ashamed, angry, and had mixed feelings. Tears rolled in both eyes, and they were about to fall.

From a young age, she has been standing like a jade. When was her butt touched by a man? Moreover, she is now lying on the thigh of a man and what is even more hateful is that this man still spanked her.

Bad guy, let me go. Two lines of tears finally merged into two long rivers and flowed down.

Now do you accept that I am your uncle? Chen Feng reluctantly let go of Xiao Lin's body and asked sternly.

You bad guy, you only know to bully me! Xiao Lin didn't answer Chen Feng's question, she just looked at Chen Feng complicatedly, crying lowly, it seemed that Chen Feng had done something bad to her.

Uh, don't look at me like that...

Don't cry, don't cry.

Okay, I've wronged you. I apologize.


Chen Feng looked weakly at Xiao Lin who was still sobbing softly and he had a terrible headache.

If you cry again, I'm going to spank again! Chen Feng tried the soft methods, but they didn't work. In desperation, he could only threaten.

However, this sentence really worked. As soon as his words came out, Xiao Lin's crying stopped abruptly.

Looking at Chen Feng weakly, Xiao Lin's voice was still a little choked, Why do you say you are my uncle? Today we obviously only met for the second time.

How do I know if you are a liar?

Xiao Lin was very wronged.

In the face of Xiao Lin's question, Chen Feng was silent, took a long sigh, pointed at the blue hole flute and said, This flute is called Phantom God. Its owner is originally a friend of mine but because he was met by accident, it then came to your hands. He said that the person who got this fantasy god is his heir. Now that it has been obtained by you, aren't you my nephew?

Humph! Nonsense, you are obviously about the same age as me, how could you have such a friend. Besides, when I got this flute, you were still a child. Xiao Lin said solemnly, You are a thief right? Since you helped me last time. I won't care about you this time so hurry and leave. If my grandpa comes, you won't be able to leave.

Chen Feng found it was funny, he couldn't help but say, If you don't recognize me as your uncle, I won't leave.

As soon as Xiao Lin heard it, her eyebrows frowned, You are a rogue. If you don't leave, I'll call someone. Then, Xiao Lin looked at Chen Feng with a threatening expression and looked like she was about to shout.

At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps outside the door and Mr. Xiao appeared outside the door.

Mr. Chen, you are really here. Haha, Xiao Lin is a bad-tempered girl and she doesn't understand much . Mr. Xiao sounded very lively and powerful.

Congratulations to Mr. Xiao for recovering from your injury and improved to a higher level. Chen Feng cupped his fists and laughed. After just a while, Mr. Xiao's cultivation broke through a level and reached the seventh level of True Qi.

Thanks to Mr. Chen's wonderful medical skills, I was able to recover from my. I can't express how much I am grateful to Mr Chen. Mr. Xiao said with a grateful face.

Grandpa, are you fine now? Xiao Lin ran to Mr. Xiao, asking with joy.

Yeah, thanks to Mr. Chen, Grandpa has recovered from his injuries. Mr. Xiao looked at the tear marks on Xiao Lin's face and a strange look flashed on his face.

Him? Xiao Lin's face was incredible: Grandpa, you said it was this bad guy who cured you?

Bad guy? Grandpa Xiao stunned for a moment and then seemed to realize something, looking at Xiao Lin's eyes a little more narrowed, It is Mr. Chen that healed Grandpa's injury. Xiaolin, you have to thank Mr. Chen.

Humph! Thank him for what, he is just a rogue. Xiao Lin pursed her mouth and snorted slightly, Maybe he is just a scammer and he accidentally healed Grandpa's injury.

Chen Feng touched his nose, where did he look like a liar?

Xiao Lin, you must not be rude! Grandpa Xiao said solemnly, Mr. Chen has a lot of medical skills. If it weren't for him, Grandpa wouldn't have many days to live.

During the conversation, Mr. Xiao said to Chen Feng, Mr. Chen, it is better to go to the living room for tea.

Chen Feng nodded and left Xiao Lin's room with Mr. Xiao.

This big bad guy. Looking at Chen Feng's back, Xiao Lin stomped her feet. The next moment, her complexion suddenly turned red and it is unknown what she thought of.