The Peerless Master Chapter 50 - I'm Your Uncle

Play a tune for me? Xiao Lin couldn't help but ask with doubt, You know how to play the flute?

Chen Feng smiled slightly. He then raised his hand and the flute hole was already on his lips.

Hey, that's my flute. Xiao Lin flushed and hurriedly shouted, I just blew at that place!


Ignoring Xiao Lin's shout, a heavy flute sound suddenly passed from the flute.

As soon as the sound of the flute entered her ear, Xiao Lin's angry mood calmed down instantly.

It's so nice! Xiao Lin's hands unconsciously dropped from her chest, hanging gently on both sides.

There was a sudden blur in her eyes, the original neat room disappeared, the bright window disappeared, and the wicked man disappeared.

There is only a white world and there is nothing in it.

Where is this? Where is this! Xiao Lin clutched her hands in a panic. However, there was nothing except the empty space around.

I want to go out. Xiao Lin suppressed the panic in her heart and went forward.

However, she was greeted by the boundless white. This white world seems to have no end. No matter how Xiao Lin walks, she cannot go out.

Where the hell is this? Let me out! The exhausted Xiao Lin squatted helplessly, crying with tears in her eyes, and sobbing in a low voice, Why am I here suddenly?

However, no one responded to her, and there was still silence and lifelessness all around.

Gradually, Xiao Lin cried and fell down on the white ground blankly, her eyes helplessly looking at the endless whiteness in the distance.

No, I can't just give up like that! Xiao Lin's mind flashed suddenly. It is unknown where the strength came from but Xiao Lin, who had been crying weakly stumbled to her feet, gritted her teeth, and continued to move forward.

Chen Feng's eyes flashed a smile, his mouth moved and the originally heavy flute suddenly became cool.

What, what is that? Xiao Lin suddenly saw a small green dot in front of her. This green dot is constantly enlarged at the speed visible to the naked eye. In a blink of an eye, it is already the size of Xiao Lin's body, like a green curtain floating in front of Xiao Lin.

What's this? Xiao Lin looked at the green currian, which was still expanding, in doubt.


At this moment, the green curtain suddenly fell down on top of Xiao Lin. Like a big mouth, it completely swallowed Xiao Lin's body.

By the time Xiao Lin opened her eyes, she had already appeared in a green prairie, completely different from the white space, full of vitality everywhere.

A cute little deer was licking at her feet, and it's moist tongue made her giggle.

However, just when she couldn't help but want to touch the little deer, the little deer ran away in panic.


A shuddering tiger howl suddenly sounded behind Xiao Lin.

Turning back sharply, Xiao Lin's feet softened suddenly. She saw a huge black tiger staring fiercely at her. The fierce tiger's eyes were full of murderousness, which made Xiao Lin's calf tremble. She could even smell the smell of blood in the tiger's mouth.


The black tiger roared at Xiao Lin again, then jumped forward and flew towards Xiao Lin.

Ah! Looking at the fierce look of the black tiger and feeling the stinky breath coming towards her face, Xiao Lin opened her mouth wide, her face full of despair, unexpectedly forgetting to dodge.

As soon as the black tiger was approaching, Xiao Lin's eyes suddenly darkened. The next moment, Xiao Lin discovered that the surrounding environment had changed. There was no green grassland, no fierce tiger, all familiar things surfaced and she returned to his room.

She immediately collapsed on the bed, her sweat was soaking her clothes.


Xiao Lin finally exhaled, as if she had fallen apart, slumped on the bed and looked weakly at the man who was smiling at her.

She didn't know when the man had stopped playing and the tube in his hand exuded a bright green light on his hand.

Just now, is it your doing? What the hell did you do to me and why did I have those illusions? Xiao Lin looked at Chen Feng with an angry expression. The scene just now, even now when she thought of it, she shivered. It is really too real!

Looking at Xiao Lin seriously, Chen Feng said quietly, When you got this flute, you should have a book called the Tianju Zhen Tu.

You... how do you know? Xiao Lin's eyes suddenly widened. This matter, I never told anyone about it, how did this man know?

It seems that even you have fallen. Chen Feng's face full of sorrow as he murmured to himself but his tone contained a deep anger, Tianjue, I advised you many times before not to be impulsive. Why are you still going in alone?


A young man with long flowing hair stood proudly on the top of the mountain, with a blue flute hanging across his waist, facing the endless sea of ​​clouds and said boldly, I am definitely not afraid of death, Now evil forces openly interfere in the cultivation world. If no one takes the lead to resist, I am afraid that the cultivation world will perish soon.

After all, he turned his head quietly and looked at a middle-aged man behind him: Dan Zu, you are my best friend. I am going to be fierce and vicious if I see my flute and the Tianjue Zhen Tu in the future. They're my heir, I ask you to take care of them.

After that, there was a cloud on his feet and he flew towards the depths of the sea of ​​clouds. In the blink of an eye, there was no trace of him.


It seems that this is your disciple. Looking at Xiao Lin, Chen Feng was filled with emotion, Since this is your disciple, I will take care of her.

Hey, why are you looking at me like that? Xiao Lin was weird out by Chen Feng's look, and said a little sarcastically, Do I look bad or something?


Chen Feng gently lifted the flute in his hand. The flute cut through the air and made a soft whistling sound.

This flute is called the Fantasy Green Flute, it will be as important as your life in the future! Chen Feng's voice was a little serious, like an elder teaching the younger ones.

Huh! Xiao Lin frowned. Why should I listen to you?

I'm your uncle? Chen Feng said without thinking.

Pfft...Hahaha Xiao Lin couldn't help but start to laugh, Uncle? Who do you think you are?