The Peerless Master Chapter 5 - Righteousness

Chen Feng, I plan to live with my cousin. What are your plans? Ga Zi said with a heavy face. They lost their job, making it difficult for migrant workers like them to survive in this big city.

Me? Chen Feng thought slightly, First, I plan to find a place to settle down and then find a job.

In fact, Chen Feng had already made plans in his mind. The most important thing at the moment is to buy some herbs and improve his physical strength. At that time, he can start cultivating. As for the future, he will leave it to fate.

Well, then I'm leaving. If you want to find me, you can go to the Mangrove Bar in the Chengdong Development Zone. That's where cousin is.


Saying goodbye to Ga Zi, Chen Feng carried an old-fashioned cowboy bag and strolled down the street. With his plain clothing, many people automatically moved away from him.

Migrant workers, in the eyes of society, they are always excluded.

Chen Feng did not care. If he cared for what others think of him and is distracted, then he should just stop cultivating if he has such a faint heart

As he walked into a Chinese medicine store, Chen Feng felt a refreshing breeze. In such hot weather, it is a pleasure to be able to walk into an air-conditioned room. However, this enjoyment was instantly destroyed by a discordant voice.

Go, go, go. Don't come here to enjoy the cool! An obese middle-aged woman pointed at Chen Feng and yelled at him.

Chen Feng smiled lightly and slammed a piece of paper on the counter. The paper wrote the names and weights of dozens of herbs on the paper, Give me the herbs written on this paper!

Wow, he's really here to buy medicinal herbs The middle-aged woman picked up the prescription and whispered disdainfully. Then she went to the cabinet and grabbed the herbs.

Goji Berries, 32 Yuan.

Borneol, 232 Yuan.

Astragalus Membranaceus... Caught here, the woman looked at Chen Feng and said, 82 yuan, you'll die if you eat it

Then, she continue to grab the herbs.

Pinellia, 70 yuan.

Houttuynia Cordata, 22 yuan.


This middle-aged woman's hands and feet are also fast and in a short time, a bag of Chinese herbal medicines was packaged.

Your total is 438 Yuan With the bill paid for, Chen Feng sighed. He did not expect to spend more than half of his money on just these herbs.

The herbal medicines are potent The middle-aged woman handed the important bag to Chen Feng and then could not help but remind, You are young, you should still ask a doctor. There are a few herbal medicines that you should not mess with.

Chen Feng looked at this middle-aged woman with some surprises. He smiled and said, Thank you for reminding me. I think that big sister is very gloomy. If you're not very satisfied with your sexual intercouse, I recommend you mix 15 grams of Epimedium with the Purple Xiaohua Flower, Zhiwu, Bai Shao Yao, 10 grams of Goji Berries and 2 grams of Wugong. Boil it with low heat and give two doses to elder brother.

After listening to Chen Feng's words, the middle-aged woman suddenly screamed, Little brat, you dare to tease this old lady, you must want to get beat Then, she raised her hand to beat him.

However, Chen Feng was already prepared and ran out with the bag

Looking at Chen Feng's back, the middle-aged woman still does not understand. After a while, her face turned red and she said to herself, How can this little brat know my situation? Should I try what he said?


Out of the Chinese Medicine Store, Chen Feng once again walked aimlessly on the street. Although the sun is hot, it can not stop the enthusiasm of beautiful women to go shopping and their loose clothes caused many men's eyes to stare at them.

However, Chen Feng has no time to appreciate these beautiful scenery, he was stumped by a difficult problem.

After looking around, there is no cheap rental houses. Chen Feng grabbed the four red Yuan Bills in his pocket and thought, No one would have ever thought that one of the previous Five Heavenly Emperor would get stumped because of money.

As he was lost in thought, a shout came woke him up.

Thief, grab him! A woman who is dressed fashionably was chasing a man and in front of her, the middle-aged man was running away.

The irony is that there are so many people on this street but there was no one who dared to stop this middle-aged man who grabbed the women's bag.

Help me, grab him! The woman's voice seemed to be very rushed as one hand was on her chest and the other desperately pointed at the bag thief. However, how to she catch up to a strong man in high heels and in a short while, the man was getting farther and farther.

Xiao Lin is particularly confident in her figure, especially her chest. Today, she went out with a friend to go shopping and wore a beautiful camisole, which further showed off her graceful figure. However, she never expected that not only did the thief managed to grab her bag but also cut one of the slings together. After a while, the sling, which was originally made of a sparse material suddenly dropped a piece of cloth, almost causing her chest to be exposed. Xiao Lin, who was catching up had to hold her chest with her hand to prevent her chest from being exposed.

In a blink of an eye, this man had arrived not far from Chen Feng

Chen Feng smiled and stretched his right foot forward. The thief was not paying attention and immediately tripped from Chen Feng's leg and the women's bag on his hand also dropped and fell not far from Chen Feng.

The thief quickly got up from the ground, looked at Chen Feng hatefully and said, Boy, just you wait, to dare mess up my business. Then he looked at the people around him and ran away without looking back

Chen Feng picked up the bag and looked at the man's back. His eyes flashed with cold light I've let you go but if you don't know how to repent then...

While he was thinking, Xiao Lin has already caught up.

Thank you, if it weren't for you, this bag would have been taken away! Xiao Lin thanked him and used both hands to reach for her bag

However, when Xiao Lin's hands left her chest, a piece of clothing on her chest immediately fell down and a large piece of snow white skin appeared

Wow, it's so white! It's so deep ditch!

A low voice came into her ear, and a strange sensation struck her. Xiao Lin looked up and saw the man in front of her eyes stunned and stared at her. In doubt, she followed Chen Feng's gaze.

Ah! Xiao Lin suddenly screamed, hurriedly grabbed her chest with her hands, looked at the lascivious Chen Feng and said, Pervert!

However, how can such a huge size be covered with just her hands and there are still traces of a snow white skin that can be seen between her hands.

Chen Feng also woke up, only to see the woman look at him shyly, Beauty, I just can't help myself, oh, yes, I couldn't help myself.

You still dare to say that! Xiao Lin has never encountered such awkwardness. At this moment, people come and go on the street. Many people have been attracted by the movement just now. Xiao Lin, who is desperately clutching her chest felt a lot of eyes on her. Feeling a lot of eyes on her chest, Xiao Lin felt both ashamed and angry and couldn't help but want to cry

However, Xiao Lin suddenly felt hot. When she looked, she saw a white shirt had unknowingly covered her upper body. Then, the man in front of her apologized and said, This shirt isn't new but you will have to deal with it for now. After the man said that, he picked up the old cowboy bag and a large bag of Chinese medicine and walked away.

Looking at the slightly thin back, Xiao Lin felt extremely complicated. What kind of man is this?

Thank you, my name is Xiao Lin! Xiao Lin shouted, regardless of whether the man heard it or not.