The Peerless Master Chapter 49 - I'll Play A Tune For You


The sound of the flute continued and it seemed that there was a magical power that penetrated the obstacles of the wall and passed into Chen Feng's ears unhindered.

In this flute tune, Chen Feng felt a powerful power that was slowly affecting his mind and a sense of tranquility and comfort that made him very comfortable.

This flute sounds soothing. It's not something that beginners can do Chen Feng looked for the source and walked slowly.

-Woo- The sound of the flute is getting louder and louder. It seems that the source of the flute sound is very close.

On the third floor, Chen Feng saw the door of a bedroom open and the sound of flutes came from here.

It must be inside. Chen Feng thought to himself and walked gently.

This is a very simple decorated room but is still in the style of the lobby downstairs and is a bit mysterious.

A beautiful back, facing the window, was playing the flute. Chen Feng could not see the girl's appearance and the tube of flute between her mouth because she was facing away from the door.

Chen Feng was shocked in his heart. He found that, while listening to the sound of the flute, the girl's back had a sacred aura around her, making him involuntarily have the urge to worship.

Involuntarily, Chen Feng walked slowly into the room. He wanted to see why the girl had a sacred aura around her and why he felt that way.

The girl seemed to be fully engrossed in playing her flute and she did not realize Chen Feng approaching as she still sat at the window and kept playing

Approaching gently, Chen Feng was about to go to the girl's side. Just two more steps and he can see the girl's side face. However, Chen Feng's footsteps suddenly stopped.

He couldn't bear to disturb the girl and spoil the tranquil flute. Chen Feng just stood not far behind the girl, listening quietly to the breathtaking flute.

At this moment, Chen Feng seemed to have forgotten time and space. In his eyes, there was only that melodious flute and the beautiful back of the girl.


The last flute stopped abruptly and the mysterious mood suddenly broke down, causing Chen Feng's consciousness to sober up.

Unexpectedly, even I was unknowingly affected by this flute. Chen Feng was started in his heart.

The woman slowly put down the flute in her hand and stroked it gently, as if she was touching the one she loved, gentle and serious. From start to finish, she did not notice Chen Feng standing behind.

Is she just a mortal? Chen Feng had some doubts in his heart. He didn't hide his aura. Even a warrior could perceive his existence but the woman didn't notice him. It only showed that the woman isn't a cultivator.


Chen Feng coughed slightly.

Ah! The woman stood up suddenly. Like a kitten whose tail was stepped on, she leapt back away suddenly, jumping to the bed at once and looking at Chen Feng vigilantly.

It's you! Chen Feng and the woman cried at the same time, How are you here!

It turned out that this woman Chen Feng had even seen Xiao Lin, who had been robbed of the bag that day. That day, Chen Feng was looking for a house to rent but when he encountered the bag thief robbing Xiao Lin's bag so he took back the bag for her.

What a coincidence. It turns out that you are the granddaughter of Mr. Xiao. Chen Feng smiled towards Xiao Lin, who was still somewhat vigilant, I never expected to see you again here. Then, it is unknown if it is an angle problem but Chen Feng's gaze fell on Xiao Lin's chest intentionally or unintentionally.

At home, Xiao Lin wore a low-cut corset, her beautiful body exuded a fatal temptation, especially between her huge chest. The deep gully loosening the restraint of the neckline and exposed to the air.

Feeling Chen Feng's gaze, Xiao Lin seemed to think of something and her hands were slowly moved to cover her chest and she asked shyly, How are you.. here. However, seeing Chen Feng's eyes staring at the place behind her hands, Xiao Lin's face became even redder. She then said with a little anger, Where are you looking?

Chen Feng didn't bother replying, his eyes still stared at Xiao Lin's chest and there seemed to be a violent flame in his eyes.

Xiao Lin looked at Chen Feng's eyes and her hands were hard pressed on her chest and the two protrusions were also squeezed and deformed slightly, bringing about a tremor that could easily seduce others.

Don't look! Xiao Lin's face was a little unnatural, her feet slowly moved towards the other side of the bed.

It really is it! Chen Feng's eyes burst into a bright light, he laughed, and grabbed towards Xiao Lin's hands that protect the place.

Don't, hooligan! Xiao Lin was frightened by Chen Feng's sudden rude behavior and her hands that clasped on her chest were tightened again. However, it seemed to be too hard and the protrusions on her chest were completely flattened and the two groups were white and tender skin was squeezed out of the low neckline, like a naughty child, beating in the air.

Xiao Lin was desperate, unexpectedly, this man would be such a shameless person.

However, just when Xiao Lin was about to cry out for help, she consciously let go of her hands, as if something had been taken away by the other party. But her chest was not attacked by this man's hands.

Huh? Xiao Lin opened her eyes in doubt, looking at the man in front of her. She saw that the man was pinching her flute with a surprised expression.

What... is my charm not as good as this flute? She don't know why but at this time, Xiao Lin had some slight loss.

Hahaha, it really is it, it really is it. Chen Feng looked at this flute hole and said with joy.

Hey, Big Satyr, return my flute! Xiao Lin yelled with a flushed face, still protecting her chest with her hands.

However, Chen Feng ignored her, still holding the flute in his hand tightly and looking at it carefully.

Ha ha, it's been five thousand years, I didn't expect this flute to appear here. Chen Feng said as a deep memory burst into his heart.

You are a weird person, so much nonsense! What five thousand years! That's my flute, give it back to me. Xiao Lin said a little louder, angrily.

Chen Feng suddenly smiled at Xiao Lin, and said with a deep expression, Miss Xiao, l'll play a tune for you.