The Peerless Master Chapter 48 - The Will Of Xiao Changhe

Mr. Xiao waved his hands and his clothes were stripped off.

Chen Feng looked at him and nodded secretly: It seems that this old man was also a cultivation maniac when he was young. The speed of undressing is really lightning fast.

Although he was thinking about it, Chen Feng's hand is not slow. The long needle in his hand crossed a gorgeous arc and then deeply penetrated into the middle of the Tan Zhong acupoint in Xiao Changhe's chest!

Xiao Changhe's eyes widened and he slammed on the carpet on the ground with both hands. The pain made his face sweat like rain and the blue veins on his forehead were like a dragon. It seemed to want to break through his skin and fly out in the next moment.

Ah! Xiao Changhe could not help but utter a low howl to relieve the huge pain.

Mr. Xiao is also a fierce man. Under such pain, his body still remains motionless.

Chen Feng's eyes showed a trace of appreciation and he whispered, I will use four needles in total and each needle will be ten times more painful than the last. You can choose to faint but if you stay awake until the end, it will be of great benefit towards yourself!

Mr. Xiao's eyes flashed a little and he nodded: Mr. Chen, I'm ready.'

Chen Feng nodded and another long needle was held between his fingers that is filled with his Qi.


The long needle actually made a soft humming sound, showing how strong the energy contained in this needle is.

Without any hesitation, this needle pierced Mr. Xiao's Tianshu acupoint.

Gah..! Powerful pain instantly made Xiao Changhe's body involuntarily bow and his whole body trembled, like a lobster about to be cooked.

Third one, get ready! Chen Feng said and silently inserted into the Xuanyuan acupoint.

Mr. Xiao's mouth suddenly opened up and a loud growl burst out suddenly. His powerful Qi burst out and shook the surrounding decorations.

However, even though it was extremely painful, Mr. Xiao still gritted his teeth and did not let himself pass out. He knew that what Chen Feng said might be true, and maybe it was a rare opportunity for him.

The last one...! Chen Feng shouted and a long needle in his hand slowly pierced into Xiao Changhe's temple.

This time, instead of piercing, it was screwed in slowly like ordinary acupuncture.


Xiao Changhe's hair suddenly rose into the sky and this huge pain made his consciousness blur for a while and his eyelids slowly dropped.

Well, it seems that you weren't able to persist to the end. Chen Feng sighed slightly. If you persist for another moment, the benefits are incalculable.

Mr. Xiao's eyelids that were about to close suddenly opened, and then an angry roar came from the back of his throat, I must not faint, I must persist!

With his words falling down, Xiao Changhe's body suddenly straightened.

So strong willpower! Chen Feng was shocked, his eyes were full of appreciation. The perseverance of this Mr. Xiao is absolutely rare in the world.

Unfortunately, Xiao Changhe is very old. Otherwise, I would have taken him as a disciple. Chen Feng looked admiringly at Xiao Changhe who was struggling to support himself.

Hahaha! In the utter pain, Xiao Changhe suddenly laughed out loud. With this bold laughter, Xiao Changhe's momentum was a little stronger.

Chen Feng's fingers are still steadily holding the long needle. It seems that no matter how Mr. Xiao moved, his hands will never shake.

The long needle was slowly pierced into his temple and Xiao Changhe's pain was getting worse. The carpet on the floor had long been torn apart. Even his hands had penetrated deeply into the floor, leaving little black holes.

Finally, Chen Feng's hand stopped suddenly.


The four long needles trembled at the same time, as if there was a connection between them.

Suddenly, Xiao Changhe felt nauseous and spat out black blood.


Suddenly, a large hole was eroded by the black blood on the floor. The big hole was filled with blue smoke and a stench entered the nostrils of the two.

I can't believe that this energy in my body is so powerful. However, now that I have finally got this out of my body, I feel really comfortable. after spitting this black blood out, Xiao Changhe felt that the heart and lungs were free and suffocation that had been in his chest for many years had disappeared.

Seize this opportunity and stay calm! Xiao Changhe was about to enjoy this comfortable feeling but Chen Feng's voice sounded like thunder, instantly waking him up.

Mr. Xiao immediately knew that he could no longer enjoy the feeling of relaxation and immediately calmed down.

Mr. Xiao, who had just calmed down, immediately noticed an unusual feeling.

This feeling... Xiao Changhe Xiao realized this feeling carefully and felt that it was mysterious but he couldn't grasp it.

Recall your pain just now and feel the surroundings with your will. Chen Feng's voice sounded quietly.

Suddenly, Xiao Changhe's heart shook. Chen Feng's words seemed to be a beacon in the dark, allowing him to see the road instantly.

Will? Xiao Changhe was comprehending and a thunder rang out in his mind.

This is... perception? Xiao Changhe Xiao's heart slammed for a while, just now, Xiao Changhe with his eyes closed saw everything around him.

Perception, isn't it the ability that only the warriors in the True Yuan Stage possess. Why can I have the ability of perception even though I am only at the sixth level of True Qi? Mr. Xiao flashed a clear light in his mind, Is this the benefit that Mr Chen is saying?

His heart is very grateful but Xiao Changhe also understands that it is not a time to thank him at this moment. He immediately put down all thoughts and comprehend this feeling carefully.

Seeing Mrs. Xiao's eyes, Chen Feng knew that Mr. Xiao had fallen into his senses. When he fully grasps the ability to perceive, Mr. Xiao's strength will advance by leaps and bounds. Even if he is against a warrior at the True Yuan stage, he can try to fight them.

Opening the door gently, Chen Feng walked out of the study and walked outward. Mr. Xiao's injury has been cured and there is no need for him to stay


Huh? Chen Feng heard the sound of flutes again and the unique sound made Chen Feng meditate for a while.

I must have heard this flute before! Chen Feng secretly said, walking in the direction of the flute.