The Peerless Master Chapter 47 - Heart Eater

In the afternoon, the scorching sun was shining brightly in the sky.

A luxurious car slowly drove into a magnificent manor and eventually stopped in front of a small building.

The small building is a typical European building that looks like a small castle.

A servant stepped forward and opened the back door of the car. Old man Xiao Changhe stepped out with a look of solitude, then ignored the greeting from the attendant, walked to the other side of the car and opened the back door himself.

Mr. Chen, this is where I live. Mr. Xiao looked respectful and there was some excitement.

For many years, he was tortured by the injuries in his body every day. Even if he searched for famous doctors, no one could cure him. Today, he finally invited this superb medical Mr. Chen to his residence to heal himself.

Especially during the dinner, he heard from Su Ba that the plagues these days were quickly suppressed by a medicine, which turned out to be the credit of Chen Feng's prescription. This made Xiao Changhe's expectations of Chen Feng a little higher.

Chen Feng stepped out of the car and looked around the environment, admiring, Unexpectedly, in the metropolis of Hangzhou, there is still such paradise. It seems that Mr. Xiao's status is not low.

Mr. Su blushed when he heard Chen Feng. It's just a few small businesses. Then, Mr. Xiao asked him: Mr. Chen, let's go and drink tea first.

Chen Feng nodded and walked first.

The servant almost bit his tongue out when he saw it. This is incredible. He has been in this manor for more than ten years and it is the first time that he has seen Mr. Xiao, who is the owner of this place, treats others so respectfully.

Entering the house, without the magnificence of imagination, the decoration of the whole house gave Chen Feng the feeling of being very bland and unusual, simple but not simple. Chen Feng, who was inside, felt that as the furniture in this room unfolded, there was a shadow of a few arrays and a strong wind came.

Xiao Changhe's house is very special. Chen Feng praised sincerely. The layout of this furniture alone cannot be designed by ordinary people.

There was a hint of pride in Mr. Xiao as he said, It's true, this house is completely designed and decorated according to my granddaughter.

When Chen Feng heard the words, his eyes lit up, Oh? I didn't think that Mr. Xiao's granddaughter has such a talent, I would love to meet her.

This arrangement has already implied the method of a formation, and it can certainly not be designed by an ordinary person in the secular world. For this granddaughter of Mr. Xiao, Chen Feng was full of curiosity.

When Chen Feng said this, it sounded different in the ears of Mr. Xiao. Mr. Xiao looked at Chen Feng with ambiguousness and said with a chuckle, Yes, it is good for your young people to communicate more. Xiaolin should be at home right now. I'll ask her to come down. With Mr. Chen's character, the old man is also assured.

Uh, Mr. Xiao has misunderstood. Chen Feng hurriedly explained, I'm just curious about Miss Xiao's design level.

However, Xiao Changhe smiled at him, This old man understands, haha, this old man understands.

Chen Feng had no choice but to hurriedly shift the subject, Mr. Xiao, I will diagnose your body for you now, is there a quiet place for us to start?

Hearing Chen Feng's words, Xiao Changhe's face was also full of dignity. Whether his injuries can be cured depends entirely on today. If Chen Feng can't cure it, he will not be able to suppress the injury for very long with his skills.

Then I ask Mr. Chen to follow me to the study. Mr. Xiao said, calming himself.

Alright. Chen Feng walked upstairs with Xiao Changhe.


At this moment, the sound of flutes came, shocking both of them.

Huh? This flute.... Chen Feng couldn't help but feel a sense of familiarity. A strange feeling grew in his heart, How does this flute sound have a familiar feeling?

Seeing that Chen Feng was puzzled, Xiao Changhe explained with a smile, Mr. Chen, this is my granddaughter playing the flute. My granddaughter didn't know where to get the tube from the flute and she liked to mess around.

Chen Feng nodded, Is that so, but the sound of Miss Xiao's flute is special and it has a bit of an indescribable beauty.

While chatting, the two came to Xiao Changhe's study. Xiao Changhe usually works here. Generally speaking, no one will bother him.

Mr. Chen, I'm ready Xiao Changhe sat on the carpet full of expectations.

Chen Feng nodded and grabbed Xiao Changhe's left hand, his fingers hit his pulse instantly.

A ray of Qi moved along Xiao Changhe's pulse towards his whole body.

Instantly, a sight appeared in Chen Feng's mind. This is the scene inside Xiao Changhe's body.

This situation is called internal vision and any Qi Gathering Stage cultivators can do it. However, if you want to observe the situation in other people's bodies, it is not something that ordinary people can do. This requires very strong support.

Looking at the situation inside, Chen Feng frowned. In the heart of Mr. Xiao, an insidious force was lingering there, constantly eating the lifeforce of Mr. Xiao.

Sir, is there a way? Seeing Chen Feng's expression, Xiao Changhe asked with some nervousness.

Without directly answering him, Chen Feng asked with some seriousness, Xiao Changhe, you honestly answer me, where did you get this injury?

Seeing Chen Feng being so serious, Mr. Xiao said after pondering a bit, Five years ago, I went to one of my companies branch in Sun Country to inspect it and I arrived just during the time when my branch company was competing with another company. However, Japan's country's people are so shameless, they sent some people to steal our company's information and attacked me. Of course, I fought back and finally, a black coated man suddenly appeared and punched my chest. [TN: Author used Sun Country but we all know who he is referring to]

Mr. Xiao seemed to hate this memory very much and he couldn't hide the anger between his words, Hateful, even though I was at the sixth level of True Qi, I couldn't handle him. However, he didn't kill me, he just snatched the information and then quickly disappeared. [TN: If you forgot, True Qi is different than the Qi Gathering Stage. True Qi is for martial artists, while Qi Gathering is for cultivators]

After I came back, I felt something strange in my body. The evil energy in my chest often broke out, making my blood and Qi unable to run. If I hadn't used True Qi these years, I might have died. When Xiao Changhe was finished, he asked again, Sir, can my injury be cured?

Chen Feng smiled suddenly: What you have is a kind of evil kung fu that has been lost for a long time. It is called the Heart Eater. For others, there is no cure but for me, it is a simple task.

This Heart Eater is an extremely poisonous technique. A person who is struck by this technique will have a seed like thing in his heart. This seed will gradually absorb the essence of the host until the host is dead. The most poisonous thing is that this seed will not dissipate after the death of the host and it will automatically return to the person who performed the technique and strengthen the cultivation of the person performing the technique.

Thousands of years ago, there was such an evil force in the cultivation world, which was later destroyed by several martial artists in the cultivation world. Unexpectedly, this technique is still passed down.

Take off your shirt, remember, it will be very painful at first but after a while, you will be fine. Chen Feng's eyes flashed and he said flatly. Suddenly, a long needle appeared in his hand that was completely condensed by Qi.