The Peerless Master Chapter 46 - Enchanting Body

Does Mr. Chen know the reason for my charm? Ru Lan looked at Chen Feng nervously.

I do! Chen Feng said with certainty.

Ru Lan was very happy when she heard the words and hurriedly asked, Please, I ask Mr. Chen to help me get rid of this charming aura. During the conversation, a thick and charming color appeared on her face and even Chen Feng couldn't help but look at it and a restlessness kept rising in his heart.

What a charming body! Chen Feng secretly praised.

As soon as he thought, Chen Feng completely suppressed the restlessness in his heart. He looked at Ru Lan with a serious face and said, I can't help you get rid of it.

Ru Lan's face suddenly lost hope, and she sighed. Ru Lan suddenly smiled, It doesn't matter, it has been here for so many years anyway. Seeing her smile, the charm around her body increased yet again.

Chen Feng looked at it and he felt an impulse in his heart. He couldn't help but want to step forward and hold the woman in his arms. However, how could Chen Feng's heart be so fragile, it was just a moment of thought and soon, his mind became clear.

Turning his head, he saw Su Ba and Su Fei turning their backs, trying not to look at Ru Lan. But they would always look over unconsciously.

This enchanting body is indeed a rare physique in the world. It has such seductive power. No wonder, in the cultivation realm, it would have been annoying for someone to have an enchanting body. Chen Feng sighed slightly as a stream of memories emerged.

At that time, a woman suddenly appeared in the cultivation realm and this woman had an enchanting body. She stirred up the countless powerful existences of the cultivation world and they wanted her for themselves and finally, they started to fight, resulting in many powerhouses to die.

However, in the end, the woman disappeared without a trace. However, Chen Feng knew that the last place she appeared was in the door of Chen Feng. This woman with the enchanting body took all her savings to Chen Feng in exchange for a tribulation pill and went to start her tribulation. It is unknown if she has survived the calamity and stepped ascended or not.

As Chen Feng was deep in thought, Ru Lan suddenly said, After I became an adult, my body suddenly changed. Whenever I am emotional, there is always a strong charming state on my body. Because this charming state was too much, so many men can't resist the temptation and their original nature is revealed.

If it weren't for my background, I would have been doomed. Ru Lan said, seemingly thinking of something terrible and her body could not help but tremble. However, the thrilling charming state attracted Chen Feng's attention even harder.

Feeling Ru Lan's emotions, Chen Feng sighed slightly, Although I can't help you get rid of your charm but I can help you control your enchanting body.

Enchanting body? You can help? Ru Lan sighed with joy, although she didn't understand the meaning of the enchanting body, but she couldn't help but jump up and frantically said Please help me.

Chen Feng took a pen and paper from the cabinet next to him and wrote a prescription and handed it to Ru Lan: When you go back, prepare these herbs. Tomorrow, I will sell you this batch of gold jewelry, by the way, It also helps you relieve the pain of this enchanting body.

Thank you Mr. Chen Ru Lan said excitedly. The charming aura on her body was a little more fierce, which made Chen Feng's heart startled, If this little fairy completely master the enchanting body, who can bear it?

After a while, Ru Lan calmed down again and her charming state finally dissipated, recovering her temperament from when she first entered.



The door opened again and an old man came in.

Chen Feng raised his eyebrows. He knew the old man. Isn't this the Xiao Changhe who he rescued on the bus?

Uncle Xiao, you're here. Su Ba saw the person and hurriedly stood up to welcome him. Obviously, he respects this Mr. Xiao.

Mr. Xiao. Ru Lan nodded and said hello.

En, Su Ba, how is your father? Xiao Changhe smiled and nodded. However, when he stared at a figure in the corner of his eye, he suddenly stopped.

Sir, it really is you. Xiao Changhe quickly walked to Chen Feng, looked at him and rubbed his hands vigorously as he said excitedly, I was looking for you everywhere these days. I didn't think we would meet here.

Uncle Xiao, have you and Mr. Chen known each other already? Su Ba asked with some doubt.

More than just knowing, sir is my life-saving benefactor. Xiao Changhe said excitedly but his eyes were staring at Chen Feng quietly, for fear that he would run away.

Looking at Xiao Changhe, Chen Feng immediately understood the purpose of Xiao Changhe trying to find him. Although Mr. Xiao's complexion looks healthy. The internal injuries that he suffered were almost overwhelming.

Chen Feng apologized and smiled at Xiao Changhe: Sorry, I haven't come to you for treatment in so long and made you wait for a long time. A while ago, Chen Feng had accepted a business card from Xiao Changhe and promised to take the time to treat him. But later, he was obsessed with cultivation and forgot about it.

Mr. Xiao shook his hands and said Mr. Chen is a special man and is busy with natural affairs. It is a blessing for me to see you today, how could I dare to blame you. Mr. Xiao himself did not know why he paid so much respect to this young man.

Since we've met, I'll heal your injury for you after this. Chen Feng nodded and an indescribable self-confidence burst out.

Thank you very much, Mr. Chen. Xiao Changhe said. He was very happy to hear that.

Hahaha, why is it so lively. A bold voice suddenly sounded outside the door, and then a burly figure came in from the door.

Lao Qin, I didn't expect your big voice to still be the same. Su Ba haha ​​smiled and greeted him.

The burly man punched Su Ba's chest, laughed and said, Brother Su, you are still so strong. When are we going to spar?

Su Ba patted Lao Qin's hand and said with a smile, You are a battle maniac, who would want to fight you. Anyways, I will introduce you to someone. Then, Su Ba brought Lao Qin to Chen Feng, Lao Qin, this is Mr. Chen, and he is the master of Fei'er.

Oh? Lao Qin said for a moment, and then smiled: Ha ha, Su Fei is such a gifted kid, there are still people who can be his master. Mr. Chen must be really powerful. After he finished speaking, he reached out to shake Chen Feng's hand.

Chen Feng smiled indifferently and clung tightly with Lao Qin's big hand.

A few seconds later, Lao Qin flushed and said, Mr. Chen is really powerful. I am convinced Lao Qin looked at Chen Feng with full respect.

I knew you would be tempted to take the temptation and lose it. Su Ba looked at the appearance of Lao Qin and laughed, Don't look at Mr. Chen as a regular young man, he is an excellent man. Compared to him, we are basically frogs at the bottom of a well.

Lao Qin grinned slickly and said to Chen Feng, Yeah, Mr. Chen, forgive this old man for that. Seeing a master, I help but want to have a fight.

Chen Feng grinned: I really like Brother Qin's true disposition.

Lao Qin Haha laughed, I'm disrespectful to this brother. I'll call you Brother Chen.

Chen Feng nodded, which was considered a default. He really liked the straightforwardness of Lao Qin.

Okay, okay, everyone is here, let's talk as we eat. Su Ba laughed and said. After a while, all the delicious food came up.