The Peerless Master Chapter 45 - Ru Lan

Phoenix restuarant, the most luxurious restuarant in Hangzhou and the service is absolutely first-rate. However, the consumption here is very expensive and ordinary people cannot afford it at all.

In a luxurious box in the Phoenix restuarant, Chen Feng sat in the first seat. Su Ba and Su Fei sat next to him, pouring wine for Chen Feng from time to time.

In such a magnificent box, Chen Feng was particularly eye catching because he was wearing some white-washed clothes, as if he was a stone in a pile of flour. However, Chen Feng was not restrained at all. Between raising his hands and throwing his feet, it was full of lightness.

Sir, let's have some food first, Su Ba said with a little embarrassment. I think he must have experienced some delays

It's okay! Chen Feng said with a small smile: Since he is a friend of Mr. Su, it is natural for us to wait for him patiently Now that he is a mortal, Chen Feng naturally abides by the worldly customs.

Mr. Chen, this time I have invited a few people who have some authority in this Hangzhou city and I hope to help you in the future. Su Ba said a little embarrassedly, he didn't think that the several big businessmen that he invited would actually be so late. He hopes that it doesn't cause Chen Feng to feel annoyed.

I've bothered Mr. Su. Chen Feng said sincerely. If you want to live in this Hangzhou city, being able to get acquainted with some big people will also have many benefits to him.


It was then that the box door started to open and soon, a voluptuous woman came in. Seeing Su Ba,she said while smiling Sorry, Mr. Su, there is a traffic jam on the road and I've made you wait for a while.

With that said, the enchanting woman noticed suddenly the seat order of Su Ba and Chen Feng,and her face changed a bit. However, this change only appeared for a second before she immediately covered it up.

Walking to the table, the enchanting woman smiled at Chen Feng with a smile, I don't know what this gentleman is called?

Chen Feng had not spoken yet and Su Ba, who was on the side had already started introducing, This is Mr. Chen, the master of Fei'er.

The enchanting woman listened, with some doubts in her heart. She knows the background and strength of Su Ba and his son. How powerful must this man be to make Su Fei willingly worship him as a master. Besides, this man still looks so young.

Su Ba continued to introduce. This is Miss Ru Lan. Don't just look at Miss Ru's young appearance but she is actually the jewellery Queen of Hangzhou city and half of the city's jewelry business belongs to her.

Oh? Chen Feng looked at this enchanting woman with surprise. Miss Ru is so young but she has such an amazing achievement already.

Ru Lan's face was full of smiles, giggling, Mr. Chen is joking, compared to Mr. Chen, I can't really get on the stage. She was telling the truth. For him to be Su Fei's master, his strength can be imagined. With Ru Lan's family background, she has long known some things in the world that are not known and she knows that those who are at the top of this world are really powerful people.

She extended her small hand and gently held Chen Feng's hand but her heart was full of doubts.

Looking at this man's dress, he is obviously not from a wealthy background but he talks elegantly and behaves generously. It is said that women are curious animals. At this moment, Ru Lan was curious about Chen Feng.

Suddenly, Chen Feng was moved in his heart, looking at Ru Lan who was thinking, he said, Since Miss Ru is in the jewellery business, is there a way for me to sell a batch of gold jewelry? Then, Chen Feng stood up from his seat and placed the backpack on the table.

Seeing this, Ru Lan smiled softly, If Mr. Chen needs it, I can directly buy your gold jewelry but I don't know how much Mr. Chen has?

Chen Feng gently unzipped the backpack, exposing everything inside, It's all here.

Huh? Even though Ru Lan had been in the jewelry business for years now, she was surprised when she saw the situation. This backpack is full of gold ornaments that are piled up in a variety of ways. Although these gold ornaments are a bit old and the gloss is not conspicuous, with Ru Lan's eyes, the year and value of these gold ornaments were quickly confirmed.

Where did this Mr. Chen get so many vintage gold ornaments? Ru Lan's heart was full of doubts and the young man in front of her completely aroused her curiosity.

Mr. Chen, are you sure you want to sell these gold ornaments? Ru Lan looked at Chen Feng as if to see through him: Just looking at the appearance of these gold ornaments, I can conclude that they are from at least a century ago. The price of gold is high but you will suffer a big loss.

This woman is honest. Chen Feng looked at Ru Lan, thinking to himself, then he smiled and said to Ru Lan, Just sell it at the market price. In front of this thousand year old man, this amount of gold couldn't even be placed in his eyes.

Seriously looking at Chen Feng, Ru Lan's face suddenly cast a charming charm. Her little hand gently pulled the zipper of the backpack and smiled sweetly, So, this little girl will take advantage of this gentleman then. Then she laughed lightly and her enchanting waist trembled.

Huh? Chen Feng said with a light whisper but he just looked at Ru Lan lightly and kept silent.


Two gulping sounds suddenly sounded and looking at the culprits, both Su Ba and his son looked at Ru Lan's bdy with fixed eyes and swallowed from time to time.

However, both were warriors and naturally strong-willed. Soon, they both came to their senses. Realizing the disorder, their faces turned red immediately.

Miss Ru's charm is getting more and more irresistible. Su Ba blushed and smiled bitterly.

When Ru Lan heard his words, a little helplessness flashed on her face and said with a smile: Mr. Su is laughing at me. If I can choose, this little girl would rather not be this charming. It is better to be an ordinary person. Because of her charm, her life was messed up. She is often harassed by some men and if it weren't for her background, she might have been ruined by some man's poisonous hand.

As a result, Ru Lan looked at Chen Feng with an embarrassed expression and said, Mr. Chen must be laughing at this little girl.

This is God's generous gift to you, is there a reason to laugh? Chen Feng looked at Ru Lan with a charming look in his eyes, suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed Ru Ru's small hand.

Huh? Ru Lan, a weak woman couldn't resist and Chen Feng soon grabbed her little hand.

Sir, you... Ru Lan was a little panicked and looked at Chen Feng with a bit of disgust.

‘This man turned out to be a pervert as well and here I thought he might be different' Ru Lan thought..

Chen Feng saw Ru Lan's tiny look of disgust but he didn't care and he sent Qi into Ru Lan's body through his hand. In just a few seconds, Chen Feng let go of Ru Lan's little hand and smiled, Sure enough...

When Ru Lan saw Chen Feng's reaction, she was a bit puzzled but she had a hunch. Chen Feng's reaction was related to her.

Mr. Chen, did you find anything? Su Ba asked and then explained, Miss Ru, in fact, Mr. Chen's medical skills are also top notch, I believe he found something.

Hearing Su Ba's words, Ru Lan's eyes flashed and at the same time she understood why Chen Feng suddenly grabbed her hand. The disgust on her face went away and she said with shame, Sir, forgive me, I misunderstood Mr. Chen just now. Then, she looked at Chen Feng nervously, and continued, Does Mr. know the reason for me being so charming...? [TN: She isn't being cocky, I just don't know how to phrase it better. She is just asking if she has a weird disease or something]

I know. Chen Feng said with certainty.