The Peerless Master Chapter 43 - Su Fei's Test

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The moment they walked out of the door of Chengdong Public Security Bureau, they just saw a military vehicle rushing in a hurry and suddenly stopped at the entrance of the Public Security Bureau.


The door opened suddenly, and a burly man jumped down.

This person was wearing a training camouflage suit and his skin had been tanned by the scorching sun for a long time.

Gou Lian, you little brat, you dare to hang up laozi's phone. As soon as this man appeared, he rushed angrily towards Gou Lian.

F*ck, not only did you hang up on me. You actually smashed the Public Security Bureau. Who gave you this courage? The man continued to scold, If he hadn't ran to tell me first, you would be over!

While talking, the man was in front of Gou Lian, raising his hand and trying to catch Gou Lian's ears.

Brat, I know that you aren't this kind of reckless person. He then said, Who directed you? While talking, he was squeezing Guo Lian's ears, If it were not for me, you would have been taken to a military court.

F*ck, have you gone dumb? When he saw Gou Lian not saying a word, the man suddenly became angry, Why, you thought it would be OK if you didn't speak? I'll tell you now, if you don't say a few words, I'll let you rot here!

During the conversation, the man suddenly felt a strong wind coming around him. A warning sign suddenly appeared in his heart and he hurriedly tried to dodge.

However, this attack came too quickly so he did not have time to react at all and was hit.

And soon, one foot kicked hard on this man's ass.


After the kick, the man flew out a few meters away like a kite with a broken line, landing on the ground heavily.

After a period of dust flying, the man jumped up from the ground, yelling: Which bastard dares to kick laozi's ass

It's your laozi! Su Ba yelled.

Damn, who dares to call yourself my laozi, I'll kill you! The man turned and rushed towards the source of the sound.

However, rushing at it, the man's footsteps slowed down until he was in place. The original angry expression broke down and became pitiful.

Father, how are you! The man grinned bitterly and suddenly said.

You still have my father in your eyes? Laozi this, laozi that. I wonder who is the actual father? Su Ba gave him a smack and scolded him. [If you don't know, laozi is a slang for father or grandfather.]

I didn't know you were here. The man said aloud, It turned out that my father gave you this command. Uh, you did it well, you did it well! It is imperative for him to turn black and white upside down when dealing with his own father.

Su Ba ignored him and introduced him to Chen Feng: Mr. Chen, this is my eldest son named Su Fei. Although his name is like his mother's, he is actually a bull.

Chen Feng stared at Su Fei and suddenly smiled, Mr. Su is so blessed that your son's qualifications for cultivation are not under you.

This Su Fei's qualifications are really good. He looks like he should be only about 25 years old but he has already condensed true energy, and has reached the third level of Qi Gathering. Moreover, Chen Feng can see that Su Fei's true energy is extremely solid, apparently due to him leveling step by step. With such a lack of Qi in the secular world, for him to have this much progress, it can be seen how strong Su Fei's qualifications are.

Humph, acting so pretentious At first glance, Chen Feng, who was younger than him criticized him for a while and Su Fei was naturally unhappy. Throughout his life, among young people, who has he ever lost to?

You must not be rude! Su Ba saw his son's attitude and suddenly yelled, You little cub, Mr. Chen is a worldly man, how dare you be so rude. See how I will teach you a lesson! As soon he said that, he sent out a slap that contained 50% of his strength.

Father, who knows if he is a scammer. Don't be fooled. In Su Fei's eyes, Chen Feng is just an ordinary person. He doesn't seem to have the strong physique of a martial artist and there is no trace of Qi fluctuations throughout his body. Such people are either ordinary people or extremely powerful masters, at least several times more powerful than themselves.

But is this possible? You know, Su Fei has been praised as the first young master in Beijing since childhood. How could a young man like him be several times better than him?

Nonsense, you still haven't apologized to Mr. Chen, Su Ba groaned. You know, your brother is saved by Mr. Chen. Others don't know but he saw Chen Feng's medicine firsthand. The Qihuang Needle alone is enough to make him feel admiration.

Oh, it's this gentleman? Speaking of this, Su Fei's eyes were full of gratitude and finally he stepped forward and shook Chen Feng's hand.

Holding his hand and looking at the young Chen Feng, Su Fei's enthusiasm rose again. The strength on his hands gradually increased.

You must not be rude! Su Ba sighed and stepped forward to part. However, Chen Feng gave him a reassuring look.

Su Fei thought that Chen Feng could be respected by his father because of his medical skills. After all, it is already amazing that such a young man can become a master at medicine.

However, as his hand strength gradually increased, Su Fei did not even find the slightest amount of pain on Chen Feng's face. As if his hands were pinching something else.

The desire to win in his heart became stronger and stronger and Su Fei's strength was becoming even stronger. Su Fei thought Chen Feng couldn't take it anymore but what he saw was that still calm face.

Huh, I wonder how long you can act tough! Su Fei thought to himself, the power in his hand was stronger.

Damn, you can really pretend

F*ck, you're really something Su Fei felt something wrong. With this full-handed grip, he can even leave a handprint on a piece of iron bar so how can this young man stand up to it?

However, his deep enthusiasm concealed his surprise for a moment and an invisible power appeared in the palm of his hand.

Qi Condensation

Chapter 44 - Su Fei

Qi! Su Fei used Qi!

This time, you shouldn't be able to handle it. Su Fei thought in his mind but the next moment, his face went white.

Why is it like this? With all my strength, why can't I make him change his expression? For a moment, a strange feeling appeared in Su Fei's heart.

For the first time in his life, he felt the taste of failure. It feels so uncomfortable...

Chen Feng looked at Su Fei with a faint smile, some memories gradually emerged.

In his last life, he was like Su Fei, who had his nose in the air. It wasn't until that time that he lost against his best friend that he knew the principle of There's always a sky above a sky. The best friend of the previous life was a genius but he ultimately failed to grow up and just like a shooting star, after a moment of light blooms, he completely dissipated.

Who killed you in the end? Chen Feng of the last life had been searching for this mystery but he couldn't solve it. It seems that there is no useful information in the whole world of cultivation. Therefore, he decided to go to the upper Realm to find clues so he decided to start his tribulation but who knew that he would fail it and end up in this life.

In this life, I will still adhere to the original vow and take revenge for you! The faith in Chen Feng's heart flashed for a while and an inexplicable comprehension of the Grand Dao was raised in his heart.

Little brat, what's wrong. Suddenly, a burst of exclamation passed into Chen Feng's ear.

Chen Feng took a look back and saw that Su Fei turned mad and his eyes were blood red and his Qi was frantic. His already short hair rose into the sky and looked very stingy.

Inner Demon... Chen Feng knew at a glance. Then, he suddenly started tapping, The real experts are not afraid of fighting the world. If you can't even face this failure, what is the point in cultivating?

Chen Feng words can be said to be like the words of a god. It contains the experience of the countless years of Cultivation, which is extremely mysterious.

Suddenly, everyone in the place seemed to comprehend something. This can also be regarded as a fortune for them. If they can understand one of the true meanings, they can have high achievements in the future.


Su Fei finally breathed a sigh of relief and his blood-red eyes gradually returned to normal and his frantic Qi calmed down.

Thank you, I was able to wake up because of you. Su Fei returned to normal and bowed to Chen Feng respectfully.

Chen Feng looked at Su Fei, his eyes were full of admiration. It only took a few sentences from him, and he broke his inner demon in an instant. This talent, even in the cultivation realm is quite rare.

After accepting Su Fei's bow, Chen Feng nodded and said solemnly, Su Fei, would you like to worship me as your master?

When Su Fei heard that, he was surprised for a moment, then he was full of firmness and bowed again and again: Su Fei is willing! I am willing to!

Good, good, good! Chen Feng said good three times in a row, his expression full of joy, From now on, you are the fourth disciples of I, Chen Feng.

Fourth disciple? Su Fei was a little surprised. This master of his is so young but he already had four disciples?

Seeing Su Fei's doubtful look, Chen Feng smiled and said, Your three senior brothers are all dragons and phoenixes. If you have a fate in the future, you will see them.

Chen Feng's face suddenly sank and he said solemnly, Su Fei, although there are not so many rules and regulations under my door, one thing you have to remember is that you must not harm the innocence or your own brothers. Otherwise, as your master, I will kill you with my own hands! As Chen Feng said that, a faint murderous aura was gently exuded from Chen Feng's body.

Hiss... Feeling Chen Feng's murderous aura, Su Fei suddenly took a deep breath and every muscle on his body could not help shake.

How could his master be so murderous? You know, the intensity of murderous auras depends entirely on the amount of people you have killed. The more people killed, the more aggressive the aura!

Forcibly calming himself down, Su Fei's eyes were extremely respectful, Disciple will follow the teachings of master. After finishing, Su Fei was stunned aglain.

When Chen Feng saw this, he smiled slightly and the murderous aura disappeared instantly. Su Fei felt loose and it seemed that the sky was a little brighter even though the sky was still bright.

In the future, these customary worships will not be necessary. Chen Feng said as he held up Su Fei.

Yes, Master! Su Fei said respectfully.

Thank you Mr. Chen for accepting Fei'er as you apprentice! Su Ba also said gratefully at this time.

Chen Feng said with a smile, Xiao Fei's talent is really good for cultivation. If it is in this world, such a piece of jade will be neglected. I am lucky to be able to find such talent in the secular world.

If an unknown person hears Chen Feng's words, they will definitely scoff at Chen Feng's words and think that Chen Feng is talking big. He looked very young but he was old-fashioned when he talked and his tone was not ordinary, as if he was so amazing.

However, when these words were heard in the ears of Su Ba and his son, it was as if they heard the sound of thunder exploding inside them.

Secular world? The father and son listened to the word carefully, the surprise and joy in their eyes could no longer be masked. Their Su family is not an ordinary family of soldiers. There are still some unknown backgrounds behind them. Naturally, they know that there are a large group of people in the world. They call this society the secular world.

Mr. Chen is... Su Ba opened his mouth wide and could help but couldn't ask.

Seeing this, Chen Feng nodded with a smile.

Suddenly, Su Ba's face was full of ecstasy, his son was able to worship such a person as his master. He really didn't know that it was a blessing that he had cultivated over a lifetime.

Su Fei looked at Chen Feng and was extremely excited. He knew that from this moment on, his future had changed.

That being the case, I have to follow Master well, I want to be stronger! Su Fei's heart made a decision instantly.

Looking at the looks of Su Ba and his son, Chen Feng couldn't help reminding, So many people here, should we change places?

Uh. Su Fei looked around and found that many people were watching. Especially the police officers in this public security bureaus have even more wonderful faces.

Retreat! Su Fei's face was suddenly full of seriousness and the momentum of a soldier was revealed.

Everyone! Retreat! Gou Lian suddenly recovered from the shock, yelled a command and led the soldiers to leave.

Master, please get in the car. Su Fei said respectfully towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng nodded and headed for the military vehicle.


Looking at the roaring military vehicle, the police officers in the public security branch immediately opened up.

Who the hell was driving the military vehicle and even the company commander was afraid of him?

That man is just another subordinate, haven't you seen him kneel down to that young man?


Amidst the discussion, Shao Donglai looked at the military vehicle and turned around to leave the place without saying a word and it was unknown to what he was thinking.

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