The Peerless Master Chapter 42 - Mr. Chen, Are You Happy?

Sir, I have something to say! Shao Donglai said in a hurry. Now, there is no other way than to ask the man to retract the order.

You know, the duty of soldiers is to obey orders. When the superior speaks, they will execute it without hesitation. This is the iron law of the army.


The soldiers suddenly scattered but even so, the sound of the footsteps was as neat as rehearsal, showing the elite of this army.

Su Ba's eyes flashed, looking at Gou Lian with eyes full of appreciation and affirmation.

Sir, you... After hearing the sounds of things breaking outside, Shao Donglai's face was extremely pale.

Su Ba looked at Shao Dong with a smile, and said quietly, Shao Donglai, if it weren't for the two of us today, I'm afraid I would be dead now.

After a pause, Su Ba went on to say, Shao Donglai, since some things have begun to rot, it is better to take this opportunity to rectify them, smash them, and throw them away...

Su Ba's voice seemed to be full of magic, causing Shao Donglai, who was feeling anxious to calm down immediately. Looking at Su Ba, Shao Donglai was deep in thought.

Although he is the director of the East Branch of this city, because he does not have a backing, his position is not stable. Depending on the background behind him, this Deputy Director Wu often sang contradictions with himself and even made his teeth tickle.

Although Shao Donglai himsel is a clean official, in the way of being an official, he still clearly distinguished the things that endangered the common people and he would never do it. But over the years, Deputy Director Wu has done a lot of things with his position, which has long made him extremely disgusted. However, because of the background behind Deputy Director Wu, Shao Donglai could only open one eye and close the other.

Maybe this is a good opportunity! Shao Donglai thought to himself and immediately made a decision. Taking a deep breath, he took a deep look at Deputy Director Wu, who was anxious and decided to just stay quiet and not say anything.

Director Shao! After Deputy Director Wu saw Shao Donglai listening to Su Ba's words, his attitude changed immediately and his heart became even more anxious. If this matter becomes bigger, even the one behind him cannot help him. After all, this matter involves conflicts between the military and the police and it has too much impact.

In this position, Deputy Director Wu naturally understands the stakes. Suddenly, he sweated coldly. If he continued to make such a fuss, he would definitely have nothing to eat.

That's right! A sudden thought came in his mind, Deputy Director Wu hurriedly took out his cell phone and dialed a phone number.

Soon the phone went through.

Hey, is this commander Liu? Deputy Director Wu tried to make his voice more kind. Commander Liu, I'm Wu De from Chengdong Public Security Branch. There is something that I need to trouble you with. Then, Deputy Director Wu told the head of Liu the phone concisely.

Deputy Director Wu who made the phone call seemed to find his backbone and proudly handed the call to the officer, saying, Company commander, your superior has something to say to you.

Gou Lian looked at Su Ba with a little embarrassment. After all, he is in the military under the government and he could not openly disobey orders.

Su Ba looked at the Gou Lian and his voice was extremely firm:,How can the students of I, Su Ba, be fearful? Even if the sky is to fall, I'll do something about it so just answer the call Su Ba's voice was extremely arrogant and unquestionable.

Yes! Gou Lian heard the words and slammed forward, with a brave look on his face. He picked up the phone, ignored the voice on the phone and hung up. Then, he threw it back to the Deputy Director Wu who had a surprised look.

You hung up? Deputy Director Wu shouted at Gou Lian, How dare you hang up the call from your superior?

Humph! Gou Lian snorted, turned and ignored him.


Is still very lively outside. A team of soldiers smashed recklessly in this public security bureau and none of the police officers dared to step forward to stop it.

Deputy Director Wu was finally afraid. The man who he arrested seemed to have such a huge background that he even had Gou Lian disregard orders from his commander.

Sir, that's enough. I have offended you and it is my fault, please make them stop With a bitter face, Deputy Director Wu begged.

Su Ba looked at him with a smile and said: Hey, I have warned you long ago, it's useless to ask me now. Once I'm happy, I'll tell them to stop.

After speaking, Su Ba closed his eyes and stopped looking at him. Listening to the sound of ping pong pong outside, it seems to be very enjoyable for him.

Shao Donglai, you have to help me say something. Deputy Director Wu cried and said to Shao Donglai who was quiet.

Deputy Director Wu, it's not that I don't want to help. It's just that these soldiers won't listen to persuasion. Anyways, I will definitely give a fair report of the situation and the reasons for these soldiers smashing things here. Shao Donglai said with a straight face.

Deputy Director Shao, you... As soon as Deputy Director Wu was about to speak, the man turned his head, pretending not to hear.

Deputy Director Wu reluctantly found that some people who were originally in cahoots with him are avoiding him at this moment. This is the life of an official. Seeing that someone is going to suffer, the first thing is to help yourself first.

The general situation has gone worse.... Deputy Director Wu sighed in his heart, these unreasonable soldiers made him helpless. At this moment, he wished that he could stab that brother-in-law of his.


The sound outside gradually softened and soon after, a group of soldiers came in neatly.

Report to company commander, the task has been completed! The soldier reported brightly.

Gou Lian looked at Su Ba questionally. Su Ba laughed and said, Ha ha, I'm happy. Mr. Chen, are you happy?

Chen Feng smiled indifferently, It's enough, let's go.

Su Ba nodded respectfully, then nodded towards Gou Lian.

Everyone, time to leave Although the officer was surprised why his instructor was so respectful to the young man, the nature of the soldier's execution of the order kept him from thinking about the relationship between them and he shouted his orders.

Mr. Chen, it's getting late, let's go out. Su Ba made a gesture toward Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was not polite and walked out of the interrogation room first.

Just after going out, even Chen Feng was a little surprised. Unexpectedly, in such a short period of time, these soldiers had destroyed the place so thoroughly. There were fragments on the ground and no place was intact and even the surveillance cameras on the corner ceiling were all smashed down.

This effect is comparable to that of the Qi Gathering Stage experts. Chen Feng nodded, thinking secretly.

However, Deputy Director Wu who came out then looked at the mess in the ground face turned whiter.

It's over, it's over... this is really a big deal. Deputy Director Wu Nana was speechless.