The Peerless Master Chapter 41 - Smash Everything


The interrogation room door was suddenly opened from the outside, a policeman stumbled and rushed in and shouted to Deputy Director Wu, Deputy Director Wu, it's not good, a group of soldiers are outside...

Soldiers? Where did the soldiers come from? Deputy Director Wu suddenly felt a little bit puzzled.

However, the next moment, he was completely shocked by the scene in front of him.

A group of soldiers with live ammunition passed directly through the door of the interrogation room and surrounded the crowd in less than two seconds.

Looking at the muzzle of the gun, Deputy Director Wu suddenly felt a little hesitant but still managed to ask, You... you are...

However, the cold eyes of the soldiers suddenly made Deputy Director Wu shut up. Each of these soldiers are fierce and just standing next to them gave him the chills.

At this time, a uniformed officer walked into the place with hurried steps and seeing how he was constantly sweating, it can be seen how impatient he is.

Sir, what are you doing here? Deputy Director Wu has been an officer for many years. When he saw this officer, he immediately stepped forward and carefully approached.

However, it seems that this officer did not hear the words of Deputy Director Wu and did not look at Deputy Director Wu at all and went straight to the interrogation table.

Seeing this, Deputy Director Wu suddenly broke into their cold sweat and a bad premonition suddenly emerged, Did I hit an iron board today? Between his thoughts, Deputy Director Wu hated his little brother-in-law in his heart, if not for him, this wouldn't happen today.

As if confirming Deputy Director Wu's worry, the officer came to Su Ba. His body instantly froze and an inexplicable flush appeared on his face.

The officer's body suddenly stiffened, as if a sharp sword was on his neck.


The officer saluted a military salute!

Greetings instructor! The officer's voice was loud, causing everyone's eardrums to become sore. However, everyone can feel the excitement and respect from his voice!

-Brush brush brush-

All the soldiers saluted at the same time.

Greetings Instructor!

It was as neat as a chorus and the soldiers' voices suddenly exploded in the small interrogation room, causing the heart of Deputy Director Wu and his men's heart to become cold.

Uh! Deputy Director Wu was sweating and his heart was pounding.

Damn, what kind of person did we arrest? To be able to train such an elite army. Deputy Director Wu thought, his heart's hatred for his little brother-in-law increased.

Several policemen in the interrogation room turned pale. In particular, the police officer named Yu Ming was stunned. He knew that his good days might be over. Deputy Director Wu has his backing but he is just a small policeman who is ordinary.

No wonder the two were so calm when they were arrested, they should have thought of this already! At this time, Yu Ming was really anxious.

Looking at the officer deeply, Su Ba's eyes were suddenly full of sternness! He raised his handcuffed hand, pointed at the big clock on the wall and yelled, F*ck, 11 minutes and 35 seconds have passed since I called. It seems that in recent years, you have lived like pigs!

Faced with Su Ba's scolding, the officer didn't feel angry at all. Instead, he raised his flushed face and shouted, The instructor is right! I've really lived like a pig these years!.

Faintly, Chen Feng saw the tears in the officer's eyes.

You're living like a pig!

Once upon a time, the instructor used to scold him like this and an indescribable feeling has long been ingrained between these words. A few years apart, when he heard this sentence again, the deep emotion in his heart could no longer be suppressed, like a tide, rolling in!

Hahaha, you little dog, you haven't changed! Su Ba suddenly laughed.

The instructor hasn't changed either! The officer didn't seem to get out of the excitement and his voice was trembling a little!

Su Ba laughed, raised his handcuffed hands and sternly gave the officer a shout, Little pup, when have you become like a sissy?

Yes, instructor! The officer's complexion suddenly solidified, looking at Su Ba's handcuffs exuding a silvery light, roaring indignantly, Which dog is the one who cuffed him? Hurry and unlock it!

Deputy Director Wu hurriedly greeted him and called again, It's a misunderstanding, misunderstanding!

Misunderstanding? Misunderstanding my ass! Without waiting for Deputy Director Wu's excuse, the officer kicked him and shouted, Hurry up and let go of the instructor!

Under the foot of the officer, Deputy Director Wu's body rolled like a hoist on the ground.

Getting up embarrassed, Deputy Director Wu's face was quite unsightly. You know, although he is not one of the most powerful groups of people in Hangzhou City, anyway, he has a bit of a face, when has he ever been treated like this?

Working hard to suppress the anger in his heart, Deputy Director Wu's tone was a bit heavy, This is the Chengdong Public Security Branch. Is this a place where you can be casual? Retreat quickly, or I will directly report to your superior! Speaking of this, Deputy Director Wu was a bit confident. Among the military in this city, he knew one of the higher ups.

At this time, several others hurried in and when they saw such a scene, they were shocked.

The leader man ran directly to the officer and said enthusiastically, Isn't this the company commander, what brings you here?

This person is Shao Donglai, the director of the Chengdong Public Security Branch.

Huh! Shao Donglai came to see Deputy Director Wu's look and he knew something was up. However, now is not the time to blame. If this matter is not handled properly, it will destroy the harmony between the military and the police.

Gou Lian, what happened? Shao Donglai asked in a low voice. Although his status is higher than that of the officer, the officer is a member of the military and he also carries such a number of soldiers with live ammunition so it is natural to be careful.

What happened? Gou Lian's anger burned again. They grabbed my instructor for no reason and you ask me what happened? At this time, he could not care about the face of Shao Donglai as he yelled at him.

Shao Donglai listened and yelled in his heart, F*ck! Then looked at the policeman who had been stunned by the electric baton who had not yet woke up and the dark electric baton lying on the ground, afterwards, his face turned darker

Who doesn't know that soldiers have always been united and extremely guarded. Today, Deputy Director Wu actually caught the instructor of this officer so things will not be so easy to settle.

However, Shao Donglai was an old fox after all and he laughed and said, These people are not sensible, they bumped into your chief and caused this matter.

Having said that, Shao Donglai came to Su Ba and said sincerely, Today, my men collided with Sir, I will give you an explanation later.

Upon seeing this, Deputy Director Wu wanted to say something but in the end, he still didn't speak. He knew that Shao Donglai didn't want to make things big.

Come here, help this gentleman remove their handcuffs! Shao Donglai's voice seemed very anxious. He didn't want these soldiers to find excuses to cause trouble. You know, the duty of the army is to obey orders. If this chief insists on making trouble, then these soldiers would execute the order seriously.

After Shao Donglai's voice died down, Yu Ming eagerly rummaged on his body. However, his face was getting darker and darker, the key to the handcuffs could not be found.

Humph! No need! Su Ba snorted suddenly and with a Click, the extremely hard handcuffs shattered like a toy.

So powerful! Shao Donglai looked at Su Ba's movement and thought in surprise.

Immediately after that, there was a click.

The crowd looked around and saw that Chen Feng, who had said nothing since the army entered turned out to be empty-handed. In front of him, a pair of broken handcuffs lay quietly on the ground.

Are they all monsters? It was not only Shao Donglai who was surprised but even the officer was surprised and there was a strange gleam in his eyes.

Instructor, what do plan to do next? Liu Lien was depressed in his heart and asked Su Ba.

Su Ba looked at Chen Feng and saw that Chen Feng didn't mean to speak so he said,, This place is a bit old inside and out. Let's do good deeds and smash everything we should smash.

After finishing speaking, Su Ba added another sentence, Relax and do your job, I will deal with the aftermath.

Su Ba's voice wasn't loud but it revealed his unquestionable authority.