The Peerless Master Chapter 40 - Come And Zap Me

Okay, let's see. Will your mouth be so hard after a while? Deputy director Wu looked coldly at Su Ba with a smile on his face, and commanded a police officer next to him, Go and bring the electric baton here.

The policeman heard this and was excited and hurried out of the interrogation room, wondering where to get the electric baton.

Brother-in-law! With a shout, a bald man came in outside the interrogation room.

Why are you here? Deputy director Wu glanced at the bald man and said uncomfortably, This is the interrogation room. How can you come in so casually? Then, deputy director Wu pushed the bald man vigorously toward the outside.

Don't, don't, brother-in-law. The bald man hurriedly said, I'll pick up the backpack that was stolen from my shop.

Eh? Deputy Director Wu's eyes flashed, and his face was a bit unnatural, Bag? This is evidence, how can you take it if you want to?

Brother-in-law, aren't you there? You can save do procedures later, can't you? The bald man squinted his eyes and looked at Deputy Director Wu flatteringly.

Deputy Director Wu's face remained calm but in his heart, he scolded, 'This bastard is afraid that I will swallow all the contents inside.' No, I must not let him take it away, otherwise my share will be less! In a hurry, deputy director Wu pushed the bald man to the door.

Looking at the bald man who was uneasy, Deputy director Wu whispered, Be assured, we will divide it evenly when the things are in our hands.

Evenly...? The bald man was uncomfortable for a while but obviously it wasn't the place to discuss it so he had to say stupidly, Well, brother-in-law, I'll wait for you at the door.

Yes, go on! deputy director Wu waved his hand and kicked the bald man out of the interrogation room like a duckling.

Five or six minutes later, the door of the interrogation room opened again. The policeman who was looking for the electric baton ran in with a sweat on his face, holding the black stick in his hand, and called out like a merit: Deputy Director Wu, here is the electric baton.

Nodding with satisfaction, Deputy Director Wu stared viciously at Chen Feng and Su Ba, saying, You deal with the young boy first, let him know the taste of being shocked. Then, Deputy Director Wu laughed cruelly.

Yes! As soon as the policeman holding the electric baton stood up, he turned on the electric baton switch and sneered at Chen Feng.

Boy, the taste of this electric baton is uncomfortable. You will be numb and in pain in a while. The policeman said to Chen Feng as he walked to him.

Chen Feng looked at the sneering policeman but his face was calm. How could a dignified practitioner who is at the peak Qi Gathering Stage be scared by a small electric baton?

The policeman had stepped in front of Chen Feng suddenly stabbed at Chen Feng's body with the electric baton.

An electric baton is an attack device commonly used by police. Once a person is electrified, a strong current can make people incapable of movement,

Looking at the oncoming electric baton, Chen Feng grinned, his fingers moved. A faint ray of vitality shot from Chen Feng's fingertips and hit the policeman's elbow.

Huh? The policeman suddenly felt a numbness in his hand and then he was horrified to find that he had lost control of the hand holding the electric baton.

In his amazement, his hand waved uncontrollably towards his face and the electric batton in his hand hit his face.

A...! The policeman fell straight to the ground when he had no time to shout. The electric current released by the electric baton made him lose his thinking ability instantly.

You should know that the electric current released by the electric batons is powerful. If this electric current hit elsewhere, at most, it will only make the place where the baton hit become written numb and cause the person to be incapable of movement. However, this time, the current exploded directly on the policeman's face and the powerful current immediately touched his brain. Unsurprisingly, the policeman suddenly lost his ability to think and collapsed on the ground.

Bold, how dare you attack the police! Deputy Director Wu yelled suddenly but his body involuntarily stepped back a few steps: Come, give him a good lesson!

Looking at the remaining policemen. No don't dare to come forward even when Deputy Director Wi looked at them. The police officer Yu Ming was right. Neither of these two people is someone who is easy to deal with. Whoever touches them is unlucky!

What's the matter, what are you all doing just looking? Zhang San, you go! Deputy director Wu's face flushed, obviously angry.

The man named Zhang San suddenly gave a bitter smile but under the intimidation of Deputy Director Wu, he had to pick up the black electric baton on the ground and walked towards Chen Feng with a bitter smile.

This time, Zhang San was very careful. Just now, with the officer being an example in front of him, it let him know that the young man was not simple. This time, he immediately changed his goal and walked towards Su Ba. Anyway, Deputy Director Wu didn't specify which one to poke.

Su Ba looked at Zhang San, who entered carefully, jokingly, and said, You are really awkward. Come on, Laozi will not resist.

Who knows, Su Ba's words made Zhang San's scared instead of excitement.

F*ck, only stupid people will not resist and this man does not seem stupid. Zhang San thought to himself and the pace under his feet had slowed down a lot.

When he saw Zhang San's speed, Deputy Director Wu was really upset. He took two steps and struck Zhang San's ass with a kick. He cursed, You are a policeman but you are scared. You useless things.

Zhang San was kicked by Deputy Director Wu. He was caught off guard and rushed towards Su Ba.

It's nothing, I can't escape anyway, I can only fight! Zhang San knew that he couldn't avoid it. As soon as he gritted his teeth, he set an electric baton in his hand and poked at Su Ba's chest.

The next moment, Zhang San's heart burst into joy. The man didn't Dodge or do anything.

Isn't this looking for death? Zhang San sneered and the panic just went away. As a policeman, he often used this type of electric baton. Once someone was poked, they will definitely be numbed.


A blue electric arc suddenly exploded on the discharge port of the electric baton, and entered into Su Pa body's.

Eh? Zhang San was surprised the next moment. Why is the man in front of him still sitting on the chair with a smile on his face and not responding?

It shouldn't be. Is this electric stick out of power? But the arc that flashed from time to time was still so prominent.

In shock, Zhang San seemed to have forgotten the common sense that the electric baton would cause life-threatening damages to the human body if it touches someone at full voltage for a long time.

Deputy Director Wu's sight was blocked by Zhang San's body so Zhang San and Su Ba's condition could not be seen. However, when he saw that the electric baton in Zhang San's hand hadn't left Su Ba's body, he was also vigilant. Don't kill him, otherwise it will be troublesome to handle. He hurriedly shouted, Zhang San, that's enough, let go.

Deputy Director Wu, I can't take it back. This man is... Zhang San's words seemed terrified, as if he saw something horrifying.

Deputy Director Wu's heart was so tense that he hurried forward to take a look and his face turned pale.

Zhang San's face pale and his hands were desperately grasping the electric baton and pulling back. However, this electric baton seems to take root like Su Ba's chest, no matter how hard he tries pulls out.


The blue current still flashed but it was no longer as powerful as it was.

A few seconds later, Su Ba burst out laughing: Ha ha, such a weak stick, come and zap me with something more powerful

You... Are you...? Deputy director Wu's face was ugly and his legs were a little soft. He suddenly thought of something and he became extremely retried. Had he not been holding the table in the interrogation room in time, he would almost have fallen to his knees.


The door of the interrogation room was suddenly opened from the outside, a policeman stumbled and rushed in and shouted to Deputy Director Wu, Deputy Director Wu, it's not good, a group of soldiers are outside...