The Peerless Master Chapter 4 - Dislocating

They've come out, they're out! It wasn't long after walking out of Zhou Yupi's office door that Chen Feng and Ga Zi were surrounded by the workers.

Are you okay? Uncle Li asked in concern.

We're fine, see! Ga Zi raised a small stack of bills in his hands and said with pride, Zhou Yupi's skin isn't hard and he was beaten in two punches.

When they heard that, everyone praised him, making Ga Zi feel a bit embarrassed.

Only Uncle Li said nothing as he smoked. After pondering for a long time, Uncle Li threw the cigarette butts on the ground, raised his head and said to Chen Feng and Ga Zi, You beat up Zhou Yupi so he will certainly not let you off and he will definitely call for reinforcements. Quickly leave, it will be over once they block the construction site.

When everyone thought about it, they knew Uncle Li was right and could not help but persuade the two to quickly leave.

Haha, you still want to go? It's too late! At this moment, an arrogant and unusual voice rang in the back. Zhou Yupi came out of his office and disregarding the nosebleeds on his face had not been cleaned up, he pointed at Chen Feng and Ga Zi and continuously cursed at them

While they were listening to Zhou Yupi, a crowd of people suddenly flowed in from the entrance of the construction site, clamoring for the crowd to move.

If you don't want to die, move out of the way. The one talking was a burly man with long hair waving a knife in his hand and yelling at the crowd.

When the surrounding workers saw such a scene, they scattered.

In a blink of an eye, this group of people had arrived in front of Zhou Yupi. They looked fierce and they all had tattoos, such as dragons and tigers on their bodies. Apparently, they were gangsters

Brother Mao, why are you here in person? Facing this group of people, Zhou Yupi no longer looked as arrogant as before. He took out a cigarette for Chang Mao and started to flatter him.

Chang Mao smiled, patted Zhou Yupi's shoulder and said while grinning, The boss is in trouble. I naturally have to personally come. What happened, is it that Erzi who came to provoke you again today?

When he heard Chang Mao's words, Zhou Yupi's face suddenly became cold and he pointed at Ga Zi and shouted, It's this little beast who beat me. Brother Mao, you have to take revenge on me. The guy beside him is also an accomplice. Zhou Yupi then smiled evilly and said, They also told me arrogantly that even if you come, brother Mao can't do sh*t!

What, these two little brats are so arrogant, brothers, go and grab the two of them for me As soon as he finished talking, this Chang Mao rushed up first and the knife in his hand slashed towards Ga Zi.

From a young age, Ga Zi has only been in fistfights. When he saw a real knife coming towards him, he stumbled and didn't know what to do.

Be careful! A cold light flashed in Chen Feng's eyes as he pushed Ga zi away.


Chang Mao's knife went down the back of Ga Zi's clothes. Seeing that Chen Feng pushed Ga Zi away, Chang Mao became angry and stabbed his knife at Chen Feng

If it had been before, Chen Feng would naturally place the trick of this little punk in his eyes. However, as of now, his own body has greatly restricted him and he is unable to recreate those subtle moves to dodge the knife

However, although those subtle tricks cannot be used, there are still some superficial ones

Seeing the knife coming towards him, Chen Feng suddenly bent backwards and bowed his body into an arc. Chang Maos knife passed by his nose.

Chang Mao was stunned at Chen Feng's actions and was about to continue attacking but he suddenly felt his wrist become numb and the knife in his hand fell to the ground. It turned out that after avoiding the knife, Chen Feng quickly turned over and twisted Chang Mao's hand at lightning speed, immediately dislocating it

My hand!

This is not a subtle move but one of the superficial hand-to-hand combat techniques that Chen Feng learned in the past. With thousands of years of combat experience, Chen Feng had come to learn many things.

Little brat... You f*cking... Chang Mao saw that his right hand could not move anymore and was about to yell but Chen Feng's hands quickly touched his mouth. Chang Mao felt his mouth become numb and he couldn't speak anymore.

Woo... Woo... Woo... Through Chang Mao's horrified eyes, Chen Feng's hands are like magic and would dislocate anything it touched. After a few seconds, Chen Feng clapped his hands and looked at Chang Mao who had slumped on the ground with satisfaction. Just a few seconds ago, Chen Feng dislocated 17 of Chang Mao's joints in an instant. At this time, even if the Chang Mao wanted to stand up, it is impossible.

Ahh! A sudden scream rang and Chen Feng turned his head around and saw a group of small punks chasing Ga Zi and slashing at him.

It took him only a few seconds to deal with Chang Mao but Ga Zi has already been slashed by a few knives. Fortunately, these are just ordinary knives. The blades are not too sharp. Although Ga Zi suffered a few wounds, they are just some small cuts. This is also the reason why this group of gangsters dare to slash people with their knives. Anyways, they don't dare to kill people.

At this moment, the gangsters naturally saw Chen Feng subduing their boss and although they were shocked, a few gangsters ran towards Chen Feng.

For those who slashed his brother, Chen Feng was naturally not polite. Chen Feng's eyes flashed with cold light and his hands quickly moved.




Suddenly, several gangsters knives fell to the ground, just like Chang Mao's, the hands that were holding the knives were instantly dislocated. Moreover, Chen Feng used a lot of strength and twisted their hand after dislocating it.


A few gangsters started to sweat with cold sweat on their faces and wanted to continue to scream but Chen Feng's hand brushed their chins. Instantly, a sound of dislocation of the chin rang on the field and it became quiet again.

You... don't come over! The rest of the gangsters saw this scene and did not care about chasing down Ga Zi anymore. They waved their knives as they looked at Chen Feng walking towards them and loudly shouted at him. However, from their slightly trembling thighs, they are clearly frightened

With a sneer, Chen Feng still walked towards them step by step. An invisible pressure caused these small gangsters to collapse at the same time.

Ahh, I surrender! One of the gangsters threw their knife on the ground and cried while he ran towards the exit of the construction site

With someone taking the lead, several others who could move also threw down their knives and ran away.

Hey! Chang Mao looked angrily at these escaping bastards with a gleam of coldness in his eyes

F*ck, Chen Feng, when did you become so powerful? Ga Zi looked at Chen Feng as if he had discovered a new world, not even caring about his wounds.

Chen Feng walked towards Zhou Yupi and with a kind smile, he said, Boss Zhou, what other tricks do you have, use it

Grandfather, you have a big heart, please spare me Chen Feng's smile looked like a smile of death, causing Zhou Yupi to shivir in fear, IGrandfather, I will treat these brothers well in the future and never keep their wages again

Chen Feng looked at the workers who were still in shock and nodded, If I find out that you are still oppressing these workers, I will come back to deal with you. With that, Chen Feng waved at the workers and walked out of the construction site.

The workers at the site looked gratefully at the back of the two. They are different from Chen Feng and Ga Zi. They need this job and no matter how hard and tired they are, they still have to go to work in order to feed their families.

This is the sorrow of everyone who belongs at the bottom of the society.