The Peerless Master Chapter 39 - Don't Ask Me To Come Out

Now, what do you think we should do with you? In the car, the two policemen in the back clamped Chen Feng to the left and right and said fiercely.

Don't talk nonsense to them. Didn't you hear him?! Officer Yu, who sat in the co-pilot said, give him a good time but make sure there are no scars.

The two policemen in the back agreed with a smile, they have long been familiar with doing such things. In between, the two of them bent under the seat and both of them came up with a thick book.

Rest assured, with the book cushioned, even if it hurts, there will be no scars. A policeman smiled and put the book on Chen Feng's back while talking.

Chen Feng looked at it lightly, without moving.

Hahaha, are you scared now? Let me tell you, the person you offended has a sister who's the wife of deputy director Wu. The policeman said with an amused expression, Offending him means your good days are also over. While talking, his fist slammed hard against Chen Feng's back.


The fist landed heavily on the book, making a dull noise.

Ah, f*ck, it hurts! Unexpectedly, Chen Feng still looked indifferent but the policeman jumped while holding his fists and hit his head on the car. He shouted in pain: Damn, why is it so painful?

Chen Feng looked at the police officer and smiled secretly. How can he let them off so easily? As soon as his fist fell, Chen Feng had already mobilized a trace of Qi below the book and when the fist fell,

Qi would explode into his hands. From now on, he won't even think about hitting someone with this hand. Even chopsticks will be hard to hold.

For those who don't care about themselves, Chen Feng will never show mercy.

Sure enough, the next moment, the policeman cried hysterically, F*ck, my hands are numb, I can barely feel it, what did you do to Laozi?

When Chen Feng heard that, his face suddenly cooled down and he kicked the policeman into the bottom with one foot, and stepped on his head severely, You're mouth is so cheap, you won't need it anymore! While speaking, Chen Feng's feet moved towards the policeman's throat. At the same time, the original mourning policeman stopped abruptly. The policeman opened his mouth in horror and shouted hard, but couldn't make a sound.

Huh! A burst of voice came suddenly around Chen Feng. It was another police officer who saw that Chen Feng had hit and injured his companion so he reached out to support him.

Humph! Su Pa, who was sitting next to Chen Feng, suddenly made a move. He pulled the police's hand away and pushed his tody.


The policeman's body was slammed into the door by this force, causing the car to shake.

F*ck, dare to fight back? Officer Yu suddenly became angry, took out a baton from the co-pilot's seat and slammed it towards Su Pa's head.

Su Ba looked coldly at the falling baton but he didn't dodge and indifferently smiled.


The baton hit Su Pa's body, but like a blooming flower, it burst from the middle and scattered into pieces. Immediately afterwards, Su Pa grabbed officer Yu's hand and twisted it.

Ah! Officer Yu groaned, Oh my god, my hand is broken!

However, Su Ba apparently did not intend to stop there. He suddenly punched up his fists with handcuffs towards officer Yu's face.

-Bang! Bang! Bang!-

The police car was crooked and the car shook violently from time to time. Obviously, something fierce and abnormal was being done inside.

After a long time, Su Ba finally let go of Officer Yu's body who is like a dead dog. Throwing Officer Yu's body on the floor of the car, he turned to the policeman who was shaking in fear and shouted, Drive

The policeman's cold sweat fell down and the feet that stepped on the throttle trembled.


In the interrogation room of Chengdong Police Station, Chen Feng and Su Ba sat calmly in their chairs. Opposite them, there are several policemen with blue and swollen faces.

If you look closely, these four policemen are the four policemen who captured Chen Fengm At this time, they were staring at Chen Feng and Su Ba with a vicious expression on their faces.

Wait, wait for Deputy Director Wu to come and see how he will deal with you Officer Yu covered his swollen right hand and growled at Chen Feng fiercely. He wanted to teach them a lesson but it seemed that he was the one receiving the lesson.

Oh, I'd like to see how capable this Deputy Director Wu is to be able to change from lie to truth? Su Ba glanced at Chen Feng, he didn't think Chen Feng would do it. With Chen Feng's ability, it is too easy to make some money and there is no need for him to steal.


The interrogation room door opened and a big-bellied middle-aged man walked in and sat down in his seat.

Police Officer Yu hurriedly smiled and whispered, Deputy Director Wu, these two are the suspects who robbed the boss.

Deputy Director Wu nodded with satisfaction, Have they pleaded guilty?

Officer Yu opened her mouth and said bitterly, These two mouths are so hard that they would not confess their sins.

deputy director Wu's face was ashamed, Can't you think of a way to make him confess guilt? Yu Ming, you are getting more and more useless!

Yu Ming smiled bitterly: Deputy Director Wu, it's not that I can't think of a way but these two people are like hedgehogs they will pierce whoever touches them. Look, my hand is still broken.

Humph! I don't care, Yu Ming, I'll leave it to you. If it's completed, in next month's personnel transfer, I will propose to promote you to be the captain. Deputy Director Wu proudly said, What about the kid's backpack. Well, anyways, I will take it back with me and you will do the procedures. Then, before Officer Yu even spoke, he went to Chen Feng and went to grab the one backpack.

Sure enough, they are the same kind of people Chen Feng shook his head.

Deputy Director Wu, who was about to grab his backpack suddenly got pulled by a huge force and slammed into the wall of the interrogation room.

Damn, you dare to attack the police? Deputy director Wu covered his forehead, stood up and shouted at Chen Feng. With that said, he took out his cell phone and dialed a phone callZ Hey, Team Liu, bring a few men to the interrogation room! Right now!

Hanging up the phone, Deputy Director Wu looked at Chen Feng fiercely, Boy, I will make you suffer, you don't know how powerful I am!

I'm on the lookout, on the moon.... A very melodious cell phone ring suddenly rang in the interrogation room.

Su Ba took the mobile phone out of his pocket, showing that the ringtone came from here.

Why didn't you take his phone? Deputy director Wu looked at officer Yu and asked with a look of annoyance on his face.

Uh. Officer Yu bowed his head without saying a word. Think about, who dares to pay for this guy's cell phone? His swollen hand is already the best example of what would happen.

Hey! Su Ba answered the phone, Laozi can't come, Laozi is drinking tea at Chengdong Public Security Branch! Su Ba finished speaking and hung up the phone.

Deputy Director Wu looked at Su Ba with a sneer, Humph, don't think about getting out.

Su Ba laughed, I can't get out? Okay when you ask me to go out, I won't go out.