The Peerless Master Chapter 38 - Arrested Again

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The human heart is really unpredictable. Chen Feng was helpless. If this boss comes in accordance with the rules and gave out a relatively fair price, even if it is slightly lower, Chen Feng will sell all the gold jewelry in his hand to him. Reselling these batches of gold jewellery would allow him to make a fortune. However, the boss had bad intentions and directly disrupted the two's transaction.

Let's find another place. This Hangzhou City is so big, there's definitely more than just one place to sell stolen goods. Thinking to myself, Chen Feng was about to leave.

Just then, a police car whistled towards Chen Feng and it was about to hit Chen Feng.

Chen Feng looked coldly at the speeding police car, standing still, motionless.


Immediately arriving near Chen Feng, the police car suddenly turned its head and there was a beautiful drift in front of Chen Feng and then stopped near him.

The car hadn't even fully stopped yet but the door of the police car was slammed open. Four sturdy policemen jumped down and surrounded Chen Feng silently.

Boy, you're under suspicion of committing a criminal act! A policeman with glasses was clearly the head of the group, looking at Chen Feng seriously and yelling loudly.

Sergeant Yu, it's him, it's him who robbed my shop. In the alley behind Chen Feng, the bald man ran out quickly, yelling loudly.

The policeman with the surname Yu gave a vague glance at the bald man, then turned his head and looked at Chen Feng with a right look: do brave, to actually rob someone here. Come back to the bureau with me.

Hump! Chen Feng looked at the policemen with irony.

The gang of policemen apparently knew the bald man and the policeman with the surname Yu had a respectful look when he saw the bald man. Obviously, this bald man has some deep background.

Yes, Officer Yu is right. Such a person must be severely punished according to law! The bald man echoed loudly, watching Officer Yu with a little more appreciation.

Seeing this, the police officer Yu captured felt an excitement in his heart. As long as he pleased this grandfather, won't he have smooth sailing in the future?

Officer Yu stepped forward, holding up the handcuffs in his hand, and was about to capture Chen Feng.

Wait! A majestic voice came into the place as a tall man walked over quickly. He came to Chen Feng and said with a smile: Mr. Chen, what a coincidence, I didn't expect to meet you here. Then, he glanced coldly at a few policemen, Mr. Chen, it seems you are in trouble. Would you like me to help you?

Chen Feng looked at the man and smiled lightly, It's nothing to worry about little fish and shrimp. But Mr. Su, why are you here?

This man is the young man's father, Su Pa, who was treated by Chen Feng in the hospital recently. After hearing what Chen Feng said, Su Ba laughed, Yeah, to Mr. Chen, these people are really some small fish and shrimp. Su Pa paused and continued: It is a coincidence that I am here today. There will be an acquaintance here and I did not expect to meet Mr. Chen. I would be honored if Mr. Chen joins me for lunch

Chen Feng looked at Su Ba's sincerity and nodded.

At this time, Police Officer Yu found that he had been ignored and suddenly burst into a thunderous roar, What arrogance, even dare to refuse arrest!

Refused arrest? Su Ba frowned, and said coldly, What an excuse! Then, an invisible majesty erupted, horrifying Police Officer Yu to step back involuntarily.

Sergeant Yu, you see that they are still so arrogant right now. This is a contempt of the law. The bald man jumped up when he saw Officer Yu being a bit weak and shouted, This man may be a companion, Officer Su Hold on to them, don't let them run away!

Officer Yu looked at the bald man and a sudden bitterness rose in his heart. The man in front of him seemed to be in a certain position, not to offended. However, this bald man's sister is the wife of Deputy Director Wu and he can't even offend him.

F*ck it! Sergeant Yu cried out secretly, I can't offend Deputy Director Wu for someone who I don't even know his identity! Thinking, Sergeant Yu stepped forward again, screaming loudly, You two, come back with me.

During the conversation, the other three police officers surrounded them silently, apparently holding the same idea as Police Officer Yu.

Humph! Su Ba snorted, thinking about Chen Feng and asked, Sir, if you don't want to go, I'll deal with them. Between the words, a slight murderous spirit emerged from him.

Chen Feng looked at Su Ba and a strange color flashed in his eyes and then he became peaceful, It's all right, let's play with them for a bit

Okay, lets play with them! When su Ba heard this, a smile flashed on his face. This Mr. Chen was really not an ordinary person.

Su Ba whispered to Chen Feng: Since Mr. Chrn has said so, then I will give Mr. Chen a good show to watch.

Chen Feng nodded, he agreed. He was also a bit interested in this Su Pa.

Take them away. Officer Yu bit his teeth and called. At this point, there is no room for manoeuvre.

Several policemen handcuffed surrounded them.

Come on! Su Ba and Chen Feng stretched out their hands at the same time, letting the police handcuff them indifferently.

Humph! The bald man shouted arrogantly at Chen Feng: Aren't you awesome, wait until you get into the station, we'll see how awesome you are then. Then, he reached out to grab the backpack on Chen Feng's shoulder.

What are you doing? Su Ba said.

What? This kid grabbed something in my shop. Can't I get it back? Seeing the gold jewelry of a backpack is about to be his, the bald man's eyes are full of madness.

Humph! Even if it is stolen, you must first register with the police station for record keeping. How can you take it now? Su Ba said, raising one foot and kicking the bald man a few meters away.

Then, he no longer cared about the balding man lying on the ground like a dead dog and walked into the police car with Chen Feng.

Officer Yu hurried forward and carefully lifted the bald man.

F*ck, Officer Yu, take them to the station and give them a good lesson! As the bald man said this, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Sir, don't worry, I will teach them well for you! Police Officer Yu flattered him. Right now, he can only hug this big tree who is the bald man.

Then, he stood up, waved at several policemen and walked towards the police car first.

-Wee! Woo! Wee! Woo!-

The police car galloped away, leaving a trail of dust.

The bald man looked at the back of the police car resentfully, took out the phone, and dialed his brother-in-law's number, Brother-in-law, it's me. The boy has been brought and you will have to take his backpack when you meet. You have to personally come down, there is gold worth millions in it.