The Peerless Master Chapter 37 - Dishonest Businessman

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Walking into this somewhat low lodge.

The decoration inside the place is very simple and it is completely impossible to see that this is the largest selling point in the neighborhood.

A slightly bald middle-aged man was tinkering with a vase at a table. Seeing Chen Feng walk in, he immediately showed a smile and greeted him.

What's the matter, brother? The bald man was very kind. Every time someone entered the lodge, he knew that he could make a small profit again.

Chen Feng looked at the bald man and said lightly, Just here to sell some goods.

The middle-aged man was a little excited when he heard it and he quickly closed the door. After locking the door, the bald man asked Chen Feng anxiously, Brother, you have some goods? Let me see, I will give you an estimate and I will give you a satisfactory price.

Chen Feng looked at the bald man and nodded, the backpack on his shoulder was placed on the table.


The bulging backpack landed on the table and suddenly made a loud noise. It is conceivable how there are many things inside.

The bald man's face suddenly flushed with excitement, rubbing his hands vigorously, urging Chen Feng to take out the contents of the bag for a look.

Chen Feng understood and unzipped the backpack.

Suddenly, the eyes of the bald man widened.

A lot of gold! Boy, have you robbed the gold store? The bald man looked at Chen Feng and said with some surprise.

Less nonsense, hurry up and make an offer! Chen Feng said coldly, immediately letting the bald man's head back. However, the eyes of the balding man turned around, apparently he had a bad idea.

After pondering for a moment, the bald man suddenly held up his hand and said, 50% of the market price. I see you have so many things so I will give you a high price.

When Chen Feng heard that, his eyes went cold and he pulled up the zipper without saying anything, then carried the bag back to his shoulder, and turned to leave. Previously, Gazi has already told him about the market price. Generally, for gold and silver,

purchase price here is generally about 80% of the market price. Individual small forces may be pressed to 70%, but never to 50%. The balding man apparently saw that he was only one person, deliberately driving down the price.

Hey, don't go. The bald man hurriedly pulled at Chen Feng and said flatteringly, Don't go, don't go, the price is negotiable, I can give you 55% of the market price.

Humph! Chen Feng snorted softly. As soon as his body moved, he shook away the bald man's hand, and then walked out without looking back.

You stand still! The bald man saw that Chen Feng didn't buy it so he revealed his fangs, exposing his nature. He stopped Chen Feng and said fiercely, Do you think you can go without leaving things?

The bald man who was looking flatteringly about to use force to take the things.

Just with you? Chen Feng scorned. Regardless of past or present life, Chen Feng is not afraid of such little people.

Naturally I can't do it, but what about them? As soon as his voice fell, a door inside the lodge suddenly opened and five guys with yellow hair and tattoos came out.

Boy, obediently leave your things behind and you can roll away! The leader said grinningly.

In their opinion, how could they not be able to deal with this young man. As long as this bag of gold jewels is snatched away, they can all get a lot of money. How can they not want such a good thing? What's more, they don't have to worry about someone calling the police afterwards. As long as those people are not stupid, they will not push themselves into the fire pit. After all, those who come here to sell stolen goods are all unclean people.

Chen Feng patted the bag on his shoulder lightly, and said with a small smile, Come here to come and get it. Then, he stopped paying attention to a few people and wanted to go out on his own.

Boy, you are f*cking look for death! Seeing Chen Feng's nonchalant appearance, the leader was immediately angry and sent out a slap towards him.

Haha, when Big Brother hits, this brat will definitely look like a pig afterwards. A few people behind him laughed and cheered.

Chen Feng's face suddenly became cold. Looking at the slap coming from his whistling, he suddenly grabbed the leaders hand.


The aggressive slap suddenly gave a sharp brake and stopped in midair.

The leader stared at Chen Feng grabbing his hand, a little surprised.

Let go of Laozi! The leader scolded and yelled: Let go of it, or I will chop your hand!

Hearing that, Chen Feng's eyes turned cold. No one should dare to call himself Laozi in front of him! Chen Feng immediately twisted the leaders hand.


There was a sound of broken bones and the leaders wrist was dangling down.

Ahhh! The lunatic leader cried out, Boy, see that I won't waste you! He said, holding up his left hand that was still able to move and punched him.

Shut up! Chen Feng said and suddenly slapped towards the leader!


With the crisp sound, the body of the leader was like a spinning top and after turning around several times, he suddenly collapsed to the ground.

With his swollen face that looked like a pig's head, he spat out a few bloody yellow teeth and he begsn shouting angrily, F*ck, abolish him!

Brothers, take revenge for the elder brother and abolish him! A clever lacky dropped the cigarette butt in his hand, took out his pocket knife, and rushed towards Chen Feng.

At the sight of him rushing toward Chen Feng, they also took out their own weapons and followed him.

Chen Feng looked at the group of lackeys with a sneer in his mouth. Then, his figure moved and rushed into the crowd and began to knock down every person with one punch. He did not use any Qi, not even 10% of his strength, but even so, these little bastards can't handle it.

After a moment, the entire place was full of crying and screaming.

The bald man was dumbfounded. Unexpectedly, this man was so fierce that he could single Handley beat everyone down.

-Pap, pap, pap-

Chen Feng clapped his hands, as if what he had done is something insignificant. Glancing at the bald man who was still startled, Chen Feng opened the door by himself.

F*ck, you asked us to deal with this person, are you trying to harm us? Still rolling around on the ground, the leader screamed at the bald man.

Brothers, don't worry, my brother will give you revenge! The bald man comforted the crowd, then gritted his teeth, took out his cell phone, and dialed a phone number.

Hey, brother-in-law...