The Peerless Master Chapter 36 - Tricycle Accident

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What? You haven't had dinner yet? Chen Feng looked at Lili in surprise.

I... We found a new clue for that perverted killer today, we have been investigating it, we haven't had time to eat. Lili is like a child making mistakes, covering her flat stomach, looking at Chen Feng pitifully.

...I really don't know what to do with you. Chen Feng looked at Lili, and couldn't bear it: Wait for me, I'll start cooking. Then, Chen Feng stood up and walked towards the kitchen.

Looking at Chen Feng's back, Lili's face suddenly burst into a bright smile.

After a while, Chen Feng came out with a plate of golden fried rice.

Lili smelled that seductive fragrance all the time and her index finger moved suddenly. Looking at the fried rice in Chen Feng's hands, her eyes glowed for a while.

Eat it, don't burn your tongue... The moment Chen Feng said that, Lili's hands have already took the plate in Chen Feng's like lightning, making Chen Feng exclaim in surprise F*ck, what kind of speed is this. It's almost as fast a Qi Refining martial artist.

While eating the fried rice, Lili looked at Chen Feng with curiosity and asked, Isn't Qi just a made up thing that appears in novels, is there such a person in this world who can use Qi?

Chen Feng looked at her strangely and thought, Let alone Qi users. There are actually people that can fly, it's just that you haven't seen them yet

Lili looked at Chen Feng's expression and said vaguely, Do you believe in the characters in the novel?

Chen Feng touched his nose and looked at her with amusement: Believe? let me tell you, I'm a master.

Humph! Lili gave Chen Feng a weird look, swallowed the food in her, and muttered, Shameless bragging! Then she stopped talking to Chen Feng and ate her food silently.

Eh... it's delicious. Lili touched her belly and praised Chen Feng very rarely. Then, she looked at Chen Feng with a little embarrassment: Chen Feng, can you temporarily move out and live somewhere else for a few days?

Huh? Chen Feng flashed in his eyes, looked at Lili in surprise, and asked inexplicably, What's wrong?

Lili looked at Chen Feng and said, My mother just over called the phone. These days, an incident like this happened in Hangzhou. She was worried about my situation and said she would stay here for a few days.

When will she come? Chen Feng asked.

She'll be here in a couple of days. Lili said with a little embarrassment. You know, if my mother knows that I'm sharing a house with you, she will be very uneasy. Thinking of what happened just now, her face flushed again.

Oh, okay. I'll move out tomorrow. Chen Feng looked at Lili's lovely appearance and couldn't help but grin: But then, you won't be able to eat my deliciousness.

Huh, who cares! Lili waved her fist and said indifferently, In the restaurant downstairs, they can make it much better than you.

Humph! Chen Feng rolled his eyes and returned to the bedroom without looking back. It's an insult to compare the garbage cooking downstairs with his cooking which he has perfected for thousands of years.

Without a word, Chen Feng spent the night quietly cultivating. Recently, Chen Feng's cultivation has encountered a bottleneck. The Ninth Layer of True Qi is like a thick wall, and Chen Feng cannot shake it. However, Chen Feng knew that at this time, he couldn't be more impatient and must take it step by step. There's plenty of time to break through this barrier.

The sky was bright and Chen Feng heard the sound of outside doors closing.

Huh? Why did this girl go out so early today? Chen Feng opened the door and took a look. Sure enough, he saw that Lili was no longer there. She must have hurried to her job.


In the morning, Chen Feng did not return to the morgue of the hospital. At this time, the hospital should be in isolation and there is nothing to do even if he went back.

At this moment, he was carrying a backpack and went into an alley.

According to Gazi's guidelines, Chen Feng knew that in this alley, there was a place dedicated to the acquisition of stolen goods, which was where most of the nearby gangs sold stolen goods.

Chen Feng is here to exchange the gold ornaments obtained from the tomb for cash. After all, the things in the tomb are not easy to take to the regular gold stores for sale.

Get away, get away! The brakes have failed! Suddenly, a quick shout came. Chen Feng raised his head and looked forward and saw a man struggling hard on the ground, trying to stop the tricycle under his foot. However, this alley is a slight slope, plus the full load of goods on the tricycle. How can he prevent the huge inertia of the tricycle with his strength?


The tricycle vibrated towards Chen Feng on the bumpy brick ground.

Get away! The man on the tricycle shouted.

However, the man stood still in front of him with a smile on the corner of his mouth, and his right hand stopped slightly forward.

Does this idiot think that he can stop this tricycle? The man on the tricycle saw Chen Feng's actions, and he scolded him secretly. With his feet resting more strongly on the ground, he tried to reduce the speed of the tricycle.


The sound of friction between the soles and the ground is endless, but there is no way to stop the strong inertia. Seeing that he was about to hit the man, the man on the tricycle closed his eyes a little bit unbearably.

However, the next moment, he felt that the tricycle under him slammed, as if he had hit a hard wall and could not move any further.

He opened his eyes and found that the man's right hand was steadily holding on the handlebar of the tricycle. It should be noted that this is not an empty tricycle, but a tricycle carrying buckets of water. This water adds up to two hundred pounds at least, plus the weight of the tricycle and his own so it should weigh at least four hundred or five hundred pounds. Under the impact of such a weight, even a cow would certainly not be able to bear it.

However, he didn't have time to think, the huge inertia caused his body to rush forward and it seemed to fly out.

At the critical moment, the man's left hand was gently pushed on his shoulder. He suddenly felt that he was firmly supported by a huge force, his body suddenly stabilized, and he sat safely on the tricycle.

Are you okay? Chen Feng smiled kindly. From the performance of the man just now, Chen Feng could know that he was definitely not intentional.

I'm okay, the man on the tricycle said in a hurry. I'm sorry, the brake cable of the tricycle just broke suddenly and almost hit you. Then he suddenly stared and pointed at Chen Feng. You... aren't you that person?

Huh? Chen Feng frowned, a little confused.

The man touched his head and said, Sir, have you forgotten that my bag grabbing business was destroyed by you that day and I wanted to deal with you afterwards but I suffered for half a month because of you?

Eh? Chen Feng immediately remembered the events at that time, and then looked at him carefully, and couldn't help laughing: Oh, it's you, the bag thief. You shaved your hair, so handsome.

Oh, you flatter me. The bag thief said with a blush, I wouldn't give up on the industry if I wasn't afraid of your threats but now it's fine. Although the water delivery work is a bit tiresome,

at least I don't need to live that fearful life.

Sir, what are you doing here? The ex bag their said, looking at Chen Feng puzzled.

Chen Feng pointed at the backpack on his shoulder and said, Just trying to sell some things.

The ex-bag thief looked at Chen Feng with a bit of surprise but didn't comment on that and just kindly reminded, Sir, we used to come here to sell stolen goods. However, the owner of this store is not very good, and always tried to drop the price. Sir will have to pay attention.

Oh, I see. Chen Feng said with a smile. In his previous life, he always took advantage of others. Who would dare to take advantage of him?

After saying farewell to the ex bag thief, Chen Feng continued to walk inside.