The Peerless Master Chapter 35 - Embarrassment

Chen Feng, er, brother Chen, you are really amazing. He Shan looked at Chen Feng with admiration in his face, eyes full of strange light.

Being stared at by He Shan like this, Chen Feng felt his chrysanthemum tightening. He Quickly changed the topic, Xiulian, are you alright?

Un, I'm okay. Xiulian flushed a little, but was grateful, Chen Feng, thanks to you, otherwise.... When Xiulian said this, she didn't dare to think about it anymore.

Oh, we are friends, why the thank you? Chen Feng grinned, just not looking at He Shan.

She was out of danger but Xiulian couldn't help but worry again, Today these bad guys were scared away. Will they come to trouble again when Chen Feng is absent?

After hearing Xiulian's words, He Shan finally broke away from the worship of Chen Feng. His face also sank, and a helpless expression appeared on his face, It seems that the night stall business here can't be continued, and we have to change places tomorrow.

But where else can this stall be placed in Hangzhou City? Xiulian whispered.

He Shan was silent for the words of his sister.

In recent years, Hangzhou city has vigorously rectified the appearance of the city so the space for these night stalls is getting smaller and smaller, and it is almost extinct.

This, let me say something. Chen Feng suddenly broke the silence of the two of them, I want to open a restuarant these days and I just need a chef. Why not work for me?

What? He Shan and Xiulian said at the same time: Brother Chen, are you really rich?

Chen Feng didn't speak, but he gave them a serious look.

In fact, Chen Feng had long thought about the need to make an industry to make money quickly. Because, cultivation, this is a thing that throws money. Not to mention the Xin Yan Cao, even if some of the rare herbs are on sale, they can't be bought by ordinary people. As a pill refining expert, Chen Feng naturally understood the importance of these medicinal materials. Not to mention,

after he entered the Qi Gathering Stage, the most basic pill needs a large amount of money to purchase the materials. Therefore, Chen Feng had already planned to figure out a way to make a lot of money. Today, when he met two siblings, he had the idea to open a restuarant. On the one hand, he can help them out of the predicament. On the other hand, Chen Feng also believes that relying on He Shan's cooking skills passed from the court will definitely make the restuarant's business better.

After thinking for a while, He Shan finally made up his mind and said firmly, Chen Feng, thank you for your help today, I He Shan will give you my all.

Chen Feng grinned: As long as you do it seriously, I guarantee that you can get what you want. Chen Feng said this, not to talk big, but because of his great confidence. If he can't even run a restuarant, Chen Feng's past ten thousand years of cultivation can be considered worthless.

Chen Feng, where is this restuarant? Xiulian giggled. When can my brother and I go to work?

Uh. Chen Feng touched his nose. Well... I haven't found a suitable place yet, just wait for my news.

Oh. He Shan and Xiulian responded together. If they didn't believe in Chen Feng's character, they would definitely think he was talking big. Who started recruiting without finding a place for the restuarant?

He Shan and his sister also closed the stalls. Although those bastards have been beaten away now, it is difficult to guarantee that they will not make a comeback after Chen Feng left. After giving each other on their phone numbers, Chen Feng and the siblings said goodbye and left.

After walking for more than half an hour in the night, Chen Feng returned to the shared house.

I don't know if Lily is back or not. Chen Feng muttered, opened the door and walked into the house.

No one in the house, why is the light on? Looking at the light in the hall, Chen Feng was a little confused.

Huh? Chen Feng listened sideways and found a sound of water coming from the bathroom.

It wasn't surprising that nobody was outside. Chen Feng looked at the closed frosted glass door of the bathroom. Vaguely, he saw a slender figure dancing inside.

That beautiful curve made Chen Feng a bit crazy.

What's wrong with me? Chen Feng asked himself, Why am i so fascinated by her? However, at random, Chen Feng smiled suddenly, Cultivation is for seeking the truth, let it be, if I like it, why restrain it?

Instantly, Chen Feng's heart was extremely firm.


When Chen Feng thought about it, the bathroom door opened and a person walked out from it.

Chen Feng froze.

You, why didn't you come out with clothes? Chen Feng pointed at Lili's body and said in surprise.

Ah! Lili screamed loudly in surprise, causing Chen Feng's eardrum to hurt.

You gangster! Lili cried out, covering her important parts. However, how can Lili's little hand cover so much area, in Chen Feng's eyes, there are still many beautiful scenes that can't be blocked. In particular, Lili's stance of holding her half-covered made Chen Feng feel stunning for a while, it was another type of beauty, full of temptation.

You... why aren't you in the hospital? Lili pressed her chest in a panic, and said tremblingly, The ban has not been lifted off yet, how did you come out?.

Lili was very depressed. She originally thought that Chen Feng would not be able to come out of the isolated hospital at the moment so she was relieved to leave the bathroom without clothes after taking a bath today.

That... that... Chen Feng said while drooling a bit.

Don't look, turn around! Lili yelled suddenly. Chen Feng turned around nicely, no longer looking around.

After only a few seconds, there was only a howling sound behind him. Chen Feng turned sharply, held her right hand lightly, and put Lili's beautiful legs on his thighs.

The next moment, the tip of Chen Feng's nose became hot and the two rows of hot nose blood flowed down.

Pervert, let me go! Lili yelled, waving her fist.

Oh... Chen Feng immediately let go.

Ah, why did you suddenly let go? Lili fell to the ground and yelled, with a bit of hatred in her eyes.


However, Chen Feng has already stepped into the room and slammed his door.

Dead Chen Feng, I will get back at you! Lili yelled at Chen Feng's closed door.