The Peerless Master Chapter 34 - Expert

The burly man fell to the ground with blood spurting out.

Big brother, big brother! The other underlings screamed, looking at He Shan with eyes full of ruthlessness. Having mixed in the underworld, which has not been knifed. However, they have the heaviest brotherhood and once their brothers have been chopped, the culprit must be chopped back.

Brother, you... Xiulian stared at her brother with some shock. She had never thought that her always-friendly brother would cut someone with a knife for her.

Damn, you dare hurt me. The burly man covered his stomach and slowly got up. A deep mouth on his stomach stood out. The eyes of the burly man were fierce, as if he was a ferocious beast that just woke up, looking at He Shan.

Dare to chop LaozI? Brothers, I will kill him! The moment he said that, with his large hand, he went out to grab He Shan's kitchen knife.

He Shan seemed frightened by blood, and stood still.

Don't! A slender figure suddenly rushed to He Shan, tears in her face. Looking at the burly man, she cried and begged, This big brother, let go of my brother. I'll go with you, whatever you want, I'll comply as long as you let go of my brother. Please, please...After that, Xiulian cried aloud.

The burly man looked at Xiulian's body and his face was full of lust. However, thinking of the wound on his stomach, his face turned severe, he sneered and said, Humph, I will treat you well when Laozi wastes your brother. Then, the burly man threw a slap at Xiulian. Woman, move to the side.

Looking at the huge palm shot, Xiulian was full of despair.

Anyway, since I'm going to die, I will fight with you He Shan suddenly burst into madness, raised his kitchen knife and thought about the palm of the burly man.

F*ck! The burly man has been in many fights and when he saw the knife coming, his slap hand drew back abruptly, just avoiding the knife of He Shan and then kicked at He Shan, Brothers, pick up his tendons and hamstrings

He Shan hurriedly avoided this foot and pulled Xiulian back with a flush of blood on his face. He shouted, Xiulian, run away and run to a crowded place He said with red eyes and picked up the kitchen knife that fell.

You want to die. The burly man's eyes were so fast that he clasped He Shan's wrist, then twisted cleverly, causing the knife in He Shan's hand to fall weakly. The burly man picked it up in a flash of lightning, grabbing the handle of the kitchen knife and chopped it toward He Shan's wrist.


The speed of the knife is extremely fast as it chopped down towards He Shan's wrist. It can be imagined that once cut, He Shan's wrists will be cut to the root.


With tears in her face, Xiulian watched the kitchen knife fall and stood there helplessly.

Enough! Chen Feng, who had been silent suddenly got up and pointed at the sharply falling kitchen knife.


A crisp sound rang through the audience. The kitchen knife from the hands of the burly man and bounced out.

What! The burly man exclaimed and immediately felt pain in his right hand. When he looked at his right hand, he saw that his right hand was constantly bleeding red blood.

Chen Feng... Xiulian looked at Chen Feng in surprise as he stood there calmly and an unprecedented hope rising from the bottom of her heart.

This brother, why do you make a move? The burly man looked at Chen Feng cautiously and asked. Just being able to the weapon in his hand to fly away with just the point of his hand made him dare not to underestimate this guy.

These two are my friends. Chen Feng only said something lightly but everyone could feel his determination.

Chen Feng... He Shan raised his head in surprise. Unexpectedly, this Chen Feng would come forward in such a dangerous time. He didn't know what Chen Feng did just now but from what he has seen so far, it seems like Chen Feng is powerful.

Damn, you're looking for death! A jumbled, hot headed follower kicked out. In his opinion, this is a great opportunity to show himself in front of the boss.

However, the next moment he realized how wrong his decision was. Just a shadow flashed and his body flew back involuntarily. He flew for nearly five or six meters before he landed, kneeling on the ground like a dead dog, motionless.

Stupid! The burly man glanced at the foolish follow, cursing but immediately after, he shouted fiercely, Brothers, abolish him together! Although Chen Feng kicking that guy five to six meters away had really shocked him but his brother suffered. If he doesn't take a stand at this time, he will have a hard time commanding his followers in the future as the boss

Abolish him! All the followers shouted and rushed over, some rushed out with a knife, some grabbed the stool at the table and smashed into Chen Feng's head.

Faced with more than a dozen people, Chen Feng smiled indifferently. His feet slammed gently on the ground and suddenly, the kitchen knife on the ground flew into his hands.

Then everyone felt that Chen Feng's hand was missing. No, it's not gone, but Chen Feng is waving this kitchen knife so fast that they can't even capture the movement of his hand.

He Shan and Xiulian's eyes suddenly widened, as if they saw something incredible and stared at those movements.

Huh, it's raining? Suddenly, a follower felt something falling from the top of his head and it felt itchy. Reaching out his hand towards his head, he caught something.

Is this... hair? This man looked at the hair in his hand in surprise. How could hair fall from the sky?

Unsure, he looked up at his companion and suddenly, his eyes widened in shock. He saw his companions, with their bald heads, looking at each other in astonishment. Due to Chen Feng's attacks, these people had no hair left

Ahhh The burly man shouted, his voice a little flustered, You are a ghost! How could a person just shave their hair with a kitchen knife this fastt?

Under the light of the street lamp, his bald head shone in the light.


He Shan's eyes were full of excitement and there was a sound of swallowing saliva in his throat, Wow... such awesome knife skills!

Not human, brother, this guy is not human. A murmur from a bald follower as he said in panic, Brother, let's run.

The burly man turned pale. After listening to the man, he nodded in a hurry and said to Chen Feng, This brother, we must leave for today. We will settle this matter at a later date. After speaking, he turned away and walked. Suddenly, the burly man started running away.

Big brother, big brother! Everyone yelled hurriedly, chasing after each other towards the back of the burly man.