The Peerless Master Chapter 33 - Brother and Sister

Chen Feng did not stay at the chicken farm. Chen Feng has already helped enough, the next thing is entirely dependent on Ga Zi's own efforts. After all, Chen Feng can only help him for so long. If Ga Zi grew up under the wings of Chen Feng, then his Overlord Holy Body would never be successful.

As an Overlord Holy Body owner, he can only help himself. If Chen Feng has to help him everywhere, although the Xinhe Gang can have smooth sailing from now on, Ga Zi will inevitably be very far behind Chen Feng. How can Chen Feng allow this?

Therefore, Chen Feng simply walked out after giving telling Ga Zi a few more things.

Back in the city, it was already night.

The nights in the city is always so beautiful, bright and prosperous. However, the darkness behind this glory is unknown.

Since going out of the hospital in the morning, he has never eaten anything. At this time, Chen Feng's stomach rumbled.

This street is not on the main road so the sidewalks on both sides of the street are full of tables and chairs and night stalls are cooking hot and delicious dishes that are not luxurious. It's close to the construction sites in the suburbs and the food stalls here are not expensive so there are often groups of migrant workers who come here to eat occasionally. They often order two dishes and then sit around, smoking, and drinking the cheapest cold beer.

Here, it is a rare place to relax and cool.

Boss, give me a plate of stir-fried pork liver with green peppers. Also, a plate of peanuts and then a bottle of beer. Chen Feng sat down at a night stall and greeted the boss.

Well, isn't this Chen Feng? Have you become rich recently and didn't bother to come to my poor stall The man who was cooking looked up to Chen Feng, teased enthusiastically, and then called out to a woman who was busy cleaning, Xiulian. Bring over the beer and peanuts to Chen Feng.

The woman nodded, grabbed the beer and peanuts, walked to Chen Feng and said with a smile, Chen Feng, Uucle Li and his workers came here a while ago, saying that you've done it. You've become rich outside, how come you have time to eat here?

Oh, how can it be. Looking at the woman in front of him, Chen Feng laughed, Xiu Lian is so beautiful, I naturally want to come back and see.

This Xiulian is indeed very beautiful, especially the faint brows among her eyebrows, which makes people want to look at it more.

Well, you're not as serious as you used to be. However, you better watch out or my brother might yell at you Xiulian laughed.

Xiu Lian, Chen Feng may not necessarily want you now. The owner of the stall laughed and joked.

Brother, what are you talking about Xiulian retorted with a smile.

Chen Feng looked at the pair of brothers and sisters in front of him, feeling a sense of comfort. Unexpectedly, after leaving the construction site, it has been more than a month.

The brother and sister, He Shan and He Xiulian came out from the mountains to the city for a better life. The two had previously worked as handymen and accumulated some money. In addition, their ancestor was said to be the palace's imperial chef and passed down many superb cooking skills. Together, the two set up a night stall here. In the past, Chen Feng used to come here to eat and drink with his fellow workers and he was already familiar with the brothers and sisters. Usually joking often, it can be said that the relationship is good.

After a while, Chen Feng's green pepper pork liver was brought to the table. Chen Feng grabbed a large piece of pork liver and stuffed it into his mouth. Suddenly, the delicious taste made Chen Feng narrow his eyes.

He Shan, your skills haven't regressed at all. Chen Feng gave a thumbs up at He Shan.

Haha, my cooking technique was handed down by my ancestors and even the emperor at the time was very pleased. He Shan looked very proud and smiled happily.

Have you ever thought about making your business bigger? Chen Feng looked at a few guests and said, Such good cooking skills can't be abandoned here.

Hearing this, He Shan smiled bitterly, I thought about it before but gave up since we have no money. In such a big city, money is needed for everything. Without money, it is just empty talk

At this moment, a group of people came over in the distance and at first glance, it was a group of hoodlums.

Brother, look, that's the girl A yellow haired man pointed at Xiulian and said to the burly man beside him flatteringly.

Good. I want to have fun tonight. The burly man headed by that brother laughed and his steps could not help speeding up a bit.

Brother... Xiulian's face turned white, shrinking toward He Shan's back.

F*ck, these are the same people again! He Shan didn't look good either but he firmly held Xiulian behind.

Oh, who are they? Chen Feng asked while still biting onto the pork liver.

A group of bastards who came here three days ago to eat and drink at night stalls. Last night, they ate and drank here but they left without giving money. I never expected to come again today. He Shan's face turned cold.

This group of hoodlums quickly came. Without asking, they found empty seats in front of the table and sat down. When the several customers that were eating saw this, they were so scared and immediately fled. Only Chen Feng was eating alone.

Boss, is this chick your girl? The burly man headed asked grinningly.

No, elder brothers, this is my sister. He Shan saidin a low voice.

Sister? The burly man's eyes lit up: Good, its more energetic to play with someone's sister too. Then, he touched Xiulian's butt.

Ah. Xiulian screamed in fear, hurriedly hiding behind He Shan.

Well, pretty shy? I like it. Then, the burly man said to He Shan, boy, let your sister stay with me for one night and I promise that no one will dare mess with your stall in the future

Brother, I don't want to Xiulian yelled in panic and two lines of tears dropped. Where is the liveliness just now?

Elder brother, please spare my sister. He Shan bowed his head and begged hard. Without any background, they can only bear the oppression silently.

F*ck you The burly man pushed hard and the powerful force pushed He Shan back again and again.


He Shan crashed directly into his night gear.

Haha, younger sister, have fun with this brother I will definitely make you keep wanting my big guy. The burly man laughed slyly and grabbed Xiulian.

Soon, Chen Feng's face turned cold, he was going to make a move.

Damn, I will fight with you

At this moment, a loud roar came suddenly and He Shan rushed over with a kitchen knife for chopping vegetables and then, it was chopped down towards the burly man.


The kitchen knife fell and brought along a streak of blood with it