The Peerless Master Chapter 32 - Brothers Path

Okay, I'll teach you an incomparable method. Chen Feng laughed, How can the brother of I, Chen Feng, be bullied at will by others?

Yes. Ga Zi nodded heavily, his heart full of perseverance.

Ga Zi. Ga Zi's cousin came over and looked at Chen Feng with admiration.

Chen Feng, this is my cousin Xu Tian who I used to tell you about. Ga Zi introduced his cousin, After we split up, I went to my cousin. Later, when I saw the brothers's spirit, I also joined the Xinhe Gang and followed the boss. With a hint of sadness in Ga Zi's eyes, Unfortunately, the boss went to negotiate with them and never came back. I just heard from the scarface's mouth that our elder brother has been brutally killed.

As soon as Ga Zi's words came out, everyone was silent.

Ga Zi's face was full of sadness and he continued: Our Xinhe Gang has not been strong because we only rely on protection fees. Although drug profits are huge, our elder brother never allows us to touch those harmful things.. However, although we are a bit bitter, we all really respect our elder brother and our elder brother took us like his own brothers. Ga Zi said, even tears shed.

Chen Feng was a bit surprised. The Xinhe Gang may be a gang but the boss had some conscience. You have to know that any gang that is mixed in the underworld usually deals with gamblings and drugs. They often take their own interests first and do not care about other people's lives.

Now, the boss is gone and the brothers have nowhere to go. Ga Zi sighed helplessly.

Chen Feng was moved so he said loudly, Well, you can organize these brothers and continue to inherit the legacy of your elder brother and carry forward with the Xinhe Gang. As Chen Feng said this, he also had his thoughts. As the Overlord Holy Body, Ga Zi's future must be extraordinary. At this time, it is time to create your own team and prepare for future battles.

Hearing Chen Feng's words, the eyes of the people around him instantly brightened. Everyone saw the bravery of Ga Zi just now. Moreover, Ga Zi would not let his brothers die even if it caused his death, which made them convinced of Ga Zi. Besides, Ga Zi has such a powerful brother. If he helps Xinhe Gang, it means that Xinhe Gang has such a powerful backer. Even if other gangs want to deal with Xinhe Gang, they must weigh the benefits.

Yeah, Ga Zi, you should be the boss, I am the first one to serve you

With the first sound, the others sounded one after another. Everyone persuaded Ga Zi to assume the position of boss.

This... Ga Zi touched his head, hesitant. However, in his heart, a longing sprang up. As an Overlord Holy Body, which one is willing to be ordinary?

Suddenly, the siren sound of police cars came from afar. Just by listening to the sound, the number of police cars coming is not small.

No, the police are here, we have to withdraw. Ga Zi suddenly startled, only to find that everyone was standing quietly without motion.

F*ck, let's go, do you want the police to catch you? Ga Zi yelled suddenly.

We only listen to the boss. Unless you are willing to be the boss, we will not listen to you. A voice said firmly.

Ga Zi looked at the speaker and said with a grudge, Guo Qiang, you are pushing me. Okay, I will be the boss. Ga Zi said loudly, Now, follow me. Quickly run

As soon as Ga Zi said that, he picked up his cousin Xu Tian and ran quickly outside the construction site.


There is a chicken farm in the outskirts, an industry run by the Xinhe Gang. The former Xinhe Gangs funding source came from this small chicken farm.

At this moment, more than twenty people gathered around the open space outside the chicken farm, sitting together.

Boss, we have found all the brothers we can find nearby. Counting you, there are only 22 people in total. Guo Qian reported.

Chen Feng, what should we do next? Ga Zi asked Chen Feng softly.

Chen Feng smiled slightly and said loudly, Ga Zi, this is your gang. You are their boss. Here, only you have the final say. How can I, an outsider, get involved in the Xinhe Gang's affair? The words are meant to be heard by these people, which means that Ga Zi is the real boss and you all have to listen to him in the future.

Everyone froze, and immediately understood the meaning and they bowed their heads and said, Boss, please give us our order. We won't frown even if we have to go through fire.

Although Ga Zi was thick headed, he still understood Chen Feng's goaland gave him a grateful glance, cleared his throat, and said, Okay, I decided to give everyone 10 days to recuperate. In these 10 days, cousin, you are responsible for managing the internal affairs of the gang and centrally managing the original gang's property. Gou Qian, ​​you are responsible for continuing to search for other lost brothers. After 10 days, we will gradually recapture our own industry and slowly grow stronger Ga Zi's voice was not loud but there was an irresistible majesty that made everyone involuntarily remember this in their heart.

Here is our base camp for the time being. Although the conditions are simple, it is very hidden. I believe that the Taizi Gang will not find it for the time being. Brothers, believe me, I will take our own things and we will be even more powerful Ga Zi is like a natural speaker, making everyone involuntarily submit to submission.

Yes, boss The crowd shouted, their words were full of faith.

After the meeting, Chen Feng and Ga Zi sat opposite each other in the chicken farm's office.

Ga Zi, today I will pass you a set of exercises called the Overlord Golden Body. This cultivation method is very powerful, allowing your physical body to be extremely strong. Once you cultivated this method to its peak, you can split mountains and even break open the skies. Everything is possible. Chen Feng took a pen and started writing on a paper

The Overlord Golden Body is a cultivation method that was exchanged when Chen Feng was Dan Zu in his previous life. A man obtained this method in a ruin but he was unable to practice Overlord Golden Body so he used this to exchange for a pill from Dan Zu. At that time, Chen Feng felt it was strange so he agreed to exchange. However, Chen Feng couldn't cultivate it even through hard work but he still remembered the content of this cultivation method.

After a while, Chen Feng wrote down this cultivation method completely. There are not many characters, just a few thousand.

Ga Zi, remember, this technique is very important. Once you remember it, destroy it immediately. Chen Feng explained solemnly.

Alright. Ga Zi suppressed his excitement and nodded heavily.

Chen Feng wrote on another piece of paper and handed it to Ga Zi, This prescription, called the Strengthening Soup has a physical strengthening effect for mortals. You keep it safe. For those members who can be trusted, you can give the Strengthening Soup to them. As for the recipe, burn this paper as soon as you remember it and never leak it.

Chen Feng has his own worries. The battle of the gods thousands of years ago caused people to live in fear. Chen Feng must not let this prescription spread again.

Then, Chen Feng grabbed a lot of gold jewelry from his backpack and gave it to Ga Zi, saying, You just took over the gang and needs money. With these jewelry, it can temporarily relieve your anxiety.

After a pause, Chen Feng's face was serious, Ga Zi, I can't always help you. Your path is not the same as mine so you have to go step by step yourself.

Ga Zi looked at Chen Feng's face and nodded firmly, Chen Feng, I won't let you down.