The Peerless Master Chapter 31 - You Dare To Touch The Brother Of I, Chen Feng?

Humph, so bold to dare kill members of my Taizi Gang A cold voice came in and Ga Zi looked at the culprit. A middle-aged man slowly walked into the field with a murderous gaze

What a joke, you can kill us but we can't kill you? Ga Zi laughed aggressively, his eyes full of coldness.

Little beast, such arrogance The middle-aged man sighed angrily, his pace suddenly accelerated and he arrived in front of Ga Zi.

So fast Ga Zi was secretly surprised. The speed of this man just now is definitely several times faster than himself.

Liu Tang! The Taizi Gang members cheered. As long as this Liu Tang made his move, then these gang members of the Xinhe Gang will be in danger.

Humph, a bunch of wastes Liu Tang snorted coldly, immediately making them feel a cold chill all over their body.

Liu Tang looked at Ga Zi coldly and sneered, Boy, I will give you two choices. The first one is to follow under me. The second is to die with the rest of the Xinhe Gang here.

As soon as Liu Tang words were spoken, it immediately surprised everyone. It should be known that the Taizi Gang is one of the three major Gangs in Hangzhou City. It is on par with the Black Tiger Gang and the Axe Gang. This Liu Tang is already a middle-level member of the gang. Moreover, his position is much higher than many low leveled gangs.

Ha ha, Liu Tang right? Although I haven't read any books, I still knows that people can't be without conscience. In the past, my brothers are like blood brothers to me. It was absolutely impossible for me to abandon them Ga Zi's domineering momentum burst out again, Liu Tang, kill if you want to kill them, I will die with my brothers

Yes, we live and die together Everyone in the Xinhe Gang felt excitement and an indescribable friendship passed between them.

Liu Tang's face darkened and he suddenly said, Okay, since you want to die, don't blame me for being merciless Then, a sudden burst of aura erupted from Liu Tang.

Humph Ga Zi was not afraid and cut it out with his machete.


The machete was slashed down with a strong wind and chopped off at Liu Tang's neck. With this great strength, once the machete is connected, it will definitely not be a lovely sight.

However, Liu Tang sneered and grabbed his right hand toward the machete.

Is he looking for death? Everyone's faical expressions changed. In their opinion, Liu Tang's behavior was no different from looking for death.


Ga Zi's eyes suddenly widened and his face was shocked. He used his full strength on this slash but Liu Tang easily stopped it in his hand.

Looking at Ga Zi proudly, Liu Tang said coldly, The power is good but for me, you're just a scum-like existence. As he said, his right hand trembled, and he suddenly saw him cut off.

Tied- The dull voice hit a gang of all the people in Xinhe Gang, letting their hearts fall to the bottom.

This man, even blockign the machete with his bare hands, is he still a human? The Xinhe Gang's members were a little unwilling and a little helpless. It was hard for them to even match with a person like Ga Zi but the other side brought out an even more powerful one.


Liu Tang kicked out suddenly and dangled on Ga Zi's stomach.

Gah! Ga Zi spat out blood and flew out. However, when he fell to the ground, Ga Zi picked up a machete on the ground and rushed to Liu Tang's side again.

Liu Tang looked at Ga Zi sarcastically, standing motionless and letting Ga Zi's machete hit him.



The machete landed on Liu Tang's body but it did nothing and only a few white marks appeared in the place where the machete hit.

The body of Liu Tang was so hard!

Impossible! Ga Zi frowned and immediately felt a pain in his chest and his body flew out once again.

Ah, I don't believe it! Ga Zi climbed up again and punched out vigorously. Liu Tang's body flashed to the back of Ga Zi and kicked out again.

Ga Zi fell to the ground again and slid for several meters.

Boy, do you know the gap now, you are just a ant in front of me Liu Tang slowly walked in front of Ga Zi, one foot on the head of Ga Zi who was about to get up, I'm giving you a Chance, be a dog beside me, or die

No, I would rather die than give in Ga Zi's face was blue as he tried to struggle but the foot on his head pressed against him like a mountain.

Okay, since you want to die, then I'll do it for you! Liu Tang's eyes flashed sharply. He lifted his feet sharply and he wanted to step down again.

The Xinhe Gang closed their eyes and did not dare to look any further. This brother, for everyone, gave up the chance to live

Am I going to die? Ga Zi squinted at the big foot that stepped on, his eyes full of unwillingness. At this moment, he thought of his best brother, Chen Feng.

I don't know if that Chen Feng is doing well now Ga Zi's eyes closed.


A stone suddenly shot in and Liu Tang felt a pain in his right foot, making his body retreat involuntarily.

Eh? Not dead? Why? Ga Zi's eyes opened and he suddenly saw a figure walking towards him slowly.

Do you dare to touch the brother of I, Chen Feng? The voice was calm and cold.

Chen... Chen Feng Ga Zi's heart suddenly jumped, isn't this his brother Chen Feng?

You... who are you? Liu Tang looked at Chen Fen, who was slowly approaching in shock and did not dare to move any more. As for his right foot, a blood hole that was extremely conspicuous had appeared and the bright red blood was flowing continuously.

The skin that even the machete couldn't cut was pierced by this little stone

Chen Feng walked slowly but every step is like a huge shock, makingLiu Tang's heart throb.

You've only learned a little bit of cultivation and you have barely even started practicing but you dare to pretend in front of others?

Liu Tang gulped, shouting in confusion, Don't come, don't come. Then, as if he went insane, he jumped into the air, making people confused. However, no one found out that in the depth of Liu Tang's panic eyes, a deep cruelty flashed.

Finally, whether it was a coincidence or intentional, Liu Tang's body has stumbled to Chen Feng.

Now! Liu Tang suddenly exploded and a dagger around his waist suddenly came out and pierced fiercely towards Chen Feng

Be careful, Chen Feng! Ga Zi shouted at the sight of that but Liu Tangs speed is too fast.

However, Chen Feng's eyes were full of ridicule as he suddenly held up two fingers and held the dagger between them. Then, Chen Feng's fingers moved slightly and the dagger was suddenly broken.

What was even more startling is that in the next moment, Liu Tang was suddenly blown away by Chen Feng with a single wave. As he flew backwards, he started spurting blood, his face bleak and there was none of the previous arrogance left on his face.

You can keep your life today and in the future, Ga Zi will come to take your life Chen Feng waved his hand, as if driving away flies.

Retreat Climbing up difficulty, Liu Tang whispered and first got up to escape. At the sight of this, everyone from the Taizi Gang hurriedly ran.

Chen Feng didn't care about those people anymore and turned his head. His eyes were like electricity, staring at Ga Zi, Now, do you understand the world?

The weak is only prey to the strong. If you didn't come today, Iwould have died. However, you came so he was unlucky Ga Zi's eyes were full of excitement, I want to be stronger, teach me how to be stronger

Chen Feng looked at Ga Zi, full of smiles, he had the Overlord Holy Body. Wouldn't it be a pity if he didn't take the road of an overlord?