The Peerless Master Chapter 30 - Overlord Holy Body

Ga Zi's heart trembled. Can't I really save my cousin?

F*ck, I don't believe it! Suddenly, Ga Zi shouted and his original tired body suddenly bursted out with an overwhelming momentum. Instantly, his body was full of vitality again and his speed of running suddenly accelerated a little.

Chen Feng was about to rescue him but when he saw this situation, he was shocked.

Overlord Holy Body? Chen Feng's eyes were like electricity, staring at Ga Zi's body.


The machete missed, causing the followers to scream frequently and chased him again with the machete.

However, in the moment, Ga Zi had distanced himself from him.

Chen Feng suddenly thought that Ga Zi seemed to have encountered such a situation as a child.

He was 8 years old and Ga Zi was 7 years old. Once, they were playing under the hillside. Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound on the hillside. The two looked up and saw that a round stone was rolling down. The stones are not small, about the size of a foot basin and the speed of the stone is extremely fast. At that time, Chen Feng was on the road that this stone must pass. The stone came to his eyes in a flash and Chen Feng was so frightened that he didn't know how to dodge but suddenly, Ga Zi, just like today, he had broken out an unimaginable power, kicking the stone away with one kick.

It is precisely because of this matter that Chen Feng and Ga Zi became good brothers.

If I guess correctly, Ga Zi's body must be the Overlord Holy Body. Chen Feng was secretly shocked but also very happy.

There has only been two people who has the Overlord Holy Body in the tens of thousands of years. One is the God of War, who was so rampant in the cultivation world, it is said that he has already ascended to the upper world. The other is Xiang Yu, the king of Western Chu. According to legend, this Xiang Yu was born with tremendous power and at the time, established a huge name, known as the West Chu overlord. Moreover, when the old monsters in the cultivation world found Xiang Yu's Overlord Holy Body physique, they immediately scrambled out of the mountain rushing to take him as an apprentice.

It can be seen how powerful this Overlord Holy Body is.

It was said that Ga Zi was running crazily with a group of people while carrying his cousin and gradually came out of the commercial street, but found that he had arrived at an undeveloped construction site. The surrounding walls of the construction site have not yet fully started construction and are full of potholes. Although the area is very wide, it is like a dead end for Ga Zi and his party.

Hahaha, run, why don't you run The people behind held a machete, sneered, and slowly blocked the way for Ga Zi and others.

We are letting you Xinhe Gang join the Taizi Gang but you refused. Do you really think that your boss can come back to save you? The leader of the group with a scar said sinisterly, Let me tell you something, your boss has already been chopped by me and has been fed to the dogsThen, Scarface laughed cruelly.

Boss! No... As soon as the scarfaces words face fell, Xinhe's gang wailed and some of them even burst into tears.

They all say that a gang is cruel but who knows that the brothers in the gang are actually the most affectionate.

Let's fight these dogs to death The brothers stood out with bloody eyes, yelling loudly.

Yeah, fight! Damn. Isn't it just dying? I'll bring a few down with me even if I die. More people stood out and the fear in their eyes had long disappeared. They had long forgotten the fact that they were running away, now, there was only anger and hatred in their hearts.

In a blink of an eye, everyone who was in a state of weakness suddenly seemed like a beast that had just awakened as they glared at the enemy. Even the cousin on Ga Zi's back climbed down in sorrow, held by Ga Zi, facing the enemy.

Brothers, we must avenge our elder brother A man shouted and rushed out first, facing the Taizi Gang who held the machetes. The Xinhe members rushed out with bare hands

Kill! Everyone howled, picking up bricks and stones from the ground and rushed over with red eyes

F*ck, a bunch of bastards. Brothers, chop them to death Scarface yelled, waving his machete and chopped at the first person!


A deep blood spurt appeared on the brother's neck and he was bubbling continuously and vaguely, his cut throat was still beating. However, the brother still had a sigh of relief and flung frantically towards scarface. Knowing that be is going to die, he wants to at least take him down with him

Scarface was unprepared and he was immediately thrown into the ground

Ahhh! Scarface cried out violently when the dying Xinhe member bit one of his ears off. Cut him to death, hack him.

When the members of the Taizi Gang saw that one of scarfaces ears were bitten off, they were anxious and frightened but they still slashed at the Xinhe Gang member who is on top of scarface.

Hahaha! The brother laughed happily, then his eyes lost its luster and he fell to the ground.

Brother The members of Xinhe Gang yelled, tears flying in the air and the bricks in their hands were facing the Taizi Gang even more fiercely. The stimulation of blood and the death of their brothers made them fearless causing them to be in the advantage.

However, how can the bricks compare with the machete? Besides, the number of Taizi Gang is twice that of the Xinhe Gang. Soon the situation was stabilized. Under the command of Scarface, Xinhe Gang was having difficulties.


Ga Zi's cousin was suddenly cut on the stomach and the blood flow came like a fountain.

Cousin! When Ga Zi saw this, his anger exploded and his domineering aura began to radiate again, making the situation on the court a bit dark.

Kill Ga Zi suddenly shouted violently, raised his head and his eyes glowed with blood. He is like a tiger, plunging into the crowd of Taizi Gang members. A sudden punch knocked down a Taizi member and immediately took his machete.

Hah! Ga Zi held the machete and slashed at one person. The man was startled and immediately raised his machete to intercept it.


A loud noise rang out as Ga Zi chopped the man's machete into two sections with one chop, and then, he chopped straight for the man's head

Suddenly, the man's head flew in the air and his body fell onto the ground and after a few twitches on the ground, there was no more movement.

Such strength Many people opened their mouths wide. What kind of strength does it take to be able to cut off someone's machete with one stroke and then kill them just as easily?

At the same time, Ga Zi felt pain in his back. It turned out that someone had seen an opportunity to stab him.

However, the pain made Ga Zi even more mad, and when he slashed out once again, a scream rang out. Ga Zi had slashed at someone's hands.

Between several rounds, no one was the enemy of Ga Zi

Cut him to death! Seeing Ga Zi so powerful, scarface was anxious as he hurriedly yelled.

Hah! Ga Zi rushed towards Scarface angrily when he heard his voice. Scarface couldn't escape Ga Zi's chase at all so he took out a pistol from his arms and shot at Ga Zi


The gunshot calmed the people on the spot. Regardless of whether it was a Taizi Gang member or a member of the Xinhe Gang, they looked at the pistol in Scarface's hands.

However, scarface was full of fear. Others didn't see it but he could see it clearly. This savage man was in the middle of the bullet but the horizontal machete had actually blocked the bullet. What kind of control is this?

Die for Laozi Ga Zi slashed at scarface with a scream.

Immediately afterwards, Scarface stared unwillingly as he fell down weakly.

Kill Ga Zi shouted and was about to pounce on the Taizi Gang members.

Humph, so bold to dare kill members of my Taizi Gang A cold voice came in and Ga Zi looked at the culprit. A middle-aged man slowly walked into the field with a murderous gaze.