The Peerless Master Chapter 3 - Asking for Wages

Under the scorching sun

The construction site is still at full swing as usual. Although everyone, that Zhou Yupi refused to pay Chen Feng's medical expenses, they still continued to work because they are worried that would be let off. Moreover, even if they did not care about getting let off, they still had family members to care for so they have to engage in this high-risk career.

Chen Feng and Gan Zi walked into the construction site under the scorching sun.

Hey, isn't that Chen Feng and Ga Zi? The sharp-eyed workers recognized the two.

Oh, it's really two of them. Many people recognized the two and they waved to Chen Feng.

Not long after, Chen Feng and Ga Zi have been surrounded by the migrant workers.

Chen Feng, I didn't expect your life to be so tough. To be able to survive such a fall.

That's right, Chen Feng is very blessed, how can he die so easily?


Seeing everyones worried expression, Chen Feng's heart felt warm. Although these migrant workers are living at the bottom of society, they are more sincere than those so-called upper class people and their concern has no impurities.

When they heard that Chen Feng and Ga Zi had come to ask for their wages, several older workers were anxious for them.

They held Chen Feng and Ga Zi in succession.

Chen Feng, Zhou Yupi hasn't paid anyone this month. Moreover, It is said that he recently got very close to a gang. A worker who usually gets along with Chen Feng reminded seriously.

Yeah, last week, Erzi's daughter-in-law was about to have a baby so he went to Zhou Yupi to settle his salary so he can go home early but Zhou Yupi said no and he didn't pay. Before he even finished, his words were picked up by another person.

Later, Erzi's temper also flared up and yelled at Zhou Yupi. As a result, Zhou Yupi made a phone call to a few gangsters, resulting in Erzi being beat up and having his arm broken This person was a little scared as he continued, Erzi soon called the police but the police did not deal with the matter at all and instead, they scolded Erzi.

This year, rich people can do whatever they want. Chen Feng, uncle advises you not to try to collect this months salary One of the oldest workers smoked his cigarettes and said in a voice full of worry.

After listening to the advice of the surrounding workers, Chen Feng's heart was moved even deeper. As one of the Five Heavenly Emperors in the past, even he was a little bit moved. As one of the Five Heavenly Emperor, he has always been high and mighty. Everyone fears and is in awe of his presence. Even his closest disciples kept some distance from him. When has he ever felt like this?

In his last life, because of the lack of these human feelings in his heart, in the critical moment, his inner demons took over, resulting in him failing his tribulation and dying

In this world, he was able to experience such feelings

Chen Feng was lost in his thoughts. However, he soon quickly removed the thoughts and waved his hands to the workers. He said, Uncle Li, brothers, thank you for your concern. However, I, Chen Feng has my principles. What's mine is mine and should not be taken away by others He said and once again, he waved his hand to the surrounding workers and walked towards Zhou Yupi's office.

Chen Feng understands that if he is afraid of a situation and chooses to shrink when he encounters difficulties, then there is no point in cultivating

Ga Zi, you persuade him. Uncle Li hurriedly grabbed Ga Zi and said anxiously.

Ga Zi looked at Chen Feng who was firm in his footsteps and his face turned resolute as he said, Uncle, Chen Feng is right, we deserve it, we can't let others take what's our Then, Ga Zi trotted a few steps and caught up with Chen Feng.

These two children... Uncle Li looked at the back of the two and could not help but sigh.

Uncle, what Chen Feng said makes sense! Behind him, a few young people murmured, Li Shu looked back and saw that the migrant workers behind him had lost their initial panic and some even agreed with Chen Feng.



Pushing open the simple iron door, a cool breeze suddenly rushed over. Compared to the heat outside, it is simply paradise.

Zhou Yupi was swaying his feet, leaning on the boss's chair and playing landlord, having a pleasant look on his face. Seeing Chen Feng and Ga Zi coming in, his face suddenly smiled.

Well, Chen Feng, are you alright? I know that you broke your bones. How did you fall? Zhou Yupi is still lying on the boss's chair and said with a straight face.

I'm fine, still not dead yet Chen Feng's voice was light but his tone was cold.

Zhou Yupi seems to have not heard Chen Feng's implication. He still has a fake smile and said, Since your fine, then go back to work. You have been absent for half a month.

There is no need to go to work. This time, Ga Zi and I came to resign. By the way, I want to settle the salary for this month. Chen Feng's tone was surprisingly calm, with no fluctuations.

After listening to Chen Feng's words, Zhou's face suddenly cooled down!

What, since you're resigning, aren't you embarrassed to ask for your salary? Since when did I run a charity? Zhou Yupi was so angry that he slapped the table and stood up, I tell you, you have only been working for half a month. You salary has been deducted.

Are you F*cking with me? When Ga Zi heard his words, he pointed at Zhou Yupi and cursed

Nope Zhou Yupi said arrogantly, This is my construction site, what I say is what you do. You either roll away or continue to work

You... Ga Zi got angry and punched towards Zhou Yupi

Zhou Yupi's face was firmly hit hard by Ga Zi's punch.


Ahh! Zhou Yu screamed in pain as he fell to the ground with tears and snot flowing down. After a while, Zhou Yupi stood up.

Looking at his swollen red face, Zhou Yupi yelled angrily, You little beast, you dare to hit me. I'll kill you! Then, taking the ashtray on the table, he smashed towards Ga Zi.

I am a fit man and you are just a fat man, Laozi is going out today! Either give us our salary or I will beat you up until even your mother won't recognize you Ga Zi's body moved sideways, doding Zhou Yupi's attack and then grab the collar of Zhou Yupi as he loudly said

You little beast, Laozi is not giving! Zhou Yupi is also angry, his eyes glared at Ga Zi and the ashtray in his hand shot towards the side of Ga Zi's head.

Be careful Chen Feng wanted to stop Zhou Yupis attack but found out that the speed of his body can not stop the movement of Zhou Yupi and could only loudly remind Ga Zi.

Ga Zi heard Chen Feng's reminder and hurriedly turned his head to one side but it was still late. Although the key parts were missed but the corners of the ashtray still scratched crossed Ga Zi's face like a knife.

Suddenly, Ga Zi felt a warm liquid slowly ran down on his face along with a tearing pain.

F*ck Stimulated by his blood, Ga Zi's anger stirred up as he raised his fist to punch the face of Zhou Yupi.


Zhou Yupi screamed, the ashtray of his right hand fell as he moved his hands towards his nose and mouth. Soon after, a stream of blood continuously flowed through his fingers.

Ga Zi still seemed to be very angry and once again grabbed Zhou Yupi's hair and was about to punch him again.

Stop, don't hit me! I'll give you the money, isn't this enough Zhou Yupi's no longer cared about his nose as he grabbed some cash in his pockets and hurried wave it in front of Ga Zi. As his flood flowed down from his nose, his appearance is very miserable


Should have done this earlier and everything would have been fine Ga Zi grabbed the money in Zhou Yupi's hand and carefully counted it. He nodded. Hmm, half a month, one person is 800, just about right, exactly 1600.

Okay, let's go! When Chen Feng saw that their purpose had been fulfilled, he waved his hand and walked out of Zhou Yupi's office.

Alright! Ga Zi glanced at Zhou Yupi and hurriedly went out

Two beasts, as if Laozi will let you off Zhou Yupi fiercely mumbled, quickly picked up his phone and made a phone call.