The Peerless Master Chapter 29 - Old Friends

The robber's hole was very wide. It went up all the way, and it reached the tomb in the tens of meters.

No wonder this coffin will be outside. It turned out that the grave robbers were very luckly, and the exit opened just above the coffin. Under the illumination of Bright Light Rune in the hands of Chen Feng, everything inside the tomb was clearly visible.

The exit of the robber's hole is just above the coffin The huge hole directly allows the coffin to follow the robber's hole, like riding a slide, all the way down, and finally to the depths of the Cave.

It seems that those grave robbers worked hard for a long time but in the end they didn't even enter the tomb and was torn by the zombies coming out of the coffin. Chen Feng looked at the dust all over the ground. If anyone comes in, there will be traces. However, the dust on the ground is very flat now and there is no trace of people walking around.

This is a burial tomb and the coffin next to it has been opened. One of the zombies had come out from here.

It seems that the owner of this tomb must also be a rich man. Looking at the gold and silver utensils all over the ground, Chen Feng said to himself, I just don't know where the spirit is.

If it is anyone else in, they'll definitely rush to the gold and silver on the ground but Chen Feng is indifferent and he doesn't even bother to look at these things. Although these things are just as valuable in the world, they are obviously not attractive to Chen Feng. In his mind, the spirit is his main purpose.

In a remote corner, Chen Feng finally found something that made him feel good. There is a black-purple grass growing in the cracks in the tomb's stone wall.

No wonder there can be two zombies at the same time. It turned out that a Xuan Yincao has grown in this tomb. It looks like it is a few hundreds of years old. Chen Feng carefully collected the Xuan Yincao from the roots.

This Xuan Yincao does not require photosynthesis. It can absorb the veins and auras deep in the ground to nourish itself and survive. According to legend, when a Xuan Yin Cao grows to 10,000 years, its root system can penetrate space and inhale aura directly from hell. However, this is just a legend, not even Chen Feng from his previous life knows if it is true or not.

With this Xuan Yincao as the main ingredient and in conjunction to several precious medicinal materials, I can refining a furnace of Xuan Ling Pills to help me break through to the Foundation Stage. Chen Feng looked very happy, other medicinal materials, as long as you spend some money in the market, you can get it, but this Xuan Yincao is nowhere to be found. Secular people do not know it and often treat it as a weed but when a cultivator finds it, he will treasure it for himself and keep it for alchemy in the future. He will never sell it. Even if it is sold, it will not be sold when I the secular world.

Although Chen Feng has thousands of years of cultivation experience, with his current cultivation, he still cannot reach the cultivation world.

After taking the Xuan Yincao, Chen Feng suffered a headache. He would like to take away some of the gold and silver treasures on the ground. If it is Chen Feng's previous style is his past life, he will not place these jewellery in his eyes but in this life, Chen Feng is just a small migrant worker and he has the character that every migrant worker has. Struggling a bit, Chen Feng's suddenly suddenly brightened.

Dan Zu has already died, and I am just a migrant worker. Then, is in't it better to be reckless? Having figured this out, Chen Feng's morality has improved a little again.

Chen Feng found a copper washbasin in the corner then put most of the gold ornaments inside and then leisurely walked out of the grave along the robber hole.

They all said that taking the dead's items is disrespectful to the dead but Chen Feng didn't care. The two zombies are already dead and they don't need these things so might as well take it for himself.

All the way out of the cave, Chen Feng turned himself invisible again and ran down the mountain.

At Chen Feng's speed, he quickly returned to the city. The situation inside the hospital has been controlled and Chen Feng no longer needs to worry. With the government's vigorous publicity, all citizens believed that this was an acute infectious disease but it was completely controlled. Although the number of people on the street is now significantly reduced, it is believed that it will not be long before the people's anxieties to disappear.

After using a hundred Yuan in a certain store and taking a big backpack, Chen Feng stuffed the copper basin with the jewellery inside into the bag. After all, invisibility does not last long and it is not a wise thing to carry so many gold and silver jewelry in the urban area.

Then, in an unoccupied corner, Chen Feng showed his figure. Chen Feng walked out with his upper body bare and carrying a large black backpack with one hand. The backpack seemed a bit heavy and strapped tightly.

Out of the corner, Chen Feng is not particularly different. After all, many people who are not afraid of being tanned now choose to travel without a shirt in hot weather.

Walking on the street, Chen Feng wanted to buy clothes. Being shirtless all the time is not a way. Didn't he see those beautiful women in cool clothes frequently winking at him?

Well, it's not that strange, my body is so good. Chen Feng said narcissistically. In just over a month since taking the Strengthening Soup, Chen Feng's originally tall but thin body has grown stronger. Although his muscle is not as exaggerated as a bodybuilding coach, it is also very eye-catching. Coupled with a tall body, these women directly ignored his ordinary appearance and secretly sent him flirting glances.

Entering a clothing store, Chen Feng casually chose a loose t-shirt. Although it is not a famous brand, he looked dashing in it.

After paying the money, Chen Feng walked out of the clothing store.

In the distance, there was a noise, causing Chen Feng to look at it suddenly.

There is a group of people chasing and being chased. Several people were full of blood. Some people limped but still ran with pain even with the injuries on their feet.

The group of people chasing behind seemed extremely fierce and they were all holding a machete and chasing after the group of people in front.

Chen Feng looked at them and suddenly found a familiar face.

Isn't that Ga Zi? Chen Feng looked at a young man running away in disbelief. Ga Zi's body is covered with blood, running at the end of the team. It was not that he was running slowly but that he was carrying a person on his back, and he was about to be overtaken by the people behind him.

Finally, Ga Zi's strength seemed to be exhausted and his speed suddenly slowed down. A few seconds later, Ga Zi was caught up by several people behind him. A machete cut straight at the man behind him.

Cousin! Ga Zi yelled out but it was too late to avoid the machete falling on the man on Ga Zi's back.