The Peerless Master Chapter 28 - Treatment

Pervert, don't come over! Zhang Ruonan cried in horror.

Uh, girl, don't be afraid, this brother is a good guy. Chen Feng felt very depressed and smiled bitterly, thinking, Is this like a satyr?

However, in the eyes of Zhang Ruonan, Chen Feng's bitter smile seemed so perverted.

No, don't come over. Looking at this man still coming to her without awareness, Zhang Ruonan's face flushed, her eyes full of fear.

Chen Feng finally came in front of Zhang Ruonan, showing his best smile as much as possible and said with a smile, Girl, don't be afraid, I'm not malicious. I'm just here to see your injury.

Speaking of injuries, Zhang Ruonan's face suddenly collapsed. As a cultivator, she couldn't be clearer on how badly her injuries are. Her chest feels very painful, obviously, her internal organs was damaged and several bones in her whole body are broken. Especially the bones on her shoulders, which are seriously injured. The most terrifying thing is that the wounds wounded by the zombies were numb, apparently there was corpse poison on the zombies' nails. At this moment, the corpse poison had invaded her viscera.

At this moment, a black aura spread on Zhang Ruonan's face.

Huh? Chen Feng saw it and frowned. Then, his right hand grabbed at Zhang Ruonan's body like lightning.

Don't! Zhang Ruonan shouted in despair but didn't expect her waist to become light. It turned out that Chen Feng reached the small cloth bag around her waist.

Taking out the blood jade bead inside, Chen Feng shook it in his hand,This should be able to detoxify the corpse poison? Last time, I saw you and put this thing on someone else's chest. After that, Chen Feng aimed at Zhang Ruonan's chest.


Chen Feng suddenly felt his mouth become dry. F*ck, how come I am like this in this life? Chen Feng scolded himself in his heart and eventually calmed himself down. 'I have never experienced the feelings of men and women in my last life so I don't plan to leave any regrets in this life.'

Looking at Chen Feng's gaze, Zhang Ruonan shrank abruptly and said weakly, You... don't look at it Then, Zhang Ruonan's face suddenly turned red.

Chen Feng held out his hand and saw that the blackness on Zhang Ruonan's face became more and more intense so he immediately put the blood jade bead in his right hand to Zhang Ruonan's chest. The amazing elasticity caused Chen Feng's mouth to become dry.

It's so slippery, so soft Chen Feng swallowed and stayed still.

You... Why are you still touching it. Zhang Ruonan's voice seemed a little weird and a strange expression flashed on her face.

Uh, girl, don't get me wrong, I'm just helping you get rid of the corpse poison. Chen Fengyi said bluntly but the two nosebleeds flowing down made his sentence weak.

Zhang Ruonan suddenly smiled at Chen Feng and the small face that was originally beautiful made her look like a peach blossom in full bloom, indescribably beautiful.

In Chen Feng's pig-like eyes, Zhang Ruonan said gently, The woman of our Zhang family has a rule. If a man looks at her body, she must dig his eyes.

Uh. Chen Feng was startled but still looked at the beautiful body in front of him.

Zhang Ruonan looked at Chen Feng who is not moved by her words. Her face flushed and she continued, If any man touches her secret place, she will kill him immediately. But if she falls to kill him three times, she cannot try to kill him anymore. Then no matter who this man is or how many women is going to marry him, her life will belong to him.

Zhang Ruonan seemed to be telling a beautiful story as she said with a smile.

After listening to Zhang Ruonan's words, Chen Feng asked, So, you have to try to kill me three times?

Zhang Ruonan's eyes flashed, and she nodded firmly, While I'm seriously injured now, you can kill me immediately. Otherwise, when I'm fine, I will definitely try to kill you.

Chen Feng looked at Zhang Ruonan seriously and suddenly smiled, Then, I'll heal your wounds first and wait for you to try to kill me. Then, Chen Feng's big hand covered the blood on Zhang Ruonan's chest and gently rubbed it. While still rubbing, he said, Also, your bones are broken, I will help you fix it.

Zhang Ruonan, .........

If Vice President Wang is here right now, he will definitely exclaim in surprise, This is the, Togmai Hand technique. However, compared to Vice President Wang, Chen Feng is more skilled. Between the rubbing, he did not forget to add a few extra actions. Of course, these actions made Zhang Ruonan blush.

What kind of person are you? You are obviously treating my injury, but he never forgets to take advantage of me. Zhang Ruonan's eyes were blurred, looking at Chen Feng's face, full of thought.

You said it yourself, I will be chased after this anyways so I will try to take as much advantage of you before I die, Chen Feng said with a smirk. Oh, you can call me a good hooligan.

Humm Zhang Ruonan hummed, closed her eyes and didn't speak.

After a while, Chen Feng said, Okay, girl, your injury is almost better now. Then, after a good rest for two or three days, you can come and kill me. However, his hands stayed in the same spot without the slightest consciousness.

Zhang Ruonan opened her eyes and patted the damn hands on her chest and held Chen Feng's hand while slowly going up to her feet.

My name is Zhang Ruonan. Although you are abominable, I still want to thank you for saving me and my companion. As she said that, Zhang Ruonan turned to look at Li Feng who was still unconscious and said to Chen Feng, Can you also save him?

Oh, okay. Then, Chen Feng stared at Zhang Ruonan with a smirk and slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

You... What are you doing? Zhang Ruonan stepped back timidly and asked


Chen Feng threw his shirt off to Zhang Ruonan and said with a smile, Wear it, although it's a bit old but it will do

Then, Chen Feng gave a closer look, smirking: In case you accidentally can't kill me, you will be my woman so you can't let others see it.

Zhang Ruonan covered her chest with her hands, her face flushed and she quickly turned to wear it. After a few seconds, Zhang Ruonan turned around and looked at Chen Feng gratefully. Although this man is perverted, he is still a good person.

Although Chen Feng doesn't look strong. He has a height of 1.80 meters so his shirt is quite big on Zhang Ruonan and although it looks a bit big, it has a unique flavor. In particular, the button at the neckline was not buckled and the original wide collar was worn on Zhang Ruonan to become low-cut clothes.

Wow, it's so sexy Chen Feng swallowed again and the nosebleed that had just stopped spouting starting running again.

Pervert! Zhang Ruonan screamed resentfully, turned around and ignored Chen Feng.

Chen Feng touched his nose, he laughed a few times, walked in front of Li Feng and checked.

Li Feng's injury was not serious but his ribs were broken. However, his head hit the wall directly so it made him faint.

Chen Feng fixed up his ribs shortly afterwards and stimulated his mind with Qi so that he would wake up soon.

Well, girl, your companions will wake up in a while. Chen Feng stood up and smiled at Zhang Ruonan. Then, let's go there. As he was talking, he handed a flashlight to her.

Wait. Zhang Ruonan was holding her fashlight and breathing a little quickly, What's your name?

With that said, she saw Chen Feng's weird glance and she quickly said, Don't get me wrong, I just want to know your name so I can find you when I want revenge.

Hehe. Chen Feng smiled and said, Remember, my name is Chen Feng, and I don't want you to find the wrong person for revenge. After finishing, Chen Feng's hair fluttered as he walked out of the cave and after a while, he melted In the darkness.

Oh, by the way, there's a medicine that appeared that can cure corpse poison. Vaguely, the bad male voice came in again.

This hooligan! Zhang Ruonan stomped her feet and cursed. She suddenly found that she was a little bit reluctant to leave the hooligan.

Before long, Li Feng woke up quietly.

Damn, it hurts! He touched his head and opened his eyes: Well? Why is it so dark, is this hell?

Hey~, Zhang Ruonan laughed, You must have hit your head really hard

Huh, this voice is so familiar... Damn, it's Ruonan, are you also dead? Li Feng cried bitterly.

You are the one who is dead! We are still alive, an expert saved us. Zhang Ruonan shook the flashlight in her hand and said, Your injury is also healed for you.

What? What about the two damn zombies? Li Feng asked in doubt.

Dead. Zhang Ruonan pointed at the two zombies that were not far away and couldn't help but feel scared for a while.

Dead? Li Feng walked to Zhang Ruonan in amazement. Suddenly, his eyes were a little weird, and he laughed, Ruonan, the master is a man. Your clothes... Hehe, I didn't see anything...Then, he turned around and smiled thoughtfully.

Go die. Stop thinking about something unnecessary Zhang Ruonang snorted and turned away with flush. As for this, when they return, someone will come here to clean up.

Wait for me, Ruonan! Li Feng smiled and hurried to follow.

In the cave, darkness and silence was restored once again.

After a while, a man flashed out of the darkness and with a movement of his hands, a glowing rune suddenly flashed all around him like daylight and everything around him became clear.

Isn't this person Chen Feng who has already left? He was looking at the huge robber's hole and muttering to himself, Sometimes there are spirits in the tomb where the zombies appear. What surprises is in this tomb?