The Peerless Master Chapter 27 - Killing The Two Zombies

Zhang Ruonan's complexion was blue. She knew that it was going to be a tough fight, but she did not expect that two hundred-year-old zombies appeared in the hole.

Even if I die, I must protect my companion. Zhang Ruonan thought secretly. Although she doesn't know how bad Li Feng's injury is but she can be sure he wasn't dead because she still hears his breathing.


The eyes of the two zombies stared at Zhang Ruonan in redicule and immediately flung towards Zhang Ruonan.

The greatest reliance of a hundred-year-old zombie is its body and its claws. At this time, their dark claws grabbed Zhang Ruonan directly.

Zhang Rounan immediately condensed er Qi into the peach sword in her hand to block the zombie's blow but Zhang Ruonan's body was still forced back a step.

These zombies have so much strength! She was shocked in her heart but she is full of perseverance, I am a Maoshan woman. I must kill them; otherwise, it will be a disaster.

Zhang Ruonan's heart was calm and she immediately cut the palm of her hand with the peach sword, causing blood to suddenly burst out, contaminating the wooden sword. Suddenly, the peach sword turned into a blood-stained sword.

With the peach sword is fully stained with blood, Zhang Ruonan's figure flashed by the two zombies. Like a fish in water, she passed through the gap between the two so that the two zombies could not touch her body and she slashed the sword across the zombie's skin. Unexpectedly, the zombie skin that Li Feng was so desperately trying to cut was actually cut by this blood-stained peach sword.



The contempt in the eyes of the two zombies had disappeared. They could never have imagined that this female human was so flexible and the wooden sword in her hand was so sharp. At the moment, they both roared and their offensive was a lot stronger.

There was bitterness in Zhang Ruonan's heart. It is not ordinary blood that was smeared on the sword just now but the blood essence in her body so the peach sword was so sharp. However, after losing so much blood, her face has become pale and her body has weakened a lot. In addition, she has to try to avoid the zombies attacks in the dark. Zhang Ruonan's physical strength is almost exhausted.

Whistling wind came from behind, Zhang Ruonan's heart tightened, and she felt a sense of crisis. However, her weak body slowed her response.


There was a sound of clothes being torn, accompanied by a muffled hum. At the same time, a whole piece of cloth on Zhang Ruonan's back was torn off and her entire back was suddenly exposed, along with a horrifying deep scratch.


Seeing that his companion succeeded, the other zombie screamed in excitement and slammed into Zhang Ruonan's body. How could Zhang Ruonan, who was in severe pain escape so she was slammed and is sent flying backwards.

In the process of being flown backwards, Zhang Ruonan's clothes that could barely hang on her back can no longer hang, leaving Zhang Ruonan's upper body naked.


Zhang Ruonan slammed heavily on the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood. Moreover, some of her ribs also broke. With her will, Zhang Ruonan did not pass out, listening to the footsteps of the zombie slowly approaching, she could only wait to die.

Am I going to die? Feeling that the zombie's claws and the smelly fangs getting closer and closer to her neck, Zhang Ruonan closed her eyes.

Hey! What are you two doing? Suddenly, a shout came and then a beam of light shot at the two zombies.

F*ck, let go of that girl The voice seemed very angry.


Being shine again by this damn light, the two zombies were immediately enraged. They threw Zhang Ruonan in their hands and rushed towards the master of the beam of light.

Zhang Ruonan fell heavily on the ground and could not help but cough out blood again. Looking at the light, she saw a tall man standing there shining his flashlight at her.

Zhang Ruonan didn't know where her strength came from but she shouted abruptly, Run, these two are not humans, they are zombies who have been cultivating for at least a hundred years

However, with her cry, the man just looked at her with a little surprise and then looked at the two zombies approaching calmly.

This idiot wants to die Zhang Ruonan was secretly anxious.

Seeing that the two zombies were about to rush in front of him, the man didn't move at all and just looked at her with a smile. At this time, she noticed that her shirt had completely disappeared and she was exposed.

This hooligan, no wonder he kept the flashlights on me. Zhang Ruonan's pale face was a little more flushed and she wanted to reach out to cover it, but found that he had no strength to even move.

Forget it, let him have a look, just take a look. Anyway, today I am also going to die. Zhang Ruonan comforted himself and continued to look at the man.


The two zombies had reached the man and their claws, which were sharper than a sharp knife were about to cut the man's neck.

Zhang Ruonan can imagine that after this, the man will have his head split.

However, in the next moment, Zhang Ruonan's eyes suddenly widened.

The man quickly made hand signs between with his left hand and then pointed at the two zombies.

Suddenly, a white light shone from the palm of his hand, like a little sun, it made the entire cave bright like daylight.

Great Bright Rune! Zhang Ruonan exclaimed, It turned out to be a Great Bright Runethat can only be learned by the disciples of Maoshan Neimen. Is this man a master of Maoshan Neimen? Seeing this, hope lit up in Zhang Rounans heart.


In this light, the two zombies howled in pain. They have only cultivated for more than a hundred years and light will still bring them pain. According to legend, only zombies who have cultivated for more than 500 years can get rid of the shackles of light and survive in the sun safely.

In Zhang Ruonan's surprised eyes, this man even reached out his hand and her peach sword flew to his hand. After weighing a few times, the man said something that made her speechless, This sword is really rubbish but it can still be barely used.

Zhang Ruonan gritted her teeth in anger. This hundred-year-old peach sword is something that she had obtained through hard work and it turned out to be rubbish in this bastard's mouth. If Zhang Ruonan can move at this time, she will surely grab the peach sword and then cut the man a few times to calm down.

Perhaps the man had gotten used to the peach sword because he suddenly moved. The sword in his hand struck out suddenly and it was extremely powerful but the man looked very leisurely.

Is this Maoshan swordsmanship? Zhang Ruonan looked at the man's movements in surprise and felt that the Maoshan swordsmanship in the man's hands are obviously a hundred times better than herself. Suddenly, a sense of enlightenment sprang up as she watched the man.

The sword flashed and it is unknown whether it was intentional or unintentional, the original extremely fast sword became very slow, allowing Zhang Ruonan to see clearly. However, what shocked Zhang Ruonan was that under such a slow sword move, the two zombies were still hit and is screaming painfully.

That's the last form! Zhang Ruonan watched the man's movements and realized in her heart.

Then, the man slowly pushed out the sword, stabbing straight at the two zombies. It was such a very slow move but the two zombies could not avoid it no matter how much they tried to dodge and finally, as if they were moving their chest to the tip of the sword, they were instantly passed by the peach sword.

The last sword, the whole set of Maoshan swordsmanship has just been cast.

One sword skill resulted in two corpses?

Zhang Ruonan no longer knew what words to use to describe the man's swordsmanship and couldn't help but look at him admiringly.

Slowly loosen the hilt of the sword and letting two dead zombies fall to the ground, the man then closed his left hand and the Bright Light Rune suddenly disappeared, causing the cave to become dark once again.


The light of the flashlight focused on her body again. Zhang Ruonan watched the man walk towards her with his eyes full of light and suddenly realizing something, she shivered and yelled with her eyes closed.

Pervert, don't come over!