The Peerless Master Chapter 26 - Two 100 Year Old Zombies

There are no people on the mountain road in Qingquan Mountain. It is only Chen Feng found out where the corpse poison broke out. The police and the army also learned from the recovered patients about the situation on Qingquan Mountain. At the moment, they immediately blocked Qingquan Mountain and dispersed the tourists on the mountain.

On the mountain road, two people ran. One of them is wearing a black windbreaker coat and the other one is carrying a wooden sword, with a small cloth bag around her waist. They hurried up the mountain. If anyone saw them, they would be shocked because their bodies were flashing. Like a big bird spreading its wings, each step they took can go up to ten or twenty steps of a stone ladder.

Finally, they stopped in front of a stone cave.

Li Feng, be careful, I feel an evil aura. The woman reminded the man who was about to enter the cave cautiously.

Li Feng's body stopped and he smiled at the woman, I know. Now, those infected with the corpse poison have been treated by the sudden remedy. As long as this zombie is removed, the corpse poison can be cut off..

Zhang Ruonan nodded, Be careful. As she touched the small cloth bag around her waist, she took out a palm-sized compass.

-Hummm, Hmmm-

The pointer in the center of the compass was shaking gently and the pointer was pointing into the hole.

Sure enough Zhang Ruonan yelled, and his body slowly moved toward the inside.

When you enter the cave, you could immediately see a clear stream of spring water flowing from the cave and the coolness of the water was transmitted out of the spring.

It really is because of this spring water. If I didn't know, I would have wanted to take a sip. Li Feng said softly.

If you want to die, you can drink it. Zhang Ruonan said silently, a red bead was held in her hand and dipped into the spring.


A burst of black gas suddenly appeared in the spring and is immediately absorbed by the blood jade beads. After a while, the bead became dark red.

Such a powerful corpse poison! Li Feng swallowed. It seems that this zombie has a very high cultivation and is not easy to deal with.

Zhang Ruonan's brow was also slightly wrinkled but her expression was firm, I, as a disciple of Maoshan, after seeing this, how can I stand idly by.

This little niece. Li Feng looked at Zhang Ruonan's back couldn't help but smiled as he quickly followed.

As they walked deeper into the cave, the surroundings were already dark.

The two fumbled with bright flashlights.

We've been here for almost half an hour. Why haven't we reached the end yet? Li Feng said with some uncertainty.

We are almost there, that zombie is not far away from us. Zhang Ruonan looked solemnly at the shaking compass.

Why is this ghostly place so evil? Li Feng said narratively. Suddenly, a cold wind blew through, and Li Feng shuddered suddenly.


The compass in Zhang Ruonan's hand trembled violently.

It's in front! Zhang Ruonan sighed and hurried forward.

The beam of the bright flashlight instantly brightened the front and what they saw is a blue coffin lying quietly under the wall of the cave. Beside the coffin, several broken corpses were lying on the ground in an upright and horrible manner. On the wall above the coffin, a huge pothole was particularly noticeable.

Zhang Ruonan and Li Feng approached carefully.

Looking at the corpses on the ground, Li Feng frowned slightly, Look at these corpses. They are all broken apart, apparently being torn and killed by extremely violent things. Who are they and how are they related to this zombie?

They are a group of grave robbers! Zhang Ruonan suddenly pointed at the big hole on the wall of the cave, This is a pit, this coffin should have been carried out of the tomb by this group of people.

Zhang Ruonan was a little confused, Such things are rare. Generally, people who do this kind of business often only take away the belongings inside and rarely move the coffin. However, why do these people steal the coffin?

Let's look inside. Li Feng suddenly grasped a corner of the coffin cover and pulled it hard. Zhang Ruonan wanted to stop but it was too late.


The coffin cover was suddenly lifted by this pulling force.

Hmm, this coffin has already been opened before Li Feng gave a light sigh and stretched his head to look inside the coffin. Generally, coffin lids are nailed to the base so naturally, they are not easy to pull apart.

Be careful! Zhang Ruonan said softly.

Huh? There are no zombies in the coffin Li Feng suddenly exclaimed, causing Zhang Ruonan to become alert when she heard it.


A loud growl suddenly sounded behind them.

The two quickly shone the flashlight behind them and immediately saw a gray figure flash past. Although the figure is a bit vague, its dry skin and cold face could still be seen.

Be careful, This is a hundred-year-old zombie Zhang Ruonan shouted abruptly, It is afraid of light, shine at it with a flashlight

While talking, Zhang Ruonan's flashlight moved an angle and the incandescent light fell on the zombie's body. Under the light, there was a burst of blue smoke on its skin.


The zombie growled, flickered again and got out of the flashlight's beam.

However, before it could be happy, the light of another flashlight came over. Suddenly, the zombie threw himself on the ground, looking to be in extreme pain.

Haha, a hundred-year-old zombies but this is the result. Li Feng looked at the struggling zombie and suddenly felt contempt.

Li Feng, be careful! Zhang Ruonan screamed from behind. At the same time, Li Feng felt that there was a sudden wind behind him.

Another dim figure pounced out of the hole that the grave robbers made. The sharp and abnormal nails were piercing straight towards Li Feng's chest under the light of the flashlight.

F*ck, there's a female hundred year old zombie also? At the critical moment, Li Feng didn't panic at all. He yelled and his body suddenly moved out a few meters, letting him pass that sharp nail. However, the zombie would not let him escape so easily. When she turned around, her eyes glowed with green light and she suddenly opened her mouth to bite Li Feng's neck. At the same time, the previously zombie broke out of the light of Li Feng's flashlight, made a loud scream and a leap for more than ten meters and rushed towards Li Feng.

Humph Li Feng harrumphed and waved the flashlight in his hand in front of him.

The female zombie's big mouth just bit on the flashlight and a click sound was heard as the flashlight was torn apart, causing the spot to become suddenly dark. Since the zombie bit onto his flashlight, Li Feng was able to create a distance between them but his figure looked a little dazed.

You want to f*cking kill me?! Li Feng exclaimed angrily and then, his windbreaker unfolded and two white lights shot at the two zombies that jumped towards him again.


The white lights were like knives and it brought about the sound of the wind as it flew straight into the hearts of two zombies



Li Feng's attack hit the chests of the two zombies accurately but only a few dull sounds were heard, and then the light was weakly inserted into the ground. It was two two-inch flying knives.

What the f*ck, I can't even break their defense Li Feng said as his eyes widened.

Be careful, zombies over a hundred years old has a skin that is a bit harder than steel and it is hard for ordinary weapons to hurt them Zhang Ruonan's voice was a little agitated.

Why didn't you say it earlier. Li Feng jumped up immediately when he heard it, How can we fight them then?

After all, the flying knife in his hands flew extremely fast but it seemed to be tickling the zombies only.

At this moment, the flashlight in Zhang Ruonan's hand flickered a few times and turned off. The whole cave was suddenly dark and there was no light at all.

Damn, I can't see it at all without light. In the darkness, Li Feng's voice seemed a little anxious. Without the light of the flashlight, he could not deal with the attacks of the two zombies in the darkness.

In contrast, the two zombies lost the shackles of this damn light, like a fish in water, their bodies were a little faster.

Silently, the two zombies approached Li Feng's side and then violently attacked.

When Li Feng heard the wind, he immediately retreated. Who knew, in the direction of his retreat, another strong airflow suddenly came.

Unexpectedly, these two zombies knew how to fight together. After losing the shackles of the lights, Li Feng was forced to defense.

F*ck, is Laozi going to die here today? Li Feng screamed strangely, then, his body was blown out heavily, hitting the cave wall. His head tilted and his voice disappeared.


The two zombies roared proudly and wanted to step forward again, tearing the man to pieces.


A sword light lit up suddenly, and Zhang Ruonan's figure instantly blocked in front of Li Feng.