The Peerless Master Chapter 25 - Miracle Recipe

Mr. Chen, the medicine is ready. Dean Li hurried over, behind him, a few young and powerful men followed closely with a large barrel of dark brown Chinese medicine.

As a large hospital, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital naturally has an efficient medicine-making machine. In just half an hour, the first batch of medicine was available.

Immediately distribute these medicinal juices, one cup per person. Chen Feng was relieved when he saw that the medicine had been boiled. With the medicine he prescribed, there was nothing terrible about the corpse poison Then Chen Feng took a cup of medicinal juice and handed it to Chen Hui, motioning her to feed her child.

The medicinal juice entered the man's belly and it worked quickly. The dark aura on the youth's face receded like a tide and the man suddenly became more energetic.

Haha, it really works Chen Hui's tears were like a broken pearl and she couldn't help bowing down, Mr. Chen, thank you for your life-saving grace.

Chen Feng smiled indifferently and waved his hand and suddenly, a golden needle appeared in his hand. After returning the golden needle to Vice President Wang, he instructed, Remember, these golden needles must be boiled in boiling water for five hours before it can be reused, otherwise, it will harm others.

Vice President Wang nodded hurriedly and agreed. After carefully pondering, he then bowed, Wang Xingshan begs master to accept me as a disciple.

Chen didn't accept and only looked at Vice President Wang and said, You and I can't have a master and disciple relationship but I can teach you stuff

Vice President Wang's face turned white but he was relieved when he heard Chen Feng. He stood up and gave Chen Feng a bow, I was being greedy. Today, I can see the Qihuang Needle and I'm already satisfied. How can I dare to ask for you to accept me as your disciple?

Chen Feng nodded, this Vice President Wang is interesting but the path of cultivation is bumpy and the vice president Wang had been worn away by trivial matters so he could not really cultivate anymore.

At this moment, a sound of neat footsteps rang. A team of soldiers marched neatly, blocking all entrances and exits in the hospital. In addition, several pairs of soldiers rushed in, holding guns and looking at each room.

Report, team one found no problems.

Report, team two found no problems.

Report, team three found no problems.


A series of no problems left this officer with doubts. The task they received was to kill any extremely crazy and weird patients at this hospital on the spot but they found none and there seemed to be so nothing happening so far

Isolate all the patients, no one is allowed to go out. Once someone goes crazy, they are to be killed on the spot. This was the task they recieved and he performed it without reservation.

Yes! The soldier said, conveying the officer's words.


President Li, do you know about the situation in other hospitals? Chen Feng asked.

This, other hospitals, like us, are now isolated by the military and no one inside is allowed to go out. Also, when I called just now, gunshots came from the phone from time to time. Dean Li said truthfully.

Since this is the case, give the contents of the prescription I gave you available to all hospitals. Chen Feng looked solemnly, It is time to hurry.

When Dean Li heard that, he hurriedly started to call and disclosed the prescription to the Hangzhou hospitals. He believed that with Chen Feng's prescription, the corpse poison that erupted soon could be suppressed.

Chen Feng walked into the emergency hall.

The patients in the hall chatted with excitement at this moment. They were just in danger but now they are cured by a cup of Chinese medicine. Anyone would very happy.

Everyone, can ask you a question. Chen Feng held up his hand and tried to get his voice to everyone's ears, Have you gone to a weird place before you got sick? Or have you eaten anything weird?

Corpse poison is not transmitted in the air and it can only be contaminated by direct contact and swallowing.

Although these people did not know that it was Chen Feng who rescued them but at this moment, they were in a good mood. Naturally, many people started to answer.

I have been going to work these days. Except for the company and my house, I haven't gone anywhere. A man in his thirties recalled.

I went to Qingquan Mountain with my friends yesterday afternoon and then I never went out.

Well, I also went to Qingquan Mountain.

Suddenly, everyone said that they had been to Qingquan Mountain.

That's it, I remembered it. At first the man in his thirties said, Last night, a friend of mine came to my house and brought me a bottle of water, saying that it is spring water from a spring in the cave.

Yeah, yeah, I drank the spring water in that spring.

I drank it too.

Suddenly, everyone spoke, claiming that they had directly or indirectly drank the spring water there.

I think we also drank from the spring there People speculated.

Chen Feng blinked in his eyes, and said secretly in his heart, The evil Qi should be in that Qingquan Mountain. After knowing the location of Qingquan Mountain, Chen Feng went out quietly.

Sir, this place is now blocked and no one can go out. When Chen Feng walked to the gate, he was intercepted by several soldiers.

Looking at those soldiers who were not far off, Chen Feng didn't rush.

Just then, his cell phone rang.

Chen Feng looked at the caller ID, immediately smiled and took the call.

Chen Feng, you're a big pervert, are you okay in the hospital. Before Chen Feng could say anything, a female voice broke out.

Chen Feng said with a smile, Lily, if I have something, will I still answer your call?

Lili seemed to be pondering over there and after a bit, she said, Chen Feng, you should have been given a cup of the magical Chinese medicine over there. I don't know who has such a great skill to make such a medicine. Those patients in this hospital I am staying at are actually all right now. Now that the situation is under control, I believe it won't be long before we can lift the blockade.

After a pause, Lili said, Chen Feng, don't be ill. From her words, she was deeply worried.

Chen Feng's heart warmed, but a smirk erupted in the corner of his mouth, Haha, it seems like even an evil witch like you can still worry about others?


Lili hung up the phone, tucked her phone into her bag, and said fiercely, This big satyr, even at a time like this, he still acts like a hooligan.

Chen Feng listened to the silent beeping on the phone and was full of coziness. He doesn't know when but fighting with this little witch became a pleasure.

Looking at the soldiers at the door, a strange light flashed in Chen Feng's eyes. When he reached an unoccupied corner, Chen Feng grabbed a yellow rune with his left hand and suddenly, a light flashed. The next moment, Chen Feng patted his left hand on his forehead.


Chen Feng's figure became transparent and then, there was no longer any trace of him

Hidden Talisman is a rune commonly used by practitioners to hide their body.

With the effect of the Hidden Talisman, Chen Feng swaggered out of the main entrance and passed the soldiers without them seeing any movement.