The Peerless Master Chapter 24 - Qihuang Needle

Withdrawing a golden needle, Chen Feng thought about it and pierced the young man's chest.

This.... When Vice President Wang saw it, his heart tightened. Acupuncture is about finding acupuncture points and applying acupuncture. Such people are scammers or they are really masters of acupuncture and they are already familiar with acupuncture points even with their eyes closed. However, for Chen Feng, Vice President Wang directly believed in the latter.

However, other people who didn't know it didn't think so, especially Chen Hui, she was almost going to stop Chen Feng. However, her husband held her back and hugged her so that she would not disturb Chen Feng.

For a while, Chen Feng was staring at the chest of the young man.


After screaming, the young man's eyes were instantly opened and a green eye seemed to stand out. At the same time, his limbs struck towards Chen Feng instantly. His speed was so fast that the surrounding people had no time to stop him.

However, although his speed was fast, the gold needle in Chen Feng's hand struck first. The crowd only felt that golden light flashed and the man's limbs stopped in midair and stretched out straight. Four gold needles have been pierced at the elbows and ankles.

So fast. The middle-aged man applauded secretly. This golden needle acupuncture by the young man in front of him is enough to get his respect. Looking at Chen Feng, the hope in the eyes of the middle-aged man was burning fiercely.

Vice President Wang also widened his eyes. Chen Feng's acupuncture level made him unable to describe with words, which was too shocking.

Everyone had their own thoughts but Chen Feng grabbed four golden needles, two in each hand Without a pause, the four gold needles seemed to have spirituality and they crossed an arc in the air and then fell into the youth's body.


The youth roared and screamed but he could no longer move his limbs and so he shook his head madly and knocked his head into the bed with a bang.

Chen Hui fell softly in her husband's arms, covering her mouth weakly. Watching her son's painful appearance, she cried silently.

Chen Feng looked coldly at the man who had hit his head and then moved his right hand. Chen Feng's right hand pierced the man with golden needles one after another like a sewing machine. Suddenly, the golden needles in the needle bag is used up.

What? This is... Vice President Wang cried out suddenly, This is the Qihuang Needle?

Chen Feng looked at Vice President Wang and nodded.

Seeing the affirmation of Chen Feng, Vice President Wang was full of tears, I never thought that I, Wang Xingshan, would be fortunate enough to see this divine art in his lifetime, even if I died now, I would be happy.

Seeing everyone's doubtful eyes, Vice President Wang worked hard to calm his excitement, explaining, This Qihuang Needle is an acupuncture technique created by Huang Di and Qi Bo, the two medical ancestors and it has been passed down from ancient times. When Huang Di met Li Mi in the world, Li Mi died of an illness and Huang Di couldn't bear it so he cooperated with his friend Qi Bo to study medicine and create medical techniques. Among them was the Qihuang Needle. According to legend, when Qi Bo performed this acupuncture technique, even if someone has just died, he could useit to bring them back to life. However, after thousands of years, this acupuncture was buried in history.

Hearing that, the way that everyone looked at Chen Feng changed to that of admiration.

However, Chen Feng didn't pay attention to these things and his eyes were still only on the young man in the hospital bed. The biggest effect of Qihuang Needle is to calm down a person. Chen Feng used this acupuncture technique to awaken the consciousness of the young man was almost completely lost.

The man on the bed gradually calmed down and his breathing eased.


With a breath, the young man's eyes opened. The eyeballs originally surrounded by green have gradually returned to black and white but the black aura on his face is still not reduced by half.

Xiang'er, you finally woke up Chen Hui got in front of her son, sobbing.

Mom, I feel so uncomfortable. The youth's voice was very hoarse, without any energy.

Mr. Chen? Chen Hui looked at Chen Feng doubtfully, Is Xiang'er's illness still not cured?

Chen Feng shook his head, I just anchored his soul with acupuncture so that he would not lose his consciousness. The medicine to cure the disease will soon be made. If you want him to be completely cured, you have to wait until he takes the medicine in that prescription.

After listening to Chen Feng's words, the middle-aged man bowed deeply to Chen Feng, Su Ba thanks Mr. Chen first.

Chen Feng nodded faintly and accepted his thanks.

Just then, a sudden scream came from outside.

It came from the temporary morgue. Vice President Wang immediately knew where the source of the voice was heard.

Not good. Chen Feng was shocked in his heart, How is it so fast! Then, he sprinted and ran towards the morgue


A fierce and unusual roar came suddenly and a large number of people ran out from the deep corridor outside the ward. They panicked, rushing to run, as if something terrible was behind them.

But then, another scream came. A man lying on the ground in great horror. On his body, a man in sick clothes was biting around his neck.

Save me The man who was on the ground turned pale and looked in horror at the people who fled, his face full of despair. A black aura was slowly appearing on his face.

Beast, stop A stylishly dressed woman shouted and rushed in the direction of the two.


The sick man on top seemed to sense the person, raised his head sharply and growled at the woman.

At this time, the woman could clearly see the man in the sick clothes. The squishy flesh, the sloppy appearance, the blood in the corner of his mouth, and the long fangs that were exposed outside seemed so terrifying. However, the woman was not afraid.

Seeing the sick man, the woman immediately reached out to her back. The dark brown peach sword on her back came out of its sheath and slashed towards the sick man.

Beast, die! The woman's hand suddenly revealed Qi, infused into the peach sword in her hand. Suddenly, the peach sword squeaked as if it was ready for battle.

Qi, this young woman turned out to be a Qi Gathering Stage cultivator


The sword in the woman's hands slashed at the sick man.

There is a visible wound on the sick man's body after being cut by the sword. Black blood flowed out, dripping on the ground but the sick man didn't care. The sick man ran towards the woman and a bunch of fangs aimed at the woman's delicate neck to bite it.

Humph! The woman leapt forward, over the head of the sick man, kicked her foot and punched the head of the sick man.


The immense power suddenly made the sick man's head tilt and the sound of broken bones was clearly heard.


The sick man tilted his head, waved his hand and grabbed at the woman. The dark nails were like a sharp knife that would instantly cause someone to be poisoned once hit.

However, the woman seems to have understood this for a long time and without looking back, she immediately waved her sword to the sick man's hands.

The sick man's hands broke instantly.

Then, the woman did not wait for the sick man to react and a sword stabbed him in his heart.


The sick man roared unwillingly, then fell to the ground. The heart is where their weakness lies.

Just then, in a ward deep in the ward corridor, a body flew out, struggling a few times on the ground and stopped moving.

Then, a man in a trench coat came out.

Are you sure these people got poisoned by corpse poison? The man frowned slightly.

It turned out that these two were the two special agents that Situ Qiang personally greeted this morning, Li Feng and Zhang Ruonan.

They are no longer human. They should be called zombies. We must stop the corpse poison from spreading as soon as possible, otherwise, Hangzhou city will not be calm. Zhang Ruonan frowned. The key is, there are not a few people with the corpse poison and my blood jade beads can't save so many people at once. If these people are turned into zombies and escaped, the consequences would be unthinkable. Then, a bloody jade ball appeared on her hand.

Save, save me! The man on the ground was a little vague, unconsciously screaming.

When Zhang Ruonan saw this, she placed the bloody jade beads on the man's chest. Many evil Qi came out of the man's body and absorbed into the bloody jade beads. After a while, the blackness on the man's face was gone, except for the wound on the neck that is still bleeding slightly but everything else became normal.

However, the inside of the blood jade beads was tinged with a layer of light black.

Let's go and find out if there are any new zombies. Li Feng said, With the intervention of the army, I believe the information about the zombies that has leaked into the net will be destroyed soon.

Let's go, search for it and rush to other hospitals. Then, they disappeared at the end of the corridor.

The figure of Chen Feng slowly came out of the corner, looking at the back of the two, thoughtfully.