The Peerless Master Chapter 23 - Rescue

They are all poisoned by corpse poison. Chen Feng's face was dignified, It seems that this Hangzhou city is going to become restless.

Tingting, step back Chen Feng said.

After that, his right hand jerked and in mid-air, a golden rune shone with golden light.

Ah. Even though Ling Tingting backed away long ago, the golden light still made her scream and a black smoke rose slowly from the place where the golden rune was illuminated.

Regardless of the situation of Tingting's, Chen Feng's face was serious and he whispered, Come out

Suddenly, the golden rune in the air shot towards the corpse and soon, a green smoke burst. A few corpses trembled suddenly and a stern expression appeared on their face.


A scream of horror sounded suddenly and a dead body opened his eyes sharply. The corpses eyes stared at Chen Feng, fiercely, and seemed to want to swallow him alive. There were also strange sounds from the other corpses and it seemed that something was struggling inside.

However, immediately afterwards, the green light in the corpse eyes disappeared quickly and in a blink of an eye, the rounded eyeballs suddenly flattened down, forming two hollows.

Several corpses calmed down immediately and the evil spirits on their bodies had disappeared. Moreover, the fangs in that mouth were also missing.

What's going on? Ling Tingting was a little panicked and the horrible aura that erupted in those bodies just made her feel trembling.

Chen Feng's face was a bit ugly, My Golden Light Evil Charm wiped out the evil spirits in their bodies. Unexpectedly, these people's bodies were as strong as zombies.

Zombies? Ling Tingting asked puzzledly.

Their corpses have the same nature as that of zombies. After the death of a person who has been poisoned by corpse poison, the corpse's nature will gradually turn to that of a zombie. Finally, under the control of this corpse poison, it will become a new zombie. The bodies of these corpses are so powerful, which shows that the corpse poison has already spread very far.

After stopping, Chen Feng looked serious, This time, the corpse poison broke out so fiercely, it is obvious that someone is trying to create zombies so it can no longer be solved by the hospital.

Just then, a rush of footsteps came from the outside and Ling Tingting disappeared

Chen Feng stepped out of the door and saw two people rushing towards this side. It was Dean Li and Vice President Wang. When they saw Chen Feng, Dean Li couldn't even wipe the sweat on his forehead and shouted, Mr. Chen, please go and see those patients. At this moment, two more patients have lost their lives.

Vice President Wang also looked at Chen Feng with anticipation. With so many weird cases today, they were helpless.

Chen Feng looked at Dean Li who had a begging face and nodded. Since the last rescue of Mr. Situ, this Dean Li has often come to the mortuary to greet him and offered to change his job many times but all were rejected by Chen Feng. After all, in the morgue, he has a lot of time to cultivate. However, although Chen Feng did not accept the kind intention of Dean Li, the relationship was recorded. Now that Dean Li comes to ask for help, he will naturally not reject it. Not to mention that this matter must be managed by himself.

Corpse poison is not simply a matter of old age, sickness, and death. Ordinary people can no longer deal with it. Only people like Chen Feng have the ability.

Dean Li led Chen Feng and went to the first aid building.

As soon as he entered the door, Chen Feng confirmed the seriousness of the matter. The beds were already saturated and the entire hall was covered with floor coverings. Many patients with dark faces were lying on top of each other with despair and anger. The family around them seemed to know the ending and wept silently.

When they saw Dean Li, several family members of the sick rushed over, kneeling at his feet and said while crying, Dean, please, please save my child. He is only 12 years old....

Dean Li hurriedly lifted these people, tears in the corners of his eyes flashing. A doctor is someone who has the heart of a parent and even if it is Dean Li, who had already embarked on another road, he could not help but burst into tears.

Ah, ah Suddenly, in a ward far away, a young man struggled violently, seeming to be in extreme pain and issued a sharp shout. His fists were clenched, his nails were deeply embedded in the flesh of the palm of his hand, causing a little black blood to drop down.

Sigh, there is someone who can't stand it anymore. Everyone looked at him silently and more patients buried their heads deep in their clothes and sobbed silently. They didn't know when the next sudden burst will happen and who knows, it might be them next.

Xiang'er, hold on A middle aged woman next to the man cried weakly, holding the struggling man's hand tightly with both hands. Next to him, a tall and middle-aged man sat silently beside him and his eyes were full of perseverance.

Mr. Chen, please take a look Dean Li asked in a low voice.

Let's check it out! Chen Feng didn't say much. When he first stepped forward, he walked to the struggling young man and said nothing. Immediately afterwards, a palm strike was struck on the man's neck.

Suddenly, the young man's slightly green eyes suddenly turned white and he fell on the bed, motionless.

What are you doing! When the sad middle-aged woman saw the action of Chen Feng, she growled angrily and with both hands, dug toward Chen Feng's face.

What kind of woman is the scariest? A woman who protects her children can often exert her power several times over.

However, Chen Feng did not move because a pair of big hands had blocked the woman's grasp like lightning.

Chen Hui, calm down. A majestic male voice heard but it seemed a little tired. The tall man sitting on the side held up the woman and looked at Chen Feng with a questioning gaze.

Seeing Dean Li, the man didn't move but instead, he asked, Dean Li, what's going on?

Dean Li looked at the man and hurriedly said, Mr. Su, don't worry, this Mr. Chen is a master and maybe he can save young master Su's life.

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged man was immediately delighted and took a deep look at Chen Feng, Mr. Chen, my wife has offended you just now, please forgive her.

The middle-aged woman fell to her knees in front of Chen Feng, Mr. Chen, please save my child. I was muddleheaded just now. Then, she seemed like she was planning to knock her head on the ground in apology.

Chen Feng was moved and without waiting for the woman's movement, he lifted the woman up and said, It's alright. I will take a look at your son. Then, he walked to the young man who was already unconscious.

When the middle-aged man saw the action of Chen Feng, there was a hint of gratitude flashing in his eyes as he watched Chen Feng's actions.

The young man looks like a talented man. Despite his dark face, he still can't stop the angular arcs and handsome appearance. Chen Feng opened the man's eyelids and saw that the man's eyeballs had some green and they were becoming thicker with the speed visible to the naked eye.

Vice President Wang, you are a Chinese medicine practitioner. Do you have golden needles? Chen Feng turned to look at Vice President Wang.

Yes, right in my office! Vice President Wang said in a hurry, I'll get it now Then, he ran to his office. At this critical moment of life and death, Vice President Wang's slightly obese body turned out to have extraordinary strength.

Chen Feng walked to the side and saw the paper and pen and then, he took the pen wrote on the paper. It took only a minute and the white paper was full.

Chen Feng Handed the paper to Dean Li and instructed, Grab the medicine according to this prescription and give a bowl to every person. It should alleviate the symptoms.

Immediately, Dean Li took the prescription and went to the Chinese pharmacy.

Sir, the Golden Needle is here Vice President Wang came back panting and handed a needle bag to Chen Feng.

Un. Chen Feng opened the needle bag and saw golden needles neatly lined up, no more and no less, exactly eighteen.

Taking one out, Chen Feng thought about it, and pierced the young man's chest.