The Peerless Master Chapter 22 - Corpse Poison

Woo, I'm full. Lili touched her belly. Wan'er has been on a business trip for two days, I wonder how it is over there?

Didn't you just talk to her over the phone, why do you miss her again? Chen Feng looked at the little witch and said a little speechlessly.

Without her at home, I always feel something missing. Lili frowned and looked at Chen Feng strangely, Don't you miss her?

Chen Feng laughed and said nothing.

You're really a big satyr. When you see a beautiful woman, you like it. Lili muttered softly.v

I also like you. Chen Feng gave Lili a pat and said a little speechlessly, Auntie, it's late, You'll late for work.

Ah, it's eight o'clock, I'm going to be late. Lili looked at her watch and immediately jumped up. The crazy killer's case shocked the central government. The central government sent someone here. They arrived in the morning. The captain also ordered us yesterday to not be late. As a result, Lili picked up her small bag and went out.


At the gate of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, a man and a woman came side by side, looking weird.

On such a hot day, the man was wearing a black windbreaker, and it looked extremely hot. This woman, with a wooden sword on her back and matched with her fashionable dress and good figure, it seemed a bit contradictory.

At this time, a group of people greeted them, headed by Situ Qiang, the director of public security.

The two special agents have worked hard, I am the director here. Situ Qiang said, cuping his fists at the two.

The pair of man and woman looked at Situ Qiang, a strange light flashed in their eyes and they were also cuping their fist. The man said with a smile, Director Situ is polite, we will be bothering you for a while. I am Li Feng, this is Zhang Ruonan. No need to be polite, we are comrades in the same community

Of course, Situ Qiang knew what Li Feng meant by comrades in the same community, and at the same time, he was shocked. Since eating the Blood Sucking Centipedes Heart. He has made great progress and is now at the second level of Qi Refining. However, in the face of these two people, he has the feeling that he can't see through them. There is only one explanation. The cultivation of these two people must be a lot higher than him.

At this moment, Situ Qiang respected the two a lot more and continued to introduce his people. This is Captain Xu Shan of the Interpol, followed by members of the Interpol.

Xu Shan is also from the Wulin family and has practiced martial arts for many years. Although he has not yet condensed the Qi, he has some understanding of these Qi masters. At the moment, the introduction was also finished, Thank you for coming, I would like to ask for help to arrest this abnormal killer.

No worries, we will. The Central Committee did send us down this time precisely for this matter. The two looked at each other and smiled, without showing off.

Ah, sorry, I'm late A figure quickly ran over and said with a tired voice. If it is not Lili, then who is it?


Chen Feng came to the hospital and saw that there are many people in the hospital today.

Taking a few steps, he found that everyone's face was worried and many people put on masks. This is a rare phenomenon in normal times.

A burst of crying came suddenly, causing Chen Feng to look forward.

A middle-aged woman kneeling on the ground in the registration hall of the hospital. In front of her, a 15-year-old boy was lying pale on the ground, motionless.

Sigh, by the time the bed is free, this child won't be able to stand it anymore A passerby sighed and said to his companions around him.

The companion covered his mouth, Don't say it out loud and follow me out. Today, dozens of people have fallen so suddenly and everyone is saying that it is an incurable disease.

What, it's that terrible? The passerby shuddered suddenly.

I think so. I heard that four or five people have died in the hospital this morning. Even now, the hospital can't detect this cause. The companion said and he couldn't help but speed up a bit

Wait for me. the passersby hurried to catch up.

At this moment, several doctors and nurses in white coats hurriedly hurried over with a transport cart and carefully supported the boy lying on the ground to the cart.

Doctor, please save my child. The middle-aged woman knelt on the ground, hugging the doctor's leg, crying and begging.

Sister, rest assured, we will do our best to treat him. The doctor hurriedly raised the middle-aged woman and said, Sister, come with us. Then, the doctor pushed the cart and trot to the emergency room.

Chen Feng went to the morgue and did not manage these things. Naturally, the hospital had to manage such things.

However, several beds were parked at the morgue door. The bed was covered with a quick white cloth and the outline of the person could be seen faintly under the white cloth. The hospital bed has wheels on the bottom that can be pushed freely.

Many people were crying by the bed, apparently, they were all of the deceased's family members.

Oh, you're finally here. A doctor hurried over. These are all patients who died this morning. Let's put them in the morgue for the time being.

Chen Feng nodded and opened the door to the morgue. A moment of cold air burst out of the door.

His-- The doctor apparently remembered the haunted incident more than a month ago and shuddered. However, seeing that there were a lot of people around, he also braved himself. After all, things here still needed to be handled by him.

Once registered, the bodies were pushed into a corpse locker. These bodies will be autopsied in a few days to identify the hospital's medical responsibilities.

The family members cried for a while before leaving reluctantly.

When the people were gone, Chen Feng's eyes coagulated violently.

Sir. A white shadow flew out quietly, kneeling on the ground, Sir, these corpses are strange.

Tingting, did you understand it? Chen Feng said solemnly. The real name of the Yin Spirit is Ling Tingting. For more than a month, Chen Feng has been very familiar with this Yin Spirit.

Yea. There is always an indescribable evil Qi on them, it seems very evil. LiuTingting thought for a moment and said.

Yes, you're right. Chen Feng reopened a drawer and unzipped the body. Suddenly, an extremely pale face was exposed to Chen Feng.

Look at his pupils! Chen Feng opened the corpse's eyelids. The corpse's pupils disappeared and the color of his eyes glowed green, exuding a gloomy aura.

Look again. Chen Feng was pinching the body's chin again. Suddenly, the corpse mouth opened. Chen Feng pointed to his mouth and said, Look at his teeth. The original flat teeth are now sharpened and even deep cavities are growing. This is not a simple phenomenon.

How can this be? Ling Tingting was puzzled. In her opinion, even if a person died, these changes would not be possible.

They are all poisoned by corpse poison. Chen Feng's face was dignified: It seems that this Hangzhou city is going to become restless.