The Peerless Master Chapter 21 - breakthrough

At midnight, there was silence all around.

Chen Feng's room was still bright.

Chen Feng sat on the bed with his arms out. On his left hand, a bloody red blood-sized pigeon egg-shaped blood dan swirled in the palm of his hand and a fierce and unusual aura emanated from the bloody dan, making his room look a little evil. On his right hand, there was a piece of dark, black wood, which looked unpretentious but exuded a hint of coolness.

The coldness contained in this thousand-year-old gloomy wood can greatly offset the blood-sharp Qi from this Blood Dan, which will prevent my dantian eroding from its Qi when I absorb it so that I won't go into the cultivation deviation.

Thousand-year-old gloomy woods are trees that were buried in the riverbed silt in case of floods, earthquakes, etc. and have been carbonized for thousands of years. Not very expensive, thousands of gloomy woods can be found in many places in the world. Moreover, in the cultivation world, gloomy woods over the millions can often be used for cultivation because the gloomy wood is buried deep in the ground all the year round and under the accumulation of the sun, it absorbs an inordinate amount of the Yang Qi. If you have it with you when you cultivate, you can use this Yang Qi to keep your mind clear and avoid going into cultivation deviation.

At the beginning, Chen Feng asked Mr. Situ to help find the millennium gloomy wood in order to offset the blood evil spirit contained in the Blood Dan of the Blood Sucking Centipede with the help of the Yang Qi inside. Unexpectedly, in just a few weeks, Mr. Situ found it for him and looking at the quality of the gloomy wood, although it is only a few thousands years old, it is still very good.

How much can this blood dan improve me? Chen Feng looked at the blood-colored beads that were still turning in the palm of his hand. His heart was a little expectant.

Chen Feng swallowed the blood dan and he suddenly felt that his stomach was beginning to fall. Suddenly, a large amount of energy was separated from the blood dan and the surroundings of these energies were accompanied by a string of blood-red red lines, filled with violent Qi.


These bright red blood lines, like long twisting snakes, quickly flew into ​​Chen Feng's sea of consciousness.

An endless aura burst from Chen Feng's body. Chen Feng's eyes opened and his eyes were extremely red. The unbelievable aura of evil Qi was revealed from his eyes, as if Chen Feng was going to turn into a demon.

I can't stop here, I must focus

Chen Feng's remaining intellect is controlling the evil Qi of the blood Dan with the gloomy wood in his hands. Under the instillation of his Qi, the thousand-year-old gloomy wood in his hand began to emit a silky gray and black light, bringing forth a strong coolness which instantly made Chen Feng's reason gradually recover.

For a moment, the evil Qi of the Blood Dan seemed to meet its nemesis when the Yang Qi from the gloomy wood pushed back the evil Qi.

Well, most of the evil Qi has been consumed by the Yang Qi of the gloomy wood and the remaining evil Qi is not enough to threaten me. Next, I'lI try to refine the blood Dan.

A powerful force separated from the Blood Dan and constantly flowed into Chen Feng's body. If someone is now in front of Chen Feng, he will surely find that every inch of flesh in Chen Feng is boiling like boiling water, violently fluctuating, making him look so weird.

Absorb, let's get started Chen Feng was moved in his heart.

The Dragon Breaks Through The Heavens method started and suddenly, Chen Feng's dantian, like a high-performance vacuum cleaner, it quickly absorbed the wild energy flowing through his body and strengthened his true energy in his dantian.

-Guru Guru-

Chen Feng's Dantian boiled with a lot of energy and Chen Feng's momentum is getting stronger and stronger.

Time passed minute by minute, Chen Feng was on the bed, still motionless. However, the energy in Chen Feng's body and his talent were already quite different. A strong stream of energy projected endless pressure.

Chen Feng opened his eyes, a helpless expression on his face.

The Blood Dan's energy is exhausted. My cultivation eventually stayed on the Ninth level of the Qi refining and could not go any further.

However, in a blink of an eye, Chen Feng smiled and said, It is an act against the heavens to cultivate. It is extremely difficult to improve a small realm, let alone to cross a large realm. Today, I can make such progress , which is beyond the dreams of others. Why am I not satisfied?

Suddenly, his mood seemed to have improved a little.

Putting back his Qi, Chen Feng once again restored his former temperament

The sky was already bright outside the window. Unexpectedly, it was a whole night's effort to use the Blood Dan to improve.

Outside the door, Mu Wan'er was quietly putting breakfast at the dinner table. When she saw Chen Feng coming out, she smiled sweetly, Wash up and come eat.

Un Chen Feng smiled slightly, Mu Wan'er's smile satisfied him for a while.

After washing, Chen Feng returned to the dining table and when he saw that there was no Lili, he felt a little cold. Where's Lily?

She got a call early in the morning and hurried to the police force. Mu Wan'er said and looked at Chen Feng with a smile, What's wrong, do you miss her?

Cough. Chen Feng was almost choked by a mouthful of porridge and shook his head in a hurry, No. It's just that this girl always quarrels with me so not seeing her feels weird.

Oh, you two are a pair of happy enemies. Mu Wan'er smiled but there was a strange light in the corner of her eyes.

By the way, I'm going on a business trip tomorrow, Mu Wan'er said suddenly.

Business trip? Where are you going so suddenly? Chen Feng found that he was very reluctant.

Mu Wan'er looked at Chen Feng, her face flushed, It's not your business. Since you cured Mr. Situ's illness, the dean has paid special attention to me. This time, he let me go to Shanghai to study for a while and I can be promoted to attending physician.

Chen Feng touched his nose, This is a good thing for promotion. Others have it even if they want it.

Um. By that time, I need you to take more care of Lili. This girl has a bad temper but she is kind at heart so can you be patient with her. Mu Wan'er looked at Chen Feng and said queerly: Remember, don't bully her.

Bullying her? I'll be happy if she doesn't bully me. Chen Feng couldn't laugh or cry.

Mu Wan'er's eyes were a little worried, Since that crazy killer appeared, Lily went out early and returned late and is usually tired. Moreover, that crazy killer is so scary, I'm afraid that Lily is in danger.

Chen Feng smiled lightly: Relax, there is me, what are you afraid of? Then, Chen Feng looked at Mu Wan'er, It's you, you must pay attention to safety on the road.

Okay. Mu Wan'er responded softly, looking at Chen Feng, a little bit reluctant.