The Peerless Master Chapter 20 - She Can't Helpit


The door opened and Chen Feng walked in with a smile.

Ah, Chen Feng, you're back? Mu Wan'er jumped up from the sofa with red eyes. The sadness on her face disappeared and then two lines of tears fell from her face.

Oh, why do you look like this? didn't I say I will be back? Chen Feng walked to the sofa and gently wiped the tears on Mu Wan'er's face.

Mmm Feeling the temperature of Chen Feng's big hand, Mu Wan'er moaned softly but she did not resist.

Look, it's a big cat. Chen Feng smiled.

You're a big cat! Humph. Then, Mu Wan'er's nose wrinkled and she looked extremely cute.

When Chen Feng saw the beauty of Mu Wan'er, he couldn't help but stretch out his arms and held Mu Wan'er in his arms.

What are you doing, bad guy? Mu Wan'er struggled lightly. Seeing that she can't get free, she blushed and leaned obediently into Chen Feng's arms, Don't scare me like this, you being taken away by the police almost scared me about death.

Chen Feng felt warm in his heart as he said, Didn't I say not to worry?I'm a god and I'm not afraid of anything.

He thought Mu Wan'er would definitely doubt it but who knew, Mu Wan'er nodded gently in his arms and said, I know.

Huh? Chen Feng was filled with questions: How do you know?

I... uh, don't move your hands. Mu Wan'er held Chen Feng's big hand that was running on her back and said, Because, my grandpa is a god.

What? Chen Feng stared, Your grandpa is also a cultivator?

Oh, it turns out that you are called l cultivation. Mu Wan'er held Chen Feng again and began to feel restless and her face flushed. She said, Before, Grandpa was very mysterious. He only returned once every year but last time when he came back, His body was covered with blood and he seemed to have suffered a serious injury. He had stayed at home for several years. Every month, people in the family would buy many medicines and send them to Grandpa's room.

After a pause, Mu Wan'er said again, Chen Feng, I know that you have a high medical skill and even Mr. Situ's disease has been cured. In the future, can you see my grandpa? Grandpa has been kind to me since childhood till now.

Chen Feng smiled slightly, I may not agree to other people's requests but well since its Wan'er's. I will complete it as soon as possible. So, tomorrow, I will go with you to see.

vAlthough his current cultivation is not high but his experience as Danzu, Chen Feng is very sure to heal Wan'er's grandfather's injury.

Mu Wan'er hurriedly said, No, you must wait for the New Year to go back.

Why? Chen Feng was a little confused. Since Wan'er cares so much about her Grandpa, it should be as fast as possible.

My Wan'er smiled: This is a secret.

Ooh? So mysterious, see how I punish you As Chen Feng said, his hands twitched around Wan'er's waist and that amazing elasticity made him stunned.


Wan'er, like a blooming lily, completely exposed her lively side to Chen Feng.


At this time.


The sound of the rotation of the door lock suddenly sounded.

Mu Wan'er and Chen Feng were surprised at the same time and their bodies immediately separated.

Oh, you're both at home. Lili's face was a little tired as she walked into the door and collapsed on the sofa.

Hey, Wan'er, why is your face so red? Lili looked at Mu Wan'er who was a little weird. Then turned around and fiercely yelled at Chen Feng, Is it because you bullied Wan'er?

No, no! Chen Feng shook his head in a hurry, denying Lili.

Huh? Lili wrinkled her nose, picked up the fruit knife on the coffee table and looked at Chen Feng with a smile: I dare you, if you dare to bully Wan'er, your aunt will... Holding the fruit knife, she made a cutting gesture.

Chen Feng only felt a cool breeze, and stepped back involuntarily, smiling brightly, Well, you back so I'll start cook.

Humph Lili looked at Chen Feng's back in disdain thoughtfully.


At dinner, watching Lili, Chen Feng was a little speechless: Slow down, no one will take your food

Lili still wiped out the food on the table, leaving Chen Feng exasperated.

Pig-like eating, be careful not to get fat Chen Feng couldn't help but ridiculed.

...... Lili turned a deaf ear to it and ate happily.

Ah! It feels so good to be full! Finally, Lili put down her chopsticks and stretched her waist.

Why, isn't the lunch in the police team enough? Mu Wan'er looked at Lili and smiled.

Ah, don't mention it. I didn't eat lunch today. Today, we received three alarms saying that female corpses were found. We could only run to the scene one by one. Then, Lili looked a little uncomfortable as she said, That crazy killer is getting more and more rampant and the frequency of crimes is getting faster and faster. So far, there have been seven victims.

Mu Wan'er listened and was worried, Did you not find any clues?

There is no clue. There were no footprints around the scene. Lili thought inconceivable, As if this murderer could fly.

Chen Feng listened and said suddenly, Maybe the killer can really fly.


Lili seemed to have heard the funniest joke and reached out and touched Chen Feng's forehead, Well, you don't have a fever. Why is this silly child actually talking nonsense.

Shoo, shoo. Chen Feng slapped Lili's little hand away and asked, Have you checked the local gangs?

Gangsters? Lili muttered and suddenly, her eyes widened, Yeah, I really remember hearing you say that. The places where these seven female corpses were found were all in the sphere of influence of the Tiger Gang.

No, I have to report this situation quickly. Chen Feng, I always thought you were stupid but unecpectedly, you are really useful at critical moments. Lili kissed Chen Feng's face in a slump and then grinned. Afterwards, she immediately went on the phone.

Uh. Chen Feng felt the wetness on his face, looked at Mu Wan'er carefully and said weakly, Well, this girl Lili can't help herself.


Looking at Chen Feng's embarrassment, Wan'er could not help but smile.

-Ding Dong-

The crisp doorbell rang and Chen Feng went to open the door.

Hello, may I ask if you are Mr. Chen. A young man asked.

That's me. Chen Feng nodded.

That's good. I'm the security guard of Situ's house. The old sir asked me to send this to you. Then, the young man handed Chen Feng a black package.

Looking at this package, Chen Feng's heart was suddenly full of joy.