The Peerless Master Chapter 2 - Discharged

Dr. Fang, the patient suddenly has a heartbeat and it is even stronger than normal

Re-attach the oxygen inhaler immediately and measure his blood pressure every ten minutes. Dr. Fang's voice was a little excited, This is a medical miracle


The patient's condition has stabilized, transfer him the general ward, check up on him once every two hours. A few hours later, Dr. Fang finally said with relief and there was an unstoppable excitement in his words.


Where is this? A voice murmured in the boundless darkness

I clearly have failed my tribulation and even my Nascent Soul was destroyed and it should have been scattered. Why do I still have my consciousness? This voice wandered in the darkness, full of doubts.

Suddenly, there was a thunder rumbling in the darkness and under the earth-shattering sound, the voice turned silent

Ah, my soul, it seems that a soul has integrated with my soul? However, why is there no rejection? It's as if the soul that has been integrated was originally mine?

Huh? Who am I? Am I a migrant worker working in the city of Hangzhou or am I Dan Zu, one of the Five Heavenly Emperors in the cultivation world? The voice was a little confused, It seems that these two people are both me...

After a while, a boundless white light suddenly lit in the boundless darkness. Then, like a rising sun, this light instantly illuminated the boundless darkness.

Huh? Chen Feng's eyes sharply open.

Where am I? In an instant, a wave of memories appeared in his head. It seems that both of the souls are completely integrated and it allowed me to come back to life. However, am I now Chen Feng or Dan Zu?

Suddenly, Chen Feng's eyes suddenly burst into a fascinating look, Chen Feng is me, and Dan Zu is also me. Since God gave me the chance to live once again, I will live in the name of Chen Feng

From now on, there is no Dan Zu in this world, only me, Chen Feng While in thought, Chen Feng's fiercely sat up from his bed and suddenly grimaced in pain.

This body is too weak! Chen Feng carefully felt the situation of his body. Although many years of labor made Chen Feng's body have some muscles, the essence of his body is still extremely weak.

It seems that after this discharge, I have to get a few medicinal herbs to strengthen my body. Otherwise, with my current physical condition, I can't cultivate at all Chen Feng secretly planned.


The door of the ward opened and I a sullen young man walked in helplessly and with his dull face, it made him look lifeless. Seeing Chen Feng sitting in bed, the eyes of this young man lit up and ecstasy suddenly burst out of his face, making his face that had not been taken care of for many days suddenly look young

Haha, Chen Feng, you.. You finally woke up! The young man shouted, rushed to the bed and hugged Chen Feng as he bursted into tears.

Chen Feng was moved in the heart. He patted the young man's shoulder and said jokingly, I'm not Zi'Ao and I won't die so easily. Ga Zi, you are big man who is crying like a woman. Also, quickly let me go, I am not interested in men! After speaking, Chen Feng pretended to shiver [TN: Zi'Ao basically killed himself in fear because he thought a dead king was not actually dead and was planning to take back the throne]

F*ck, you are not a beautiful woman. Why are you still holding onto Laozi?

Ga Zi finally let go of Chen Feng and said, Chen Feng, stay in bed, don't move, I will go call the doctor Then Ga Zi ran out of the ward and did not look back.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise outside of the ward. Presumably, his burly body ran into a nurse.

This guy... Chen Feng shook his head with a chuckle. Ga Zi's real name is Xu Daga. He has been his friend since childhood. They dug a birds nest together, smashed glass and even peeked at Widow's Liu taking bath together. Later, the two felt that they had no future in the mountains so they went to work in Hangzhou.

In a short while, a doctor rushed into the ward and seemed to be more excited than Ga Zi.

Chen Feng, this is Dr. Fang. If he didn't try to save you, you might have seen Yama already Ga Zi reminded Chen Feng and there was still some fear between his words.

Thank you, Dr. Fang Chen Feng arched his hand towards Dr. Fang but there was an inexplicable temperament around him.

You don't have to, I didn't do much Dr. Fang is still immersed in excitement, This time, you came through yourself. This is really a medical miracle. Then, Dr. Fang picked up the equipment to check on Chen Feng.

Chen Feng nodded and looked at the doctor with appreciation. This doctor is able to seek truth from facts, it is not what ordinary doctors can do. You know, if the patient is cured, which doctor does not take credit for himself?

Oh, Oh, Oh!. It's a miracle. I can only say that your self-healing ability is beyond imagination. In just over ten days, you have completely recovered. The more Dr. Fang examined, the more shocked he became. After a while, he finally put down the instruments, smiled and said, With my initial inspection, you are fine. However, you will have to go through a full-body examination. If there is no problem, you can leave the hospital.

After he said his piece, Dr. Fang said goodbye to the two and went to the other wards to inspect.


Haha, Chen Feng, you really have recovered and you can soon be discharged from the hospital. Hearing Dr. Fang, Ga Zi laughed happily, F*ck, I have been living in this hospital for half a month, it was so awkward.

At this time, a nurse went in holding a receipt and handed it to Ga Zi, saying You are Chen Feng's family member right? You can go to the first floor and pay for the medical expenses. You can also go through the discharge procedure there

Ga Zi took the receipt, glanced over it and said, So much, so many figures, which one is the medical bill? I don't know how to read However, at this time, the nurse has already left the ward

Show me. Chen Feng said as he reached out his hand

Show it to you? Aren't you the same as me? Ga Zi said as he handed the bill to Chen Feng. Finally, he couldn't help but ask, Chen Feng, can you really understand it?

Look, what is written here is the total amount, a total of 8,600. Chen Feng pointed to the bill and explained to Ga Zi.

What? You can really understand the bill? Ga Zi yelled in shock but in a blink of an eye, he widened his eyes and asked, How much did you say?


This time, the two of us have become really poor Outside the hospital, Ga Zi carried some daily necessities, looked up at the sky and complained loudly.

Ugh, this Zhou Yupi is really evil. Such a big thing happened on the construction site but he isn't even willing to give a penny. This is just great, both of our deposits are gone and other than the clothes on our body, we only have a few dozen yuan. Ga Zi sighed, Chen Feng, you choose. Where are we going to do next?

Go to the construction site Chen Feng said straightforwardly.

F*ck, Chen Feng, did you suffer a brain injury? Zhou Yupi is like this to us so why are we going back for? Ga Zi suddenly jumped up.

Go get back what we deserve Chen Feng said faintly, Remember, Ga Zi, our lives aren't cheap.

For a moment, there was a majestic aura around Chen Feng, making Ga Zi nod involuntarily.