The Peerless Master Chapter 19 - Are You Stupid?

They... they are inside. The police officer who led the way swallowed and said carefully.

Eh? Situ Qiang pushed and saw that he couldn't open the door of the interrogation room. He was immediately angry and snarled at Guo Liang, Open the door for me

Guo Liang sweated coldly and shouted to the small police officer, Where is the key?

Director, the key is on captain Wang The small police officer said aggrievedly, To prevent someone from disturbing, captain Wang brought the key with him.

This bastard Guo Liang slammed the door and shouted, Wang Dalong, you bastard, open the door

However, after a while, no one came to open the door.

No Guo Liang was secretly anxious, Although the door of this interrogation room is special and hard, it is not soundproof. It should be reasonable for us to hear things inside.

Is something wrong? Guo Liang's heart swelled as he thought of something. Would Wang Dalong really kill someone at the station? Thinking of this, Guo Liang knocked at the door vigorously.

However, after knocking for a long time, no one opened the door.

Secretary Situ, um... Guo Liang looked at Situ Qiang and asked in a low voice.

Humph Situ hummed angrily and kicked out abruptly.


After hearing a loud bang, the door of the interrogation room flew in with the door frame brushing down, 'causing the pieces of cement and lime to fall down and obscuring the situation inside the door.

What! Guo Liang looked dumbfounded, opened his mouth wide and didn't even notice the broken lime flying into his mouth.

The door of this interrogation room can be said to be the strongest place in the police station except the arsenal. This door was selected by himself and even if it was a small car, it wouldn't be possible to knock it open. However, such an indestructible door was actually destroyed by Situ Qiang and it was still destroyed together with the door frame. This power is simply unthinkable

Situ Qiang quickly walked into the interrogation room but was stunned by the sight.

All the people in police clothes were lying on the ground, like wood men, with their eyes open and motionless. But from their eyes, Situ Qiang saw fear, deep fear.

The Chen Feng he was looking for looked at him with a smile.

Mr. Chen, are you okay? Situ Qiang looked at Chen Feng and asked.

Chen Feng smiled lightly, shook the handcuffs in his hands but did not speak.

Asshole, why have you not yet unlocked the handcuffs for Mr. Chen Situ Qiang shouted at Guo Liang.

Yes, yes Guo Liang looked at the police officer. The police officer hurried forward, took out the handcuff key and unlocked the lock carefully.

Chen Feng shook the joint of his right hand, stood up and smiled at Situ Qiang, Thank you, Director Situ, for the help.

Mr. Chen. I am ashamed. If it wasn't for Vice President Wang's phone call, I wouldn't have known your situation. Situ Qiang was ashamed.

Yeah, big brother, my dad rushed once heard about your situation and even the car broke. Situ Yunfei said something nice for his dad.

This time, Guo Liang was dumbfounded. What is the identity of the person arrested this time? It seems to be a big deal. Even Director Situ carefully called him Mr.

I must explain the misunderstanding today. Otherwise, my official career will be over. Guo Liang thought of this and hurriedly asked the police officer behind him, What happened, what crime has this gentleman committed for you to just bring him in like this?

All police officers behind shut their mouths, afraid to say anything. They thought, if we say it 's all because of your own son, you'll be in trouble.

Say it Guo Liang was anxious when he saw everyone not speaking.

However, even if he looked at them like that, no one spoke. Just then, there was an arrogant voice outside the door.

Hey, where is that kid? With this voice, a man came in.

Dad, you're here too. This man saw Guo Liang, greeted with a smile and suddenly saw Chen Feng standing with a smile by his side. No matter who was next to him, he yelled, You little bastard, how can you be fine after I got you in

The police officers behind looked at the man speechlessly, with an incredible expression on his face: Is this man stupid? Didn't you see what is happening now? Of course, they were afraid to say this sentence.

However, although they dare not say that, someone dares to say it.

Are you stupid? Situ Yunfei looked at this man with a funny look and asked with a smile.

Bastard, what did you say? The man heard Situ Yunfei's words and suddenly became angry, My dad is the director here, believe it or not. I can have you arrested

As soon as his words came out, everyone couldn't help touching their forehead. Forehead, God, is this man an idiot?


As soon as his voice fell, a slap slammed down.

Guo Liang looked at his son hatefully and cursed, You're a beast, I'll kill you

With the slap, the man was stunned. Looking at his father who was usually kind had actually hit him, causing his heart to suddenly become cold.

He is not stupid but he is usually used to prestige and blessing. He subconsciously thought that his father is the boss here and that he should be afraid of no one. Hence, he did not put the people here in his eyes but the slap now made him realize that things are not good. Looking at the old and young man, he tried to guess their identity.

However, before he could make his guess, their identity was already said. Guo Liang got in front of the older middle-aged man crying and said pitifully, Director Situ, this is caused by my unworthy son and I didn't know anything at all.

Hmm Situ Qiang looked at Guo Liang angrily and said solemnly, Tomorrow, you will submit an inspection report to my office. You are old so you should give young people more opportunities.

Situ Qiang's words seemed to have issued a death sentence to him, causing Guo Liang's face to turn pale. Looking at his son, he felt the urge to bite him.

Sir, what happened to these people? Situ Qiang asked Chen Feng in a low voice.

Rest assured, I just hit their acupuncture points and they will be fine after three days. Let them be hungry for a few days. After finishing, Chen Feng glanced at Guo Liang and his son who looked extremely pale and went out.

Situ Qiang glanced at Guo Liang again and hurried out.

You beast Guo Liang pointed at his son who had been on the ground, speechless.

Go back to work, there's nothing to look at The deputy director of the police station dismissed the crowd alou, and then went out without looking at Guo Liang. He is in a hurry to do some work and see if he can win this opportunity to get a positive result.