The Peerless Master Chapter 18 - Situ Qiang

Wan'er, wait for me. Chen Feng followed with a smirk behind Mu Wan'er.

Hump, big hooligan! Mu Wan'er blushed and walked ahead without saying anything, regardless of Chen Feng's urging.

Well, Wan'er, I couldn't help it. I had no choice. Chen Feng repeatedly shouted while catching up with a flat face, causing Mu Wan'er to blush.

Just then, a police car suddenly crossed in front of the two of them. The door opened and two policemen came out. One fat and one thin. They stopped in front of Chen Feng with a serious face and said sternly, Boy, you've committed a crime. Come with us.

Chen Feng looked at the two with a smile and said, What, did that so called brother Guo ask you to come?

The two policemen were shocked but then calmed down, saying viciously, Less nonsense, go to the police station to report After speaking, Chen Feng was handcuffed.

What are you doing? Mu Wan'er stopped in front of Chen Feng with a pale face and shouted in panic, Why are you arresting people

Why? The fat-faced policeman sneered, pointed at his the police badge and said proudly, Because of this

After that, he looked at Chen Feng and grinned grinningly, Boy, why are you hiding behind a woman? Come with us if you have the ability

Chen Feng smiled and said, Okay, I'll go with you but just don't ask me to come out at that time.

When the two policemen heard it, they laughed exaggeratedly, Hahaha, who do you think you're scaring. Just wait for it, we will definitely treat you well

Chen Feng, are you crazy? Mu Wan'er looked at Chen Feng with a puzzled look and asked anxiously, How can you promise them, they are unreasonable.

Looking at Mu Wan'er who had an anxious face, Chen Feng gently held her little hand and said with a smile, Relax, obediently go home and wait for me. Then he walked towards the police car.

When they saw Chen Feng being so cooperative, their faces were full of smiles and they then stared at each other with a flash of coldness in their eyes.

Wee! Woo! Wee! Woo!

The police car sounded the alarm and whistled away.

This idiot! Mu Wan'er anxiously stomped her feet, suddenly thinking of something and quickly took out her phone.

Sorry, the number you dialed is... Hearing this, Mu Wan'er's became even more anxious, What, why did this Lily turn off her phone at this time?


In a villa, Guo Shao was busy exercising. He was working hard behind a woman, constantly beating the woman's skin with his hands, leaving a bright red palm print on it. The woman's face was full of pain but she still worked hard under Guo Shao's attack and the puffing voice never stopped.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang.

Which bastards dares to bother me at this time Guo Shao answered the phone fiercely.

Then his face suddenly eased up, He's caught? Okay, give him the special treatment for now. I'll be there soon

Hanging up the phone, Guo Shao said to himself fiercely, Boy, you dare to be arrogant in front of me. This time, I will definitely give you a good time!


A clear slap rang and a bright red slap was added to the woman's bottom again, causing her to scream involuntarily.

Give me something nice! Guo Shao grabbed the woman's hair and shook her body violently. The woman's face was humiliated but a seductive moan came from her mouth.


In the interrogation room, Chen Feng sat on the interrogation chair with his legs crossed. His hands were handcuffs and the other end of the handcuffs, it was attached to the armrest of a chair. At this moment, he looked at the police officer with a smirk, I said, it's been a while, are you still not going to start yet?

Shut up, and we will naturally interrogate you well afterwards A police officer shouted fiercely at Chen Feng.

Captain Wang, don't be angry with him. Wait a minute and see how he will ask for mercy. A man next to him smiled and said.

Well, that's right, we'll give him a good time later Captain Wang said coldly.

Just then, the interrogation room door opened and a young policeman gasped as he ran in, locked the door and said to Wang Dui, The surveillance system is closed.

Okay! Captain Wang looked cold and stood up suddenly, pointing at Chen Feng who still had his legs crossed, shouting, Brothers, please give a good hospitality for this boy. Guo Shao said to beat him near death

Suddenly, all the police officers in the interrogation room sneered and went to Chen Feng. Some were holding thick books, some were holding pillows and some were flexing their muscles. With these things cushioned, no matter how hard you hit, you won't see any injuries. Judging by their posture, they are clearly familiar with doing such things.

Beat him Captain Wang loudly said and rushed to Chen Feng first.

Suddenly, a series of chickens and dogs jumped in the interrogation room, shouting loudly. The police officers seemed to have heard something strange and when they heard the screams inside, they all smiled slightly and continued their affairs.

At the same time, Situ Qiang, the director of the General Administration of Public Security of Hangzhou City was whirling in the yard of his villa, using a set of techniques. Vaguely visible, there was a hazy mist in his palm, strangeness beyond words.

Haha, I condensed my Qii. My Yonglong Palm is at least ten times more powerful. Situ Qiang was very happy and laughed at his son beside him.

Congratulations, Dad has gone further. Situ Yunfei said sincerely.

--Ring Ring Ring--

Situ Qiang's cell phone rang.

Hey, who is it? Situ Qiang was in a good mood and spoke with a smile.

What? The next moment, Situ Qiang's face suddenly cooled down, Okay, Vice President Wang needn't worry, I will handle it well.

Dad, what's wrong? Situ Yunfei looked puzzled. You should know that with the calmness of his father, he usually doesn't suddenly get so angry.

Situ Qiang said hurriedly, Vice President Wang of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital just called and said that Mr. Chen was taken away by the police station in Chengdong Commercial District. Situ Qiang had already started the car without even bothering to change his clothes.

Dad, wait for me! Situ Yunfei yelled, his body made an arc in the air and he flew into the car from the window.


The car roared angrily and rushed towards Chengdong Commercial District.

Speeding all the way, running through red lights and making countless scraping escapes, this car actually shortened the original half-hour drive to more than ten minutes. The car was parked directly at the gate of the police station and Situ Qiang and his son ignored the car that had no paint left and rushed into the police station.

Guo Liang, come out for me Situ Qiang's loud voice suddenly rang in the police station, causing a sensation.

Who is that person, to dare to call the director's name directly?

Don't worry about him, for someone who dares to call our director out like this will definitely be handled properly.

Seeing this scene, several policewoman bowed their heads to discuss their work in the next moment, the conversation turned around and they talked about the topics that women were interested in.

Who is it? The two policemen hurried over and shouted loudly.

Stop A shout of urgency came from behind and a fat man came in running tremblingly, saluting, Secretary, why are you here?

Then he looked around hurriedly and said earnestly That crazy murderer committed a crime in our district. All of our members have canceled their vacation and worked overtime on the weekend.

If it is a normal time, Situ Qiang might praise him for his serious work attitude but at this time, Situ Qiang was angry in his stomach and snarled at the fat man, Guo Liang, where is the person you just arrested?

Person? Who? Guo Liang couldn't figure out his head, and turned to the police officer behind him who answered, No one has just been arrested.

Seeing what the police officer said, Situ strongly scolded, There is, you guys arrested a person. Where is he

Frightened by the momentum, the police officer nodded again and again and again: Yes, yes, captain Wang is in the interrogation room with someone in it.

Show me the way! Situ Qiang grunted angrily and said to the police officer.

In desperation, the police officer had no choice but to lead the way. The fat man Guo Liang had an ominous hunch in his heart but saw that Situ Qiang had gone and hurried to keep up.