The Peerless Master Chapter 17 - Buying A Mobile Phone

Well, today is the weekend. Are you free? After eating lunch, Chen Feng looked at the two women and asked.

Why? Lili's looked up and asked.

Mu Wan'er also looked at Chen Feng inquiringly.

Oh, that, if you have time, just accompany me to buy a mobile phone. Chen Feng said weakly.

Hey, our big boss is finally planning to buy a mobile phone. Lili smiled and looked at Chen Feng. In Lili's eyes, Chen Feng is a full-fledged miser. Despite making a small fortune, he is still unwilling to pay for more rents. He looks like a small farmer.

Just as she planned to continue to ridicule Chen Feng, her phone rang. Lili picked up the phone and listened. Soon, her face suddenly changed.,

Understood, I'll be there right away! Lili looked serious and there was no aura of mischief around her anymore.

Hanging up the phone, Lili said with some seriousness, Wan'er, go with this big hooligan, there is another big case in the police force and I need to immediately go there

Mu Wan'er looked at Lili anxiously,What happened? Anyways, you have to pay attention to your safety.

Well, that crazy murderer has committed another murder in the east. Lili said with gritted teeth.

Ah? Is it that corpse demon? Mu Wan'er's eyes were full of panic: Lili, please pay attention your safety.

Corpse Demon? Chen Feng's heart moved, thinking of the Yin Spirit in the morgue, Tell me about it.

Did you not read the newspaper? Lili gave Chen Feng a glance and explained. The murderer is extremely crazy and after brutally killing his victims, he would brutally cut the corpses into hundreds of pieces. Moreover, from the wounds of the corpse, it seemed that they were cut with a sharp knife.

Oh, right. Lili thought again, One of those corpses should be in the morgue you administer.

Well, wait for me. Chen Feng thought for a moment and suddenly said to Lili. Then, Chen Feng went into his bedroom and closed the door.

What, why so mysterious. Lili muttered dissatisfied.

It didn't take long for Chen Feng to come out and he looked slightly tired. He took out a yellow paper and gave it to Lili. Afterwards, Chen Feng said solemnly, Keep this talisman with you all times.

Humph. Feudal superstition Lili carelessly stuffed the talisman into her pocket, picked up her bag and went out.

Mu Wan'er looked at Chen Feng and there was a strange light in the deep corner of her eyes.


Sir, what kind of cell phone are you going to buy? On the counter, the receptionist looked at Chen Feng in plain clothes with a smile.

Well, I want a mobile phone that can make calls. Chen Feng said solemnly.


The receptionist almost collapsed. Her face was flushed and the corners of her mouth twitched, apparently trying hard not to laugh.

Ha ha. Mu Wan'er beside her was covering her mouth and smiling and her silver bell-like laughter puzzled Chen Feng.

Mobile phone, isn't it for calling? Chen Feng asked weakly. He had never used a mobile phone in his previous life. As a migrant worker in this life, he never thought about buying a mobile phone. When he came to this big city, he worked from day to night without any rest. Where would he have the time to care about getting a mobile phone? Therefore, for the understanding of mobile phones, Chen Feng still stays at the level of calling.

The receptionist took out a prototype with a smile and said, Every mobile phone has a calling function but the current function of the phone is not only to make calls but also to go online, watch movies, play games, etc.

Chen Feng listened and suddenly understood. Suddenly, he pointed to a prototype that was prominently placed on the counter and said, I want that one.

Uh, sir, you have a good vision. This is the iPhone 6, Apple's latest product and it is one of the most advanced mobile phones in the world at the moment.

Humph, even a poor boy can afford an iPhone 6? A disdainful voice came. Chen Feng turned around and saw a man with yellow hair walking with a woman in his arms with a look of arrogance.

Suddenly, his eyes brightened.

Pushing away the woman beside him, the man came to Mu Wan'er with a smile on his face and said in a fluent manner, This beautiful young lady, do you mind having a drink with me?

As he stretched out a finger, he flipped his bangs on his forehead and said proudly, My dad is the director of the police station in this commercial district in the east of the city. All the brothers on this road respectfully call me Brother Guo.

As if to verify his words, the woman held his arms again with a smile and said charmingly, Brother Guo, you are so bad. Why must you dispose of the old one once you find a new one. She said as her hand was constantly groping on Guo's body.

Mu Wan'er's eyes flashed with disgust, turned her head and ignored him.

However, Guo Guo still entangled unswervingly, Beauty, there is no future with this poor boy. Follow me and I promise to let you be so satisfied that you will never want to leave me. His eyes were full of lust as he looked at Mu Wan'er's chest and swallowed his saliva.

Suddenly, a sense of humiliation flashed on Mu Wan'er's face. From a young age till now, she has never seen anyone so frivolous.

However, the next moment her body was suddenly pulled and then, she heard Chen Feng's voice, Brother Guo, this is my girlfriend. You should try someone else. Then, Chen Feng pulled Mu Wan'er closer, making her stick to him.

The masculine that flew on her face made her face flush. Suddenly held by this man, Mu Wan'er surprisingly did not resist.

What's wrong with me? Mu Wan'er secretly asked herself.

Huh! Brother Guo's eyes suddenly became cold, Boy, I will give you a minute to leave this beauty immediately. Otherwise, I will immediately let you go to the police station for a meal. In his opinion, as long as he said a few words. The man would immediately walk away. At that time, by his means, wouldn't it be easy to get this beauty?

When Chen Feng heard that, his face suddenly became cold. The threat made him very upset. However, afterwards, he rolled his eyes and smiled, slammed his mouth together and kissed Mu Wan'er's face with a sloppy kiss and said affectionately, Wan'er, don't worry, I will never leave you alone.

Suddenly being kissed by the wolf's mouth, Mu Wan'er's face was so red that she almost looked like a tomato head. She stared at Chen Feng with blame but did not say anything.

However, in the eyes of Brother Guo, this look was regarded as flirtation between the young couple and ignoring him. This made him furious and he started shouting fiercely, Hum, boy, you better watch out. Let's go Brother Guo said to the stunned woman and hurried away.

Rogue, why haven't you let go yet Mu Wan'er blushed and said softly.

Chen Feng seemed to have not heard Mu Wan'er's words as he tightened a bit and said righteously, Well, show me the iPhone 6.