The Peerless Master Chapter 16 - I'm a God, do you believe?

Sir, when will my father wake up? Situ Qian looked at Chen Feng, who was constantly moving and asked awkwardly.

Chen Feng's fingers flickered with Qi and strings of needle-like Qi penetrated into Mr. Situ's body without any hindrance.

Chen Feng smiled and looked at Mr. Situ who was getting better and better. He suddenly waved his right hand and the strings of Qi on Mr. Situ's body dissipated. The way Chen Feng freely controlled the Qi caused Situ Qiang to secretly admire him.

Even if you are a True Qi Martial Artist it is also divided into three stages, Early, Mid, and Late. According to the solidity of the Qi and the control of the Qi, martial artists at the True Qi stage are divided into nine ranks. When a martial artist is first able to condense Qi, they are at the early stage. As they become more used to using their Qi, they become more powerful. Above the 9th stage of True Qi, also known as the late stage, it is said that there is an even more powerful realm but as of right now, Situ Qiang is not qualified to know


Soon, Mr. Situ's throat made the sound of swallowing. The next moment, the old man's eyes opened and a glimmer of light flashed. Mr. Situ sat up and looked at Chen Feng with vigilance.

Dad, you finally woke up. Although he knew that his father was out of danger, he couldn't help but feel excited when he saw his father wake up.

What happened to me? Mr. Situ looked around the room and understand where he is and asked curiously.

Situ Qiang hurriedly explained to the old man what happened recently. It turned out that half a month ago, Mr. Situ was having dinner with his family and a sudden black light flashed. Then Mr. Situ collapsed on the table. Everyone sent Mr. Situ to the hospital in a hurry but every hospital did not understand what had happened to him. Seeing that Mr. Situ's condition is becoming worse every day and there was also some strange phenomena happening on his body. Everyone sought out the large and small hospitals in Hangzhou but every hospital didn't know what illness Mr. Situ has. Seeing that he was about to die, Chen Feng appeared in time to save the life of Mr. Situ.

Listening to his son's story, Mr. Situ's face became more and more surprised. He got up, looked at Chen Feng and bowed, Thank you for saving me

Chen Feng smiled a little but he received this bow, It's fine, it is fate that we've met.

Situ Qiang said with some concern, Father, who could have done such a vicious thing to you?

Mr. Situ said with a slight sigh, In these years, I have already retired so I should not have offended anyone.

That... Situ Qiang was somewhat worried. Since the culprit has poisoned him for the first time, they will definitely try to poison him for the second time.

F*ck, I, SItu Long has been fighting all my life and when have I ever been afraid of anyone? Situ Long, the old man grunted angrily. He heaved a sigh and said to his son in disastification, Why are you so scared. Have you been living with the dogs all these years?

Situ Qiang sighed and said nothing.

Oh, this Jiang Tou Shu technique was broken so the person who used the curse must be seriously injured. I don't think he will come knocking on your door for a short period of time. Chen Feng chuckled, causing the awkward atmosphere in the room to disappear.

At this time, the door to the ward is slightly opened and only a young man was looking inward. When I saw Situ Long had already woken up, he suddenly yelled, opened the door and rushed in.

Grandpa, are you okay? The youth looked surprised and happy.

Hey! Yunfei, who let you in. Situ Qiang who had been scolded by his father suddenly turned his face and reprimanded the youth, I don't think I said that you could come in yet!

Dad, I was too excited when I saw grandpa wake up Situ Yunfei smiled and turned to Chen Feng gratefully, This big brother, thank you.

Situ Qiang directly smacked the back of this youths neck and said, You brat, This sir is a senior, how can you call him big brother?

Chen Feng smiled, It's fine, the disposition of brother Yunfei is rare. For this straightforwardness of Situ Yunfei, Chen Feng has some admiration.

Dad, you see, even Big Brother says so. Situ Yunfei talked as if he was familiar with Chen Feng and called him big brother.

Situ Qiang opened his mouth but he did not speak. It is a blessing if his son can become brothers with Chen Feng. To be honest, Situ Qiang is a little happy since Chen Feng didn't deny the claim.

At this time, everyone outside the door also came in and saw that Mr. Situ woke up. Naturally, everyone was very happy but when they saw the deep crack on the wall and the huge bloody scorpion on the ground, they were all surprised.

Sir. I, Zhang Renhua thank you for helping my father in law. The husband of Situ Fengyi came out from the crowd and said to Chen Feng as he bent over. The gratitude on his face was beyond words.

Situ Yunfei gently couldn't help but tease him at the side, Big brother, this is the first time I've ever seen my uncle bend down towards someone.

Everyone was amused by his words and they couldn't help but laugh. For a time, the already tense atmosphere has already dissipated.

While everyone was happy, Mu Wan'er looked at Chen Feng with a look of contemplation and wonder


At the dinner table, Lili looked at Chen Feng strangely, as if she is trying to see through him. Mu Wan'er looked down and quietly ate her vegetables and no one could tell what she was thinking about

Chen Feng touched his nose and said weakly to Lili: Why are you looking at me like this?

Lili said with a smile, Hey, I heard from Wan'er. Are you are rich?

Uhh. Chen Feng looked at Lili with a sly look, No... I'm not. As a migrant worker, he knows how valuable money is

After treating Situ Long, Situ Qiang took out 100,000 Yuan for Chen Feng as a thank-you. Chen Feng naturally will not be polite so he took. Getting paid to do things is the iron law in the cultivation world. As one of the Five Heavenly Emperors, Chen Feng had abide by this iron law to the fullest

Lili smacked the table and stood up, Humph, isn't it just a little bit of money, do you think that this Aunt is poor? She said, then leaned on Chen Feng's shoulder, lowered her head and said softly, So, Have you paid the rent for the whole year yet?

Feeling the beautiful face close at hand, Chen Feng swallowed his throat and couldn't help but want to kiss it. However, thinking of this little witch's acting style, he dispelled this idea. However, smelling the faint fragrance of Lili's hair, Chen Feng's heart was beating loudly.

Hey, big Satyr, what are thinking about Lili noticed Chen Feng's look and she suddenly jumped away and watched Chen Feng with vigilance, Are you thinking about something unspeakable?

N.. No Seeing Lili back off, Chen Feng felt a sense of loss but looking at her being so alert, Chen Feng hurriedly denied.

Humph. You better not, otherwise, this Aunt will pinch your eggs! Lili raised her eyebrow and said fiercely.

Chen Feng suddenly felt a bit of coolness and hurriedly clamped his legs.

Chen Feng, who are you in the end? Why do you have such amazing medical skills? Mu Wan'er, who had not said a word, suddenly asked.

Lili also looked at Chen Feng intently, full of doubts on her face.

Chen Feng smiled and said inexplicably: If I say that I am a god, would you believe it?


Lili held her belly and laughed, I believe... I believe that you are a big headed ghost.

Mu Wan'er's beautiful face showed that she is in deep thought, looking at Chen Feng but she did not speak.