The Peerless Master Chapter 15 - Cured

Jiang Tou Shu? Everyone looked at each other with confusion, they had never heard of such a thing. However, the husband of Situ Fengyi was shocked and then, he explained slowly.

The Jiang Tou Shu technique originated in China and is related to Taoism. In ancient times, there were some people who used Taoism wickedly. They believed that the higher the spell, the more they likely that they can become immortals. Therefore, a large number of Taoist used the extensive and profound principles of Taoism to conduct a large number of experiments that contradict Taoism. At first, they were only doing experiments but it gradually turned into something evil. Later, this evil system was gradually spread out throughout China.

The Jiang Tou Shu is very evil. Anyone who is cursed by this skill will be tortured and will die.

After listening to the words of Situ Fengyi's husband, everyone's face turned white. This is beyond the scope of their knowledge.

Sir, please help my father. Situ Fengyi who was suspicious at first suddenly came to Chen Feng and looked pleadingly.

Do not worry, as long as Mr. Situ is still alive, I will definitely save him. Chen Feng said faintly, Situ Qiang, you stay. Everyone else, go out.

Not long after, there were only Chen Feng and Situ Qiang left in the ward.

Sir, what are we going to do? Situ Qiang whispered.

Chen Feng pointed to the teacup on the table, Extract some blood into the cup and wait for my instructions.

Okay! Situ Qiang picked up the fruit knife on the table and cut his palm. Suddenly, red blood dripped and after a while, the tea cup was full.

On Chen Feng's side, he ripped open the shirt of Mr. Situ, exposing his entire chest. Mr. Situ's entire chest was full of dense black lines. These black lines were like cockroaches. They squirmed and stretched and they were moving towards the heart.

Chen Feng closed his eyes and pointed his finger towards Mr. Situ. Suddenly, a faint aura of Qi revolved around his fingertips.

So strong! Situ Qiang was shocked at the side and his eyes were full of worship. You must know, he has been cultivating for 30 years but he still isn't able to use Qi. In the martial arts world, only those who can master Qi can be considered experts

The Qi on Chen Feng's fingertips has been revolving furiously and after a while, Chen Feng pointed his finger towards the heart of Mr. Situ


A faint glow suddenly spread from Chen Feng's fingertips. For a time, all the black lines on Mr. Situ's body seemed as if they had met their natural enemies and they converge into a group. Then, as if they were blowing a balloon, they even bulged on the skin of Mr. Situ to form a black ball, which seemed to want to break through the skin of Mr. Situ.

Guru! Guru!

With the movement of the black ball, many black lines throughout Mr. Situ's body moved towards the black ball. Finally, the black ball swelled to the limit and there was no more black lines in Mr. Situ's body


The skin outside the black ball bursts like a blister and the black ball suddenly lost its restraint. The next moment, an extremely fierce Qi suddenly broke out from the black ball.

The black ball burst into flames and it started to form a black evil spirit in midair. Numerous fierce Qi's surround the whole room, causing the room to feel extremely eerie.

Then the figure of a ghost appeared and for a time, the legs of Situ Qiang shivered.

This black evil spirit is actually a kind of Yin spirit. However, since the day of its formation, this evil spirit has been subjected to various vicious curses by the evil cultivator, causing it to slowly lose its nature and becoming an evil spirit.


The black evil spirit roared loudly, opened his mouth and rushed toward Chen Feng, as if it wanted to devour Chen Feng.

Little Ghost, you want to devour me? Chen Feng snorted. He formed Qi on his right finger and quickly drew on his left palm.

Thunder Prison!

Soon after, Chen Feng's left palm illuminates a golden light. A huge grid suddenly appeared and surrounded the fierce black evil spirit.


As if setting off a off firecrackers, the black evil spirit's body emitted bright sparks everywhere and a strange stench soon filled the entire ward.


The black evil spirit slammed left and right on the grid but it is unable to break out of the grid. In the end, it screamed fiercely and suddenly turned into a smoke and disappeared.

Is it over? Situ Qiang swallowed his saliva in shock. What he saw today made him unable to describe his mood in words. He vaguely felt that he had come into contact with an unknown world.

Looking at the still unconscious Mr. Situ, his face looked a bit better and more dignified, Next, it's the main dish

Ah? Situ Qiang didn't respond for a moment. The fierce evil spirit is just a side dish? However, before he can even reorganize his thoughts, something even more shocking happened

The throat of Mr. Situ made a strange noise and then his mouth suddenly opened and a blood-red centipede flew out.

That's right, it was flying. The centipedes that would only crawl is actually flying


The centipedes two red-eyed eyes stared at Chen Feng motionless. It knew that it was the man in front of him who is trying to stop it from harvesting this old man's life.

The bloody centipedes tail swayed fiercely and its body was like an arrow that was released from the bow as it directly shot towards Chen Feng's face.

Humph! Chen Feng snorted. He pointed his fingers and soon, surge of Qi was formed and he hit the head of the centipede

Yiyang Finger? Situ Qiang swallowed his saliva and shouted in surprise

Hmm, you have read a lot of novels! Chen Feng's mouth drew a playful smile, This is called the 'Passing Finger'

As he was talking, his finger was repeatedly hitting the head of the centipede.

The centipede that is repeatedly hit suddenly became mad and it screaming sharply. Then its body swelled up violently and a fierce momentum came down like a mountain.

Pour the blood in the cup on it Chen Feng suddenly said. Situ Qiang reacted very quickly and as soon Chen Feng's words fell, the blood on the full cup had been poured out onto the centipede


Strangely, the moment this blood has been splashed on it, its original swelling body suddenly stopped and it seemed as if it was also enjoying itself.

Now Chen Feng secretly sighed. He condensed Qi onto his right index finger and pointed to the centipedes head


Earlier, its body that was unbreakable under Chen Feng's fingers is suddenly pierced by Chen Feng at this time.


The centipede screamed violently and the blood continually rushed out of the big hole in its head.


It struggled fiercely and its huge tail slammed on the wall. Suddenly, the layer of paint on the wall was scraped off and cracks started to form around it. [TN: The centipede is still swelled up]

Such strength. Situ Qiang sighed with exaggeration, However, why did it seem so enjoyable to it when my blood fell on it and moreover, its defensive power has dropped so much.

Oh, this is a rare 'Blood Sucking Centipede'. Chen Feng looked at the centipede still on the ground and explained, This centipede relies on sucking blood for a living and for blood, it will be desperate. Moreover, it will attack anything and it will also become stronger as it absorbs more and more blood. However, it also has a fatal weakness. When it sucks blood, it is the weakest moment of its defense.

At this moment, the blood sucking centipede finally stopped all movements.

Chen Feng's eyes flashed and picked up the fruit knife on the table. After being fused with his Qi, the fruit knife cut opened the belly of the centipede. A blood-red ball rolled down and lie quietly on the floor, looking very glamorous.

This is a blood Dan and it has great use to me. Chen Feng was delighted. He never expected that he would encounter a 'Blood Sucking Centipede'. Its blood Dan is a good item that can help him improve his cultivation.

After putting away the blood Dan, hed observed the face of Mr. Situ Lao and soon, Chen Feng said to Situ Qiang, Mr. Situ is fine now. Also, this 'Blood Sucking Centipede' is a treasure for the body. If you don't find it disgusting, eat some, it should be able to help you condense Qi.

Upon hearing this, Situ Qiang looked at the corpse on the ground and he wished to eat it immediately.


At the same time, in a private house on the outskirts of Hangzhou, an old man with an ugly expression sat on a bed with a bright red blood stain on his mouth. He hatefully said Who is it, not only did he break my Jiang Tou Shu, he also killed my 'Blood Sucking Centipede''. Damn, I must cut you to pieces He punched out and a large hole appeared in the wall in front of him.