The Peerless Master Chapter 141 - I Want Her

Miss, I want this car! Chen Feng glanced at Xiao Li mockingly, then turned to Xiao Wu with a smile.

What? Xiao Li shouted incredulously, Did I hear right, are you going to buy this Land Rover?

At this time, Xiao Li suspected that she had heard the words wrongly, and rubbed her ears.

Yes, I want this car, how much is it? Chen Feng said again, teasing inexpressibly.

Everyone was stunned, and even the fat man couldn't help pushing his glasses.

This inconspicuous man asked to buy this car.

Although this Land Rover is low-end, it also costs more than 1.5 million. Are you sure you want to buy this car? Xiao Li asked again. In her opinion, this man does not know the price of this car, and once he knows the price of the car, he will surely go away.

However, Chen Feng's performance once again disappointed her. Chen Feng glanced a Xiao Li very calmly, and then said with certainty, This is the car, I want it.

Hearing his confirmation, the expression on everyone's face changed instantly.

Oh, Xiao Li, why haven't you helped this gentleman go through the formalities yet? The fat man was really quick witted and said immediately.

As long as the Land Rover was sold through Xiao Li's hands, Xiao Li would be able to earn 10,000 or 20,000, not to mention the subsequent bonus. By the time, when Xiao Li tasted the sweetness, she would obediently let him do whatever he wanted.

Oh, good! Xiao Li's face was full of smiles, and she was going to go through the formalities with respect.

Wait! Chen Feng said with a big wave of irony, I don't like this woman, I want her to handle it for me! Then, Chen Feng's finger had pointed to Xiao Wu, who was still shocked.

I... Xiao Wu pointed at herself, a little unbelievable. At the beginning, she also thought that Chen Feng had just come to see the car. She never thought that Chen Feng would buy a car. It's just that her professional ethics made her still treat everyone who looks at the car seriously.

However, she did not expect that this man not only had to buy this luxury car, but he also asked her to go through the formalities for him. If the transaction is successful, she can get a huge commission, which makes her, who is in desperate need of money, feel very surprised.

This... sir, Xiao Wu, after all, she is new and unfamiliar in all aspects. Xiao Li has been doing it for several years and she is very neat, is better to let her help you. The fat man hurriedly said, how could he not help Xiao Li?

Xiao Wu looked sad, clenching her fists tightly, and her body shivered in anger. However, there is no way for her to fight back, this is the case in this society, the opportunities are all snatched by those who are related.

No need, I will have Xiao Wu to help me. Then, Chen Feng tapped gently on the body with his finger, Otherwise, I will go to other stores. I believe that other stores will be very welcoming to a customer like me.

Having finished speaking, Chen Feng walked towards the door.

Sir, let's discuss this first! The fat man hurriedly took Chen Feng's clothes, and a bunch of smiles piled on his face, like a flat chrysanthemum, Xiao Wu will go through the procedures for you.

Chen Feng nodded in satisfaction, and urged Xiao Wu, who still had a complex expression, I need to go through the formalities, can you help?

Yes, yes! Xiao Wu yelled happily, and then rushed to her office desk, fetched a large stack of documents, and patiently helped Chen Feng go through the formalities.

I don't know what bad luck this ugly monster hit. She encountered such a good thing. Several salespeople murmured, looking at Xiao Wu in envy.

Only that Xiao Li stared at Xiao Wu with a hateful look, as if fire could burst from her eyes.

Because of the current car, Chen Feng happily swiped the card to pay after completing the procedures.

Adding in a variety of taxes and insurance, etc., this time, it is more than 1.6 million. However, Chen Feng would not care about the money. In his eyes, as long as his restaurant opens, money will surely come in. As for how to come for money, Chen Feng had already planned.

Okay, Mr. Chen, the procedures have been completed. This is a temporary license. You can drive it away now. Xiao Wu smiled and handed over the two paper licenses in her hand to Chen Feng. Don't forget to come here to get the license plate in a few days.

Well, thank you very much. Chen Feng smiled, just now, Xiao Wu helped him to win many gifts.

Be careful on the road.. Watching Chen Feng drive away from Land Rover, Xiao Wu gently said.


The sales manager's office of Dade Automobile is in the innermost part of the car sales hall, and usually no one comes in.

At this time, the door of the sales manager's office is closed, which is usually rare.

In the office, all the curtains are tight. From the outside, the scene inside cannot be seen at all.


Sucking sounds kept ringing, adding a bit of obscene color to this quiet office.

There, a woman kneeling in front of the fat manager's chair, sucking the rod between the legs of the fat boss.

Isn't this woman exactly the shopping guide Xiao Li? At this time, Xiao Li was naked and swaying two white and tender big rabbits. She was devoted to playing with that black and short thing, sometimes licking her tongue, sometimes immersed in......

The fat man was lying on his boss's chair with joy, trembling all over.

Um... Um... swallow a little deeper! Tongue... use your tongue... The fat man's hands clutched Xiao Li's dangling jade rabbit hard, urging with joy.

Well, why did you stop? Suddenly, the Fat Manager looked at Xiao Li with some doubt, and couldn't help asking.

Why? I was being bullied by that ugly monster, but you said nothing at all. Xiao Li screamed at the fat man while still holding his rod.

The fat man was so hard and there was a fire in his heart, causing him to feel uncomfortable. When Xiao Li said this, he had naturally understood her meaning My grandma, I will do whatever you say. Come, let's do the right thing first!

Humph! Xiao Li said with a grudge, That ugly monster made me lose face, I don't want to ever see her again!

Good! Tomorrow I will let her calculate her wages and roll away. The fat man touched Xiao Li's body eagerly, urging: Come on, baby, let me refresh myself first.

This is what you said. Xiao Li looked at the fat man suspiciously, and then buried her head in his crotch.

Oh A comfortable low growl sounded in the fat manager's throat.

Next, the interior is full of spring...