The Peerless Master Chapter 140 - I Want This Car

Oh, sir, I probably know what kind of car you like, please come with me. After that, Xiao Wu smiled and brought Chen Feng to an exhibition hall.

Yes, that's it! Chen Feng's eyes lit up in the hall, and he laughed, I want this type of car.

Poof, Xiao Li and other salespeople spouted tea when they heard Chen Feng.

This man is really overwhelming. What kind of car is that? It's a Land Rover! Xiao Li said sarcastically, and his voice grew louder.

Oh, Sister Li, just wait to see Xiao Wu's deflated eyes! Another slightly mean shopping guide echoed on the side, That's a Land Rover, the lowest it cost will be more than one million. Not self-restrained, he said that he liked this car.

Hey, look, Xiao Wu, the ugly monster, actually explained the data of the vehicle to him. Doesn't she know that it's a waste of time to explain to people who look like poor people?

A few women who were compared at a glance had a lot of talk, full of energy.

Over there, Xiao Wu explained various data of the Land Rover to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng listened quietly, his face full of satisfaction. For this Land Rover , Chen Feng likes it very much. Not only the appearance, it's power and kinds of accessories and facilities made Chen Feng feel excited.

The specific situation is like this, sir, you can go to the car and feel the situation in the car. Xiao Wu smiled politely at Chen Feng.

It's a pity... Chen Feng looked at the black birthmark on Xiao Wu's face with a little regret. Xiao Wu, a woman with a beautiful figure, should have been very lovable. However because of the huge black birthmark on her face, her smile looked a bit daunting.

Thinking in his heart, Chen Feng's hand was pulling the car door, and he wanted to sit in the car.

Wait! A serious shout came, and the previous shopping guide Xiao Li came violently.

This car has just been cleaned and you can't sit in it! Xiao Li's face was full of disdain, Xiao Wu, not everyone can go in. If you dirty the interior, you can not afford it!

After hearing this, Chen Feng's eyebrows were wrinkled, and he felt a little unhappy. This woman was obviously a salesperson, but she sneered at him when he entered the door, making Chen Feng a little disgusted.

No, Sister Li! Xiao Wu was pressured by Sister Li's words, and suddenly felt guilty, but she still insisted on her position, The company clearly stipulates that customers who wants to buy a car can go to the car to observe the interior, and if necessary, test drive. Why can't this gentleman go in?

Hehe. Xiao Li once again glanced at Chen Feng ironically, her eyes looked back and forth from top to bottom, You say that he is a customer who will buy a car? Can't you see, this person does not add up from beginning to end. Can someone that only has 200 Yuan worth of clothes afford a car here? Especially this Range Rover?

After talking, the salesperson Xiao Li proudly said to Chen Feng, This gentleman, please do not touch the car at random.

But... Xiao Wu wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Chen Feng's next move.

Chen Feng didn't even look at the arrogant salesperson Xiao Li, he opened the door of Land Rover, and suddenly got into the car.

You... Xiao Li froze, staring at Chen Feng's movements. She did not understand why, after she said these words, the man who looked like a poor man would still sit in the car. For a time, she felt that her face was greatly challenged.

Hello, don't touch it! Xiao Li shouted at Chen Feng in the car with an indescribable taste of shrew.

Chen Feng is still feeling a little excited so how could he pay attention to Xiao Li?

Seeing Chen Feng disregarding her, Xiao Li was so angry that she pulled up to the car and pulled the door to pull Chen Feng out.

Chen Feng frowned and shook his hand in disgust. Suddenly, the salesperson Xiao Li stumbled out and sat on the ground.

Oh, I'm hit. This man hit me! Xiao Li, a salesperson, is also a shrew. Since she has fallen, she won't get up and just sits on the ground and hurriedly shouted.

Suddenly, the gossipers gathered around, pointing at Chen Feng and Xiao Wu, as if they had done something wrong.

Xiao Wu was tense by this posture, her hands were pulling at the corners of her clothes, her face was red and green, making her otherwise unsightly face even more ugly.

What's going on? A bald fat man came up with a big belly, and asked seriously.

Manager, please help. Seeing the manager coming, the salesperson Xiao Li climbed up full of grievances, holding the fat man's arm with one hand, crying with a snot and tears, This Xiao Wu, I only wanted to kindly remind her to not let her customers get the car's interior dirty. As a result, not only did she not listen, but her customer alsp hit me. After talking, this Xiao Li seemed to have been grieved by the world as she stood up and sobbed

Is that true? The fat man touched Xiao Li's hand with a smile, and then looked at the restrained Xiao Wu seriously, and asked.

Not like this, it's... Xiao Wu wanted to explain, but was interrupted by Xiao Li.

Dont lie, you can ask the sisters present! After that, Xiao Li looked back at the bustling staff behind her, full of deep meaning as she said, Sisters, did you see Xiao Wu and this man beating me?

Everyone looked at Xiao Li's expression and the ambiguity between her and the sales manager. Even though they were unhappy, they nodded and said yes.

Manager, look, everyone saw that Xiao Wu beat me, you must give me a fair judgment! After that, Xiao Li shook the fat man's arm enchantingly, and the two groups of protrusions on her chest continued to rub him.

The fat man swallowed and looked at Xiao Li's enchanting look, and a wicked fire rose in his heart.

The fat man's arm was rubbing hard on Xiao Li's chest, but there was a just expression on his face, Xiao Wu, this is your fault. You are all colleagues. How can you treat her like this? Your bonus this month will be turned into medical fees for Xiao Li.

After he finished, he stared at Xiao Wu's figure with a smile, thinking in his heart, Her figure is really good, but it is ruined by her face. However, it should be fine if the light is turned off.

Manager... Xiao Wu's face turned white, and just as she was about to argue, Chen Feng on the Land Rover got out of the car. With a bang, the door was closed.

Miss, I want this car! He glanced at Xiao Li mockingly, then turned to Xiao Wu with a smile.