The Peerless Master Chapter 14 - Jiang Tou Shu

It has been more than a week since he started and Chen Feng has gradually fallen in love with such a life.

During the day, he would manage the mortuary and at night, he returned to the shared housing. Once he returned home, he would prepare the meals and wait for the two women to return and then tease Lili, that violent girl.

As for the work at the mortuary, Chen Feng finally realized that this position is really idle. For more than a week, except for that one time when Mu Wan'er was not at ease and bravely came here to see Chen Feng's situation. Chen Feng did not see anyone passing by. It seems that this place has become a restricted area and no one dares to step beyond the door.

However, such a leisure work has given Chen Feng sufficient time to cultivate. Under the experience of his previous life, Chen Feng's cultivation has improved a lot.


Chen Feng stopped cultivating and opened his eyes

Hmmm? Chen Feng frowned. He felt that several people were coming towards the morgue.

I haven't seen anyone for more than a week. How come so many people are suddenly coming. Chen Feng frowned and walked out of the morgue.

Sure enough, after a few seconds, several figures came in.

Well? Why are they here? Chen Feng saw Mu Wan'er and Vice President Wang and couldn't help but mutter.

Haha, it really is sir! Vice-President Wang looked at him and immediately said to the burly middle-aged man in the front.

When the middle-aged man heard the words of Vice President Wang, his face was full of joy and he walked toward Chen Feng. Then, under Chen Feng's surprise, the middle-aged man suddenly held Chen Feng's hand. Sir, I've finally met you.

Subsequently, several people also came to the side.

Mu Wan'er gave a brief introduction to Chen Feng and Chen Feng suddenly understood their intentions.

Looking at Director Situ who still clung to his hand and refused to let go, Chen Feng lightly twisted his hand and broke free from Director Situ's grasp

Director Situ's eyes flashed and then, he cupped his fist towards Chen Feng, Situ Qiang has seen Sir.

The people around him were shocked. They didn't understand why Director Situ would cup his fist towards this plain-dressed young man and treat him at an equal status

However, only Situ Qiang knew that when he found the young man, he was anxious as he held this young man's hand and he accidentally added 50% of his strength. However, this young man still easily broke free. Just this strength is beyond his imagination. At least, among the masters he knows, there is no one who can do the same.

In the face of Situ Qiang's ceremony, Chen Feng's face was indifferent, as if it should have been sol. This made Situ Qiang even more certain of his own guess.

Situ Qiang respectfully said, I ask sir to please save my father.

Yes, sir, please save Mr. Situ. Vice President Wang also helped.

Chen Feng did not immediately answer but looked at Mu Wan'er and said Wan'er, who is this Mr. Situ? If he is not a good person, I will not save him.

Chen Feng's words suddenly made Mu Wan'er stunned. She didn't understand why Chen Feng suddenly asked this question.

However, Vice President Zheng, who was on the side said, Humph, you are very arrogant for a migrant worker. Director Situ is the director of the Public Security Bureau. So why are you still showing off and not being respectful to him.

You idiot, shut up! Director Situ loudly said when he saw this idiot wanting to continue talking and trying to flatter him. Situ Qiang knows that many experts have their own temper, and, as the chief of the Public Security Bureau, he has also seen many people with strange tempers.

Vice President Zheng did not expect that instead of Director Situ being happy, he instead got angry. His face suddenly turned white and he said nothing.

However, Chen Feng will naturally not influence his judgment because of others. He continued to look at Mu Wan'er and waited for her answer.

Ever since Director Situ has been in office, there has been no news of him doing evil and he has solved a lot of big cases in these years. He is a good official. Mu Wan'er said softly, causing Situ Qiang to sigh in relief. Whether his father is saved or not depends on her words.

Looking at Chen Feng's still indifferent face, Mu Wan'er continued, Chen Feng, please save the father of Director Situ. Ever since she met him, Chen Feng has always been mysterious in her heart.

Well. Alright, I will save him. Chen Feng's voice was not loud but when Situ Qiang heard it, it is as if he has heard the voice of Buddha, causing the big stone in his heart to fall. Situ Qian did not know why he would have such confidence in this mysterious youth.

Sir. Please. Situ Qiang made a gesture of respect and hurriedly led the way.


Sir, my father is in the intensive care unit on the second floor. On the stairway, Situ Qian explained to Chen Feng.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

A rush of footsteps rang out and a well-dressed young man rushed down the stairs and when he saw Situ Qiang, he hurriedly shouted Dad, grandpa is about to die, please hurry and see him

When Situ Qiang heard him, he immediately looked at Chen Feng with a pleading gaze.

Chen Feng nodded, sped up his pace and ran upstairs.

When they reached the intensive care ward, Mr. Situ's bed was surrounded by relatives and friends so they were unable to get in

Quickly move, get out of the way! Situ Qiang hurriedly shouted

Hearing his voice, everyone gave way. Looking through the path, there is an old man with a dark face with foam forming in his mouth and is twitching

Chen Feng eyes narrowed and went to the bedside, reaching out towards the pulse of Mr. Situ.

What are you doing! Suddenly, rushed towards Mr. Situ and stopped Chen Feng

Feng Yi, step down. This is the expert I invited Situ Qiang hurriedly forward and pulled the woman away.

Expert? The woman looked at Situ Qiang with amazement, Big brother, have you gone mental? This person, how does this person look like an expert?

Shut up Situ Qiang interrupted Situ Fengyi's words and said respectfully to Chen Feng, Sir, my sister has offended you, please forgive her.

It's fine! Chen Feng naturally wouldn't care and reached out his hand to check the pulse of Mr. Situ.

Huh? Chen Feng's face was serious. He opened the eyelids of Mr. Situ and saw that his eyeballs were bloody

Sure enough When Chen Feng first saw the appearance of Mr. Situ, he was doubtful. However, at this moment, he was more certain of the cause of Mr. Situ's illness

Seeing Chen Feng's face, Situ Qiang felt very nervous and quietly moved forward, SIr. What is the situation of my father?

Looking at Situ Qiang deeply, Chen Feng solemnly said, Mr. Situ is not sick

I just said it, he must be a liar. It is obvious that my father is sick but he dares to say that he is not sick. Situ Fengyi was very anxious and spoke without any mercy.

Feng Yi! Behind her, a male voice came. A handsome man grabbed Situ Fengyi and smiled at Chen Feng, Sir., Feng Yi is not sensible, I ask that you can forgive her.

Chen Feng nodded. The man gave him a very righteous feeling. This kind of righteousness was accumulated over a long period of time and can't be faked.

Mr. Situ is not sick, he is cursed Chen Feng said affirmatively, He is cursed by a technique called the Jiang Tou Shu