The Peerless Master Chapter 139 - Buying A Car

A hidden room in a church on the outskirts of the city.

Damn it! Jackson sullenly sat on the throne and whispered, If I didn't have the magical charm given by the Pope, I would have been dead today!

Now recalling the shot that shot him in the back of his head, Jackson was still full of palpitations. If it weren't for the magical charm given to him by the Pope, he would have been dead today.

Elder Knight, do you want to use our hidden power to assassinate the blasphemous man. Not far from Jackson, there was a man in a godly robe who asked in a vicious face.

If there are believers of the Holy Church here, they will surely recognize this man, isn't it the priest of the Hangzhou Branch? It's just that the priest at this moment still has a straight face, except for the lingering coldness on his face, which is a flattering flattery.

No need. Jackson shook his head, The power here is not easy to cultivate, and it must not be exposed. After a pause, the mechanic said, This matter is put aside for the time being, there are more important things to do now. do.

Is there any new instruction from the Pope? The priest said in a panic.

No, I received a call for help from Holy Knight Robert. Jackson said.

Lord Holy Knight Robert? The priest asked in doubt: Isn't Lord Knight Robert in Beijing?

Well, all the forces in the capital are now gathering for the unknown treasure. He lost a lot of forces. I have to help him.

The priest nodded respectfully, and then asked with confusion, What is the treasure of the capital, why would it make so many forces risk offending Hauxia?

Jackson took a deep look at the priest and said solemnly, I don't know the specifics, but there is a legend that it is a weapon used by a powerful expert in ancient China.


It has been more than a week since fighting with Jackson. This week, everything seems to have calmed down.

Jin Liang and Wu Xin, for the time being, did not dare to stay in Hangzhou city. This time, not only did it not affect the relationship between the two, but it even made the two people more intimate, becoming inseparable.

On the third day after the incident, the two of them went to travel around China. In their words, this tour is on the one hand their romantic journey, on the other hand it can temporarily avoid the harassment of the Holy Church.

In the past few days, Chen Feng's daily routine has been to run around the hospital and the restaurant. Occasionally, he accompanied Lili to meet her mother.

Today, Chen Feng received a call from Lili again.

Chen Feng, today my mother is going back to her hometown. My mother told me that she wants to see you. Remember, the plane is at three o'clock in the afternoon, you will pick us up at my house before two o'clock. If you dare to be late, I will castrate you! Lili is still a fierce character, she is very overbearing when she talks. When Chen Feng heard her, he shivered and he couldn't help but clamp his legs.

Then he repeatedly ensured that he would arrive on time and Lili finally hung up.

Looking at the time, it is already 9 o'clock in the morning.

Chen Feng stopped a taxi, and came to the Dade Automobile Firm.

Dade Automobile is one of the largest automobile firms in Hangzhou City. There are all kinds of cars inside. It can be said that Dade Automobile has all the cars, and there are no cars that Dade Automobile cannot buy. Even if they don't have your desired car, they will through other channels and you will be able to buy a satisfactory car within a few days.

The purpose of Chen Feng here is to buy a car.

A few days ago, Situ Qiang gave him a brand new driver's license. Although it is only the most common c1 driver's license, it is already very difficult to get a drivers license here.

Entering Dade Automobile, Chen Feng was faintly excited. His childhood dream was to have a car of his own. Although it is not the same as before, this throbbing heart still affected Chen Feng's Dao heart.

Chen Feng did not deliberately suppress it, but let this excitement grow. For him, this is a way to exercise his Dao Heart.

Welcome to Dade Automobile. Chen Feng had just walked into the vehicle showroom, and a shopping guide had already welcomed him.

Sir, I'm Xiao Li, a salesperson. What car would you like? Xiao Li, a salesperson, is a woman in her early thirties, but she still looks a bit pretty.

Oh, I'm just looking around! Chen Feng answered with a smile.

Just looking around... Xiao Li, the salesperson, looked up and down at Chen Feng, and then left.

Chen Feng's clothes are no longer the same as before. In order to let Chen Feng give her mother a good impression, Lili bought several sets of clothes in person. Although they are all ordinary brands, they are neat and tidy, finally making Chen Feng not look like a migrant worker. However, wearing these clothes, no matter how you look at it, Chen Feng did not look like a rich man.

Chen Feng ignored Xiao Li's attitude, but walked towards the car showroom.

Look, that man walked towards the high-end car showroom. I say, it looks like he is a poor ghost in his clothes. How can he afford a car?

On one side, Xiao Li and a group of people pointed at Chen Feng with a look of contempt.

There is only one exception. Behind this group of employees, a woman is reciting the vehicle data intently. Hearing this group of people's comments, she frowned in disgust.

She dropped the information in her hand and walked towards Chen Feng.

Huh, what does this ugly monster want to do?

Could it be that she thought this man would really buy a car?

Yeah, if you look at his clothes, he can't buy a high-end car.

Seeing the woman's movements, the other employees were talking again.

Chen Feng visited various vehicles and felt dazzled. The modern automobile industry is developing rapidly, and there are many types of vehicles. However, these cars are not what Chen Feng likes.

Sir, I'm Xiao Wu, a salesperson. Can I help you? A clear female voice sounded. Chen Feng turned his head and saw that a girl was looking at herself with a smile.

Xiao Wu's figure is definitely excellent, but there is a big flaw on her face, a big birthmark that is as black as ink

This birthmark made her beauty disappear. However, this little Wu didn't seem to care about this birthmark at all. From the moment she saw Chen Feng, her face was filled with a bright smile, revealing confidence and sincerity.

I need a bright off-road vehicle, that kind that is domineering when you look at it. Chen Feng told her what kind of car he liked.

Oh, sir, I probably know what kind of car you like, please come with me. After that, Xiao Wu smiled and brought Chen Feng to an exhibition hall.

Yes, that's it! Chen Feng's eyes lit up in the hall, and he laughed, I want this type of car.