The Peerless Master Chapter 138 - Enemy Retreat

You pagans have really annoyed me. Jackson exclaimed angrily, the muscles all over his body swelled up.

I'm going to kill you! The sword in Jackson's hand swung wildly, with breathtaking momentum.

It's a combat skill! Shirley shouted in surprise.

Combat skills, the general term for Western fighting techniques. Like Huaxia's martial arts, its power is extraordinary.

The combat skill that Jackson used was called Breeze, which meant that the sword was flying like a storm, leaving the opponent nowhere to escape.

Hah! Jackson screamed and hurried a few steps. The big sword in his hand released overwhelming power and pressed towards Shirley.

So strong! Shirley gritted her teeth, her heart filled with shock, Is this the true strength of Holy Knights? If he had exerted such strength from the beginning, then I would have lost.

Damn it, where is that abominable man?

While cursing at Chen Feng, Shirley's wings spread behind her, and her body rose rapidly, wanting to escape the envelope of Jackson's sword.

However, Jackson seems to have thought about Shirley's move, and jumped directly above Shirley

Ah! Shirley screamed, her body twisting quickly, avoiding the sword, but even so, she still suffered many cuts on her body. Moreover, most of her shirt has been cut apart. The blood and rags flew together like a large butterfly flying.


There was a loud noise, and a fiery red bullet quickly came in the darkness, and came to Jackson in the blink of an eye.

F*ck, sniper! Jackson was terrified. What a terrifying guy, he actually used a sniper rifle? Moreover, looking at the power of this bullet, it is definitely not a normal sniper rifle.

He is not afraid of ordinary sniper rifles, but the power of this bullet made him feel a little chill.

Hide! Jackson reacted immediately and hurriedly jumped sideways.

However, the speed of the sniper rifle's bullets was too fast. In addition, Jackson's body was in midair and it was difficult to move. His chest was still hit by bullets.


The bullet made a big hole directly in Jackson's chest.

Jackson couldn't care about chasing Shirley anymore as he hurriedly covered the injured area and fell to the ground.


Just the moment Jackson fell to the ground, the gunshots started again.

This time the bullet was actually shot from behind Jackson. In other words, in the blink of an eye, the person who shot had already run at least a few hundred meters and he came to Jackson and shot again.

The bullet came again in an instant, and Jackson didn't even have time to think. In such a short period of time, the sniper was behind his back, and he was unguarded.

In the duel of the masters, a failure is just a stone's throw away.


The bullet shot directly into the back of Jackson's head and burst into a blood mist.

Head shot!

Jackson was hit in the back of the head!

Ahhhh! Jackson roared and an endless white light radiated from all over his body, causing everyone's eyes to narrow.

No, he is not dead yet! Chen Feng, hidden in the dark, raised his sniper rifle and was shocked.

Jackson was hit in the back of the head by a Barrett's m109 sniper rifle, but he didn't die! This is simply incredible. You know, the Barrett m109 sniper rifle can penetrate even light tanks.

Chen Feng raised his gun again and was about to shoot again, only to find that Jackson started to escape!

The Holy Knight commander of the Holy Church actually fled in battle with two ants. For him, this is undoubtedly a huge shame. However, that sniper rifle is really terrifying. Compared with his life, what is shame?

Don't let him run away! Shirley shouted anxiously.

If this Jackson can be removed today, it would be a great contribution to the blood race. You know, the Holy Knight, even in the Holy Church, are highly regarded.

Chen Feng held his gun and continuously shot at Jackson. There is a gruesome blood hole in the back of Jackson's head, but no liquid flows out, not even fresh blood.

In the end, Chen Feng put down his sniper rifle. Jackson has learned to be smart, and under the cover of lush trees, he could not hit hom

Holy Knight, don't abandon us. Jones and Hank screamed in a hurry when they saw Jackson running away in embarrassment.


A dark shadow burst in, and then two blood sprays from the necks of the two. The two slowly fell to the ground, their eyes full of unwillingness and death.

The black shadow is Shirley, and between the electric flints, she killed Jones and Hank, two experts of the Holy Church.

She has no way to deal with Jackson, but it is really easy to deal with the two Holy Church experts who are much weaker than her.

Chen Feng walked out of the darkness quietly, ignoring Shirley, and first helped Zhang Ruonan.

Hey, why didn't you chase him, you had the opportunity to kill him! Shirley cried bitterly.

Opportunity? Chen Feng just laughed lightly without explanation. He is not a sniper, he doesn't have the sniper's vision at all. If Chen Feng continued to shoot just now, the best result would be Jackson suffering some skin trauma, which simply cannot affect his escape.

Jin Liang, are you okay! Wu Xin ran to Jin Liang sitting next to the tree in a few steps, shouting anxiously.

Jin Liang's face was pale, his lips were chapped, and he looked very weak. He looked straight at Wu Xin, What are you hiding from me!

It was just a few words, but it was like a nail that fiercely nailed Wu Xin's heart, making her face pale.

Jin Liang, I... Wu Xin opened her mouth, but did not know how to explain to Jin Liang.

If you told me your identity from the beginning, I would have definitely not touched you, and I would have never let you suffer! Jin Liang is full of reproach, Knowing that this will happen, why didn't you reject me?

Jin Liang said, the tears in his eyes could not stop flowing down, You are a fool, why did you agree to my request, obviously you can refuse and you would not have such trouble.

Wu Xin looked at Jin Liang crying like a child with a stunned face, but a bright smile rose on her face. This man is still thinking about her.

-Wee Woo Wee Woo-

Suddenly, a police siren sounded outside the woods.

The police are coming. Someone outside must have heard the gunshot and called the police. Let's avoid them first. Chen Feng said, pulling Zhang Ruonan toward the other side of the woods.

Wu Xin gently lifted Jin Liang and chased after Chen Feng.

Humph, do you want me to clean up the battlefield? Shirley muttered, and then grabbed a body with Zhou Bin, and disappeared into the night.