The Peerless Master Chapter 137 - Joint Strike

Hey, how long do you plan to watch? Come out and help me, as long as we help us out of danger, I will tell you a secret that will never let you down! Shirley suddenly looked up and shouted towards Chen Fengs location.

Chen Feng was stunned for a moment, unexpectedly, Shirley's detection ability was so strong. Chen Feng hid himself really well, but he was still discovered by Shirley.

However, Chen Feng didn't know that in the West, the blood race is the king in the dark, and anything hidden in the dark can't escape their eyes.

When did you find me? Chen Feng asked slowly as he landed.

I found you the moment I arrived here. Shirley glanced at the place where Chen Feng had just hidden, and said with a smile, That's really a good place, even the great holy knight didn't notice you.

Chen Feng knew that Shirley was referring to Zhang Ruonan who was still hidden in the tree.

Before Shirley could say anything else, Chen Feng directly cut into the topic, What did you just say, what secrets will you give if I help you?

Hehe. Shirley smiled, As long as you and I deal with this hypocritical knight first, I will naturally tell you the secret, and, in the name of the great blood race, I will not disappoint you.

Chen Feng looked at Shirley with a smile, and said amusedly, I have never believed in any promises. If you can't come up with something to make me feel more excited, I will not necessarily intervene.

In fact, even if Shirley didn't say it, he wouldn't let Jackson kill Jin Liang. After all, Jin Liang can be regarded as his friend.

However, since Shirley made the conditions, of course Chen Feng readily accepted.

Chen Feng has always believed in one sentence: it's always better to get benefits.


Jackson's sword was dangerously near Shirley's chest but fortunately, only her shirt was cut, forcing Shirley to be in disarray.

However, Chen Feng seemed to be watching a good show. Seeing Chen Feng remain motionless, it made Shirley anxious.

Jackson's offensive became more and more fierce, gradually making it difficult for her to parry. With such a big difference, Shirley can only rely on the speed of her transformation.

However, due to the massive loss of energy, Shirley's speed has gradually slowed down. In the face of the stormy blow of Jackson, Shirley was unable to resist.

After clenching her teeth, Shirley glared at Chen Feng fiercely, and then suddenly threw a white light.

Chen Feng reached out with ease and caught the white light.

As soon as the white light was caught, Chen Feng felt a gentle flow.

This is... Chen Feng's eyes suddenly widened. He was so familiar with the thing in front of him.

The jade eye. It is a tool for recording information in the culvation realm, it can record cultivation techniques and other things. [TN: Couldn't find a better word for jade eye. Jade pupil is the original word]

Is the secret that Shirley said have anything to do with the cultivation realm Chen Feng secretly said, and then, he placed his spiritual consciousness into the jade eye.

In an instant, a picture appeared in Chen Feng's mind.

It's a map! Chen Feng's heart suddenly beat a bit faster. It seems that the secret that Shirley is talking about is this map. A map that can be recorded in this jade eye must be extraordinary.

With just a rough sweep, Chen Feng withdrew his spiritual consciousness.

Okay, I agree. Chen Feng said cheerfully.

Shirley escaped Jackson's deadly sword again, panting, and cursing, Hurry and help already then!

However, as soon as her words fell, Jackson's sword immediately swung towards her head.

I can't dodge! Shirley suddenly felt a desperation. This damned man, why was he so greedy for her secret?


Jackson's sword will cut on Shirley's forehead and at this moment, Shirley can only wait for death.

Huh? What's this? In despair, Shirley's eyes suddenly saw a light flashing by and the speed was unbelievable.


The light arrived first, and before the sword could cut Shirley, it was deflected to the side.

What a powerful force! Chen Feng shook his right hand holding Qiu Shuijian. Jackson's power made Chen Feng feel astonished!

It was only in the blink of an eye when Chen Feng's Qiushui Sword resisted Jackson's sword.

However, it was enough time for a Shirley to quickly retreat.


The Qiushui sword was heavily pressed on the ground, and a half-meter deep sword mark was drawn on the ground.

As soon as Chen Feng's figure turned, the next moment, his figure was hidden, leaving only a green light floating in the night sky.

Facing Chen Feng, Jackson's eyes also showed a trace of dignity. Chen Feng made him feel a hint of danger.

However, it was only a hint of a danger. For a person like Chen Feng, he didn't care if there were a few more.

Let's go together! There was a shout of coquettishness, and a black shadow cut across the sky. Two black wings spread out like an eagle overlooking the sky and the shadow flew straight towards the Jackson.

The speed is as fast as lightning!

Insignificant skill! Jackson scorned contemptuously, and a ball of light suddenly rose in his hand.

The ball of light slowly rose and emits incandescent light, as if a small sun had emerged, and the shining light around it could be seen.

At the same time, Shirley's figure was no longer unseen, and under the strong white light, every movement was clearly captured by Jackson.

For an assassin, once exposed, all actions will become a joke, Shirley is such a state at this time.

Die! Jackson shouted, the sword in his hand soared three feet, and with a very imposing momentum, he overwhelmed Shirley!

Even Shirley herself knew that if she was hit by this move, she will be dead, unless there are variables.

But are there variables?

Suddenly, a ouch of green light appeared silently behind Jackson,l with an extremely sharp momentum, and swiped hard across his neck.

Chen Feng is confident that as long as he does this, Jackson will definitely dodge!

Feeling the danger behind him, Jackson had to give up on slashing at Shirley, and turned back towards Chen Feng's Qiushui sword.


The collision of the two swords caused a huge force. Under this attack, Chen Feng's body was thrown into the darkness by a strong force.

Before Jackson was happy, a sudden pain came from his vest.

Shirley's dark dagger had been deeply inserted into Jackson's vest.

Retreating after one blow is one of the Assassin's rules of combat. Without waiting for Jackson to respond, Shirley's body had retreated several tens of meters away.

This time, no matter who Jackson defends against, he will be taken by another person. In silence, Shirley and Chen Feng coordinated well, hurting the arrogant Jackson.

Damn it, you pagans, I must make you pay! Jackson's muscles swelled again, obviously angered!