The Peerless Master Chapter 136 - Come Help

The power of darkness, you are all enemies of the god of light, all pagans! Jackson's eyes blazed with anger, at this moment, he already knew he was being tricked.

As a great holy knight, Jackson has his own dignity. He was arrogant and he absolutely can't tolerate someone who can save people from his own hands.

In anger, Jackson's aura exploded all over and the overwhelming pressure was so overwhelming that everyone couldn't see it.

Zhang Ruonan, hidden in the dense foliage, was shocked by this aura, and her heart suddenly shook. She felt dizzy and it was as if she would fall down in the next moment.

Chen Feng's eyes were fast and he helped Zhang Ruonan, and a pure Qi slowly entered Zhang Ruonan's body.

With Chen Feng's support, Zhang Ruonan's complexion was finally better, and she was barely able to remain unexposed in this aura.

Awesome aura! Chen Feng secretly said, It seems that the great holy knight of the light church should correspond to the foundation realm

The foundation realm, a cultivation realm after the True Qi realm. Only when one reaches the foundation realm can one truly be considered to have entered the cultivation realm. By this time, the cultivators can begin to control flying swords, which can be described as heaven and earth, omnipotent.

To deal with the foundation realm, Chen Feng is not sure. Despite Chen Feng's more combat experience, he can't make up for a big difference.

Now, you eill to bear the anger of Jack Jackson, the Knight of Light! Jackson roared angrily. In front of him, a huge white lightsaber appeared out of thin air.


Jackson held the sword in one hand and lifted it forward, looking majestic.

Shirley whispered to Zhou Bin around her, For a while, I will handle this big one, you go deal with those two, and then quickly come to help me, understand?

Zhou Bin nodded solemnly, and a strong aura from his body also erupted and it was not weaker than Wu Xin's.

The blood race is a bizarre race relying on blood. As long as the blood is pure, they can evolve into an extremely powerful existence overnight. Obviously, Zhou Bin's blood is definitely much purer than other blood races, so he can have such strength in a few days.

Dir! Jackson's big sword waved, and his body rushed towards Shirley and Zhou Bin.

Fight separately! Shirley snorted, and the black sword in her hand suddenly came out, thrusting into Jackson's chest.

The blood race is a natural assassin. Their cognition of blood has reached an unbelievable level. As long as they touch a person, they can immediately know their fatal point.

Obviously, Jackson's fatal point is in his chest.

Insignificant skill. The big sword in Jackson's hand immediately blocked Shirley's black sword. Then, the big sword followed the edge of Shirley's black sword and immediately reached Shirley's wrist.

It's so fast! Shirley shuddered inexplicably, hurriedly turned her hands and dodged Jackson's sword.

At the same time, Zhou Bin looked at the two who quickly came to support Jackson, Jones and Hank. With a push in his hand, he pushed Jin Liang's body back and forth, and finally put him in a tree softly. However, Zhou Bin's power control was very skillful. After Jin Liang hit the tree, he was not injured.

Then, Zhou Bin's eyes flashed, and in a flash, he was already in front of Jones and Hank, and said coldly, Your opponent is me!

And me! A cool cry came out, and Wu Xin rushed to Zhou Bin quickly, facing Jones and Hank together.

There was a weird look on Zhou Bin's face and then he said with a smile, It's really funny that the holy saint of the Holy Church would fight side by side with a blood race.

Wu Xin listened, her face pale, but she calmed down quickly, and said with amusement: Two powerful blood races helped me, the Holy saint of the Holy Church, isn't it funny?

When Wu Xin said the word Saint saint, her eyes were full of unspeakable bitterness.

During the talk, Jones and Hank rushed to Wu Xin and Zhou Bin one by one, like two tanks.

Zhou Bin and Wu Xin no longer laughed at each other, but attacked at the same time very tacitly.

Zhou Bin's hands completely changed, becoming blood red, as if he had just been taken out of a blood pool. A strong sense of power lased in these hands.

The white lightsaber appeared again in Wu Xin's hand, causing the two to be cautious. At first glance, they knew that the sharpness was abnormal.


The attacks of the four hit each other in an instant, bringing a lot of energy.

In a trance, Jones and Hank stepped back awkwardly, facing Wu Xin and Zhou Bin's attack, they were obviously not their opponents.

However, Jones and Hank, as knights of the Holy Church, they will never retreat just because they are not as strong as their opponents. The two of them braved up again, fighting against Wu Xin and Zhou Bin.

For a time, although they suffered losses one after another, Zhou Bin and Wu Xin weren't able to defeat them.

At the moment, what they need most is time, because Shirley is already in danger.

Go, the sword of brilliance, give judgment to these blasphemous pagans! Jackson shouted, and the sword in his hand was cut towards Shirley like waves.

Shirley's face was flushed and she was obviously reluctant. She wanted to dodge, but Jackson's sword of brilliance kept coming towards her as if they had eyes. Every cut was in a place where she could not escape, and she had to block it with the black sword in her hand.

However, as a great holy knight, Jackson was stronger than Shirley. How long can Shirley sustain in the face of Jackson's stormy blow?

Hahaha, heretics, die! Jackson yelled with a fierce look, and the big sword in his hand suddenly burst into infinite white light and rushed towards Shirley.

Shirley still resisted with the black sword in her hand, but upon contact, she suddenly realized that her sword couldn't withstand it.

In a blink of an eye, the bright sword full of light will cut into her skin.

Damn! Shirley's silver teeth clamped down, and her body suddenly changed. Then, two black bat wings popped the clothes behind them and stretched out.

At the moment when the bat wings appeared, Shirley's speed doubled, and she hurriedly moved back.


However, the sword light still slashed her clothes and skin, and made a huge cut in front of her chest. The dark red blood instantly dyed her chest chest.

Shirley gritted her teeth, a flash of black light flashed across her chest and the huge wound slowly closed up, and finally recovered completely. If there weren't blood on her chest, no one would have believed that she was injured just now.

After the wound healed, Shirley looked pale. Obviously, the burden of healing this wound on her is also great.

Hey, how long do you plan to watch? Come out and help me, as long as we help us out of danger, I will tell you a secret that will never let you down! Shirley suddenly looked up and shouted towards Chen Fengs location.