The Peerless Master Chapter 135 - Shirley

Stop it! Wu Xin's complexion changed drastically and jumped to the three.

Block her! Jackson looked at Wu Xin's fast approaching body, his eyes showing some disdain.

His words just fell, and Jones and Hank stepped forward, blocking Wu Xin.

Back off! Wu Xin's voice was very cold, and Jin Liang's screams made her unable to calm down. What she thought in her heart now was to save Jin Liang as soon as possible.

Bright collision! With Wu Xin's shouts, a light curtain suddenly lit up on her body, wrapping her up like a meteor in the night sky, crashing towards Jones and Hank.

Hah! Hank and Jones shouted together, their legs slammed on the ground, and their four hands pushed flatly together, and in their hands, there was a brilliant white light.


With a loud sound, Wu Xin instantly collided with Jones and Hank. The waves generated by the powerful impact are mixed with the violent white light that made people unable to open their eyes, and the leaves around the ground scattered and fell.

The white light dimmed, and Wu Xin stood behind them, breathing violently. In the collision, she was able to break through the two's defense line and came to Jackson.

Jones and Hank were slightly surprised. They could not imagine that Wu Xin's strength could actually break through the line of defense between the two of them.

However, it is too late to intercept again at this moment. After only a few breaths, Wu Xin continued to pounce on Jackson.

Holy saint, I will have to offend you! Jackson looked at Wu Xin's figure and said.

Then he raised his hand slightly, then waved it gently.

A holy light appeared out of thin air, illuminating a circle of more than ten meters like daylight.

Wu Xin ran into the holy light, and suddenly found herself stepping into the quagmire with the same foot. Moreover, this Holy Light seemed like a vampire as it constantly consumed the power of her body.

In just a blink of an eye, Wu Xin felt heavy and her limbs felt weak.

Light engulfed the realm! Wu Xin suddenly thought of a bright spell in her heart, and she was horrified!

You... you have already been promoted to the rank of a great holy knight! Wu Xin murmured in disbelief.

Haha, otherwise, do you think Jones and Hank would obey my command so obediently? Jackson smiled with pride, Holy saint, this time, the Pope gave me two tasks. The first one is to bring you back. The second one is for me to purify this pagan who dares to defile you!

After a pause, Jackson glanced sarcastically at Jin Liang, who had been hoisting over his head, and said with full affirmation, Now, it seems that today I can complete the task completely.

When Wu Xin heard this, she looked bitter and struggled for a moment. Wu Xin said, I will go back with you, but please let this man go! After that, Wu Xin looked at Jackson resolutely.

Jackson grinned broadly, Madonna, do you think you can leave? The Pope's order is something that I can't disobey, this man is dead today! The white light in his hand was even worse during the speech, and Jin Liang's scream was even more tragic.

Since it's like this, I fight with you! After biting her teeth, Wu Xin seemed to have been determined and said firmly.

Holy saint, do you have to betray God's arms for a pagan? Jackson exclaimed, in his thoughts, how shameful it was to abandon the arms of the light of the Holy Church in order to help the pagans.

Betrayal? If the Pope wants to take this man's life, so what if I betray the church? When Wu Xin said these words, she seemed to have put down a heavy burden.

If she wants to choose between her faith and her lover, she does not hesitate to choose her lover.

So, since that's the case, let me purify this pagan first, and then, I will arrest you and give you to the Pope Lord for trial. I believe that the great Pope Lord will be able to save you. Jackson looked at Wu Xin as if he was a compassionate man.

Put him down! Wu Xin shouted and her body transformed into a white light. On her hands, two white lightsabers slowly condensed,

Jackson looked at Wu Xin lightly, his mouth full of sarcasm, In front of a great holy knight, your strength is just a joke!

With that said, Jackson's right foot stomped heavily on the ground.

Crack the ground!

When Jackson's right foot stomped down, a huge crack ripped away towards Wu Xin.

The speed of the crack was so fast that Wu Xin couldn't react at all.


Wu Xin's body was hit hard into the sky, and a spit of blood was spurted from her mouth and it turned into a torrent of blood rain as it sprayed on the ground.

Wu Xin! Jin Liang, who was tortured by Jackson suddenly screamed, and he suddenly became active in this instant.

Seeing this scene, Chen Feng's body that was about to leap down once again stood firm on the tree fork.

The attachment to love is also a powerful force! Chen Feng muttered to himself with a voice that only he could hear.

Huh? Jin Liang's performance made Jackson slightly stunned, and then sneered again, What kind of waves can ants make? With that said, a white appeared in his hand.

However, at this moment, the sudden change occured.

A black shadow suddenly appeared on Jackson's side, and a black sword severely cut into Jackson's right hand.

Huh? Jackson was also taken aback by the sudden attack. Almost instinctively, he tossed the light in his hand that had Jin Liang to the sky, and then his right hand suddenly lit a gorgeous white light.

Under the light of white light, Jackson's right hand was like crystal condensation, and it became transparent, and the skeletal blood vessels inside were clearly visible.

This arm greeted the Black Sword fiercely.


In the confrontation between Jackson's transparent arm and the black sword, it sounded as if two pieces of steel collided.

Upon contact, the black figure jumped away and looked at Jackson far away and full of playfulness.

Not good! Jackson shouted suddenly and he was about to reach out and grab the golden light that he threw in the sky.

However, before he could turn this thought around completely, another dark shadow flickered away, bringing Jin Liang in the air into the distance.

Sherry, you... Wu Xin stood up reluctantly from the ground, staring at the two dark shadows suddenly.

Don't thank me, I just can't get used to this group of people who do evil under the guise of justice. Shirley's voice was still so sweet.


Another figure held Jin Liang and landed on Shirley's side. It was Zhou Bin, the man who got turned into a vampire.