The Peerless Master Chapter 134 - Wu Xin's Anxiety

In this night, there is no moonlight, no stars, or even a little light. However, this can not stop Chen Feng from seeing the peerless face of the assassin. Perhaps, even if the moonlight shines, it will surely be covered by this beautiful face.

This face is full of anger and tenderness at the moment, and the two emotions are mixed together, making her look more touching.

I've never seen someone as roguish as you before! The woman in black bit her silver teeth and scolded in a low voice.

Chen Feng's mouth was wide, and his face was full of playfulness, I have never seen anyone kidnapped themselves before. You are the first one.

It turned out that this woman turned out to be the kidnapped woman, Zhang Ruonan.

Zhang Ruonan blushed, but she reluctantly replied, You didn't have to come, who made you come?

Okay, why wouldn't I come? Chen Feng touched his nose, a bitter smile on his face, Sister, why do you do this for no reason. If it wasn't for my cultivation, I would have been dead under your sword.

With that said, Chen Feng's hands exaggeratedly wiped his neck.

Go die! Zhang Ruonan said fiercely, It's my first assassination but I failed but don't think this is over yet!

After that, Zhang Ruonan stared at Chen Feng provocatively.

The first assassination? Chen Feng suddenly remembered when he helped save Zhang Ruonan that day and their agreement. He then said with a bitter smile, If I survive three assassination, you will be mine?

As soon as Zhang Ruonan heard him, her face flushed and she stomped her foot hard on Chen Fengs.

Zhang Ruonan said bitterly: If you can survive my three assassinations, I will naturally be yours. However, you will have to wait until you have been through the three assassinations.

Thats fine, I'm an immortal, I'm afraid your assassination will not succeed As he said, Chen Feng straightened his chest and seemed to be showing his manly style.

Humph Zhang Ruonan turned her head disdainfully, not looking at Chen Feng.

Looking at Zhang Ruonan's appearance, Chen Feng moved with a smirk on his face, Well, it seems that the wounds on your face are recovering well, and I don't know if the scars on your body have recovered. To confirm if my medicine is effective, I must do a check up again.

After talking, Chen Feng smiled badly, holding up Zhang Ruonan's chin with one hand, and looked at Zhang Ruonan's beautiful face with a squint.

Hum, big hooligan, how dare you... Zhang Ruonan's words just fell, and Chen Feng's mouth kissed her fiercely.

Mmmm This wasn't the first time Chen Feng had kissed someone. His tongue at this time had already taken Zhang Ruonan's small tongue into a familiar position.

Zhang Ruonan was ashamed and angry, and her hands pressed hard against Chen Feng's chest. But obviously, her strength was weaker than Chen Fengs so no matter how Zhang Ruonan resisted, she still couldn't escape.

Gradually, Zhang Ruonan's hands dropped.

What's wrong with me? Zhang Ruonan blushed like an apple, her heart full of complexity.

Facing Chen Feng's offense, she actually began to have a further expectation.

How come I have such an idea? Zhang Ruonan asked herself shyly, but she could not calmly think about the answer.

-Da da da...-

A hurried footstep violently broke the tranquility in the forest, and also interrupted the two people who were kissing tightly together.

Big villain! Zhang Ruonan's teeth bit Chen Feng's lips fiercely, making Chen Feng jump like a cat whose tail has been stepped on.

Hey, you are really ruthless. Do you to murder your husband! Chen Feng whispered.

Well, who told you to do that! Zhang Ruonan scolded lowly, but her face was rosy.

Hey, anyway, you will be my woman sooner or later, isn't this a practice first? Chen Feng smirked, staring at Zhang Ruonan's exquisite body, his eyes glowed for a while, That, shouldn't I check if there are any scars on your body?

Check your head! Zhang Ruonan tweeted and scolded, Did you hear anyone coming?

-Da da da...-

The sound of footsteps was getting closer and closer, and it seemed very fast and a little messy. It can be judged from these footsteps that there are definitely more than one person coming.

When Chen Feng pulled Zhang Ruonan, his body flew like a big bird, and fell into the dense foliage above his head, hiding in it.

After a few breaths, several figures appeared here. Perhaps this is a rare open space in this forest, and a few people stopped here.

There are five people here. The first three are three big men, blonde and obviously foreigners. One of them was carrying a young man with black hair on his shoulder, obviously a Chinese.

Chen Feng took a closer look. The young man who was on the big man's shoulder was someone he knew, wasn't that the son of the provincial party secretary, Jin Liang?

Jin Liang was struggling hard at the moment, his hands slapping the back of the man under him with great force. However, even under Jin Liang's full strength, the blond man carrying him was acting like nothing was happening, as if Jin Liang was just helping him remove dust.

In addition to these four people, there is also a woman, a tall woman who has been chasing these three blonde men here.

Wu Xin, this woman is Wu Xin. She is in a fashionable dress with a prominent figure, which looks very beautiful. However, at this moment, her face was full of anger and worry.

The three of you, put this man down! Wu Xin's voice was a little cold, and people could hear that she was extremely angry at the moment.

No, no, no, holy saint, this man has violated you, and must be punished by the god of light! A blond man shook his head and looked at Wu Xin.

Jackson, how brave you are! Ignoring the words of the holy saint, you are the one who offended me! Wu Xin was full of anger and threatened, Jones, Hank, I order you to take Jackson down immediately.

Both Jones and Hank shook their heads, and apologized, saying, I'm sorry, madam, Jackson is defending the holy saint. This man has indeed violated you.

The three of you, how brave you are! Wu Xin shouted angrily, I'm the saint, why don't you listen to my commands?

I'm sorry, holy saint, the Pope has ordered that this man must be judged! Jackson said incredulously, Anyone who defiles the innocence of the holy saint will be judged!

With that, Jackson's hands gleamed with a white light, wrapping Jin Liang's body in white light.

Holy saint, you had an affair with this man privately, which has angered the Pope. The Pope has ordered that I must purify this man's evil soul in the face of the saint. As Jackson spoke, he lifted Jin Liang and soon, Jin Liang bursted into tears.

Stop it! Wu Xin saw Jin Liang's painful appearance and she jumped up...